Learn More About Our President and CEO

Walter S. Moreira

President of Social Uprising Incorporated

Our company president, Walter Moreira, holds the prestigious digital marketing firm – Cindtoro to the highest standards possible and utilizes the many values he has learned while achieving the esteemed rank of Eagle Scout. He strongly believes in continuous improvement in all areas of life. 

At the young age of 18, Walter worked at the prestigious Wall Street trading firm, GTS. While at GTS, he learned the value of perseverance and discipline. Walter founded Cindtoro after his father needed help marketing his commercial real estate firm. 

After an extensive trial and error process, spending years testing and developing ad campaigns, Walter learned to love the art of online advertising. Walter is always willing to go the extra mile with each and every one of his clients in order to ensure their success. 

Top Three Reasons to Work With Walter

Walter is a digital marketing specialist who is always learning and implementing the best digital marketing methods to propel your company to greater heights.   

Walter understands that the goals and needs of the client come first. Which is why our experienced team of online marketing professionals build advertising campaigns to fit your goals, and timeline to the best of our abilities. 

As an Eagle Scout Walter learned from a very young age that trust can make or break the success of anything you do. Walter regularly advises both potential and current clients on how to navigate the digital marking landscape.  

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