Email Marketing for Chiropractors: 5 Ways to Run the Best Email Marketing Campaign 

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Over the years email marketing has become a huge contender to the success of the marketing efforts of most companies. Email marketing is how many consumers keep updated and in the know of what is going on with their favorite brands long term. Whether it may be the release of a new product or service or even a promotional sale or discount for a special occasion. 

Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to boost your chiropractic practice and increase your chances of having returning patients and even gaining new ones. Your email campaigns can be created to target various aspects of your business and you can have multiple campaigns for different purposes running concurrently. However, running a successful email marketing campaign requires a great deal of background work to be successful.

It can be challenging to take on the load of running various types of email marketing campaigns on your own. As a chiropractic practitioner your knowledge and experience with running email campaigns may be limited and you may have a hard time deciphering where to even start. In this instance our best advice is to seek the help of a digital marketing agency for chiropractors to help with curating and running campaigns that will contribute to your chiropractor marketing efforts. 

There are many great ways to run a successful email marketing campaign but here are what we deem to be 5 of the best ways to run the best email marketing campaigns for chiropractors!

1.Create a Defined List of Goals & Expectations for the Campaign

Before doing anything marketing related you must outline the goals and expectations that you have for your specific project while keeping in mind the overall vision of the company. The same translates with your email marketing efforts you must take into consideration what you are looking to accomplish by running your campaign. This helps to better understand what needs to be included in your campaign, what types of content is needed, how frequently emails should be sent, and who should be targeted by these emails. 

Having clear expectations helps to be more specific in your efforts which in turns increases the success rate of your campaign. It is important to always consider what you are looking to accomplish and schedule your email releases accordingly. 

2.Define Your Target Audience & Create a Strong Mailing List

Your emails should always be targeted. It is a waste of time to just randomly send out a series of emails without a real point. It is imperative that the emails sent out to patients target and speak to their interests. Retargeted emails are some of the best email marketing strategy tools as they target persons that have recently interacted with a certain part of your practice and get them to carry out the initial call to action. 

It is important to comprise your mailing list based on the people that would be interested in the services that your chiropractic practice offers. Perhaps athletes, persons that work with heavy lifting, elderly patients and pregnant patients just to name a few. Go to events or places where you can find these persons and focus on getting them to sign up for your email listing/email newsletter. Even if they may not seek a service or product on the spot, the mere fact that they are on the listing provides continual opportunities for them to become patients eventually. 

3. Create Engaging Content with a Functional Design & Layout

Now that your goals are clear and you understand your target audience the next step is to consider the kind of content to use within your emails. It is important to create engaging and captivating content that will get the attention of your target audience. Your email subject line should be captivating enough to get them to open the email. The content within the email should be engaging enough for them to actually click through the email and make it over to the practice website.

Avoid boring and wordy emails, most people read through emails while they are on the go so you always want to ensure that your emails are short and to the point. Captivate your audience from the initial engagement and make it clear what you are offering to them. The design and layout should be both easy and functional to avoid potential customers from leaving the email because it was difficult to navigate or view on their devices. 

4. Test Various Formats & Email Frequency 

Now it is important to determine what formats work best for your emails and what types of headers and captions will get your patients attention almost immediately. You want to ensure that the formats and email templates that you choose will be relatable to your audience. It is great to test different styles to see which ones they tend to interact with the most. 

Once you have noticed which ones they seem to be more interactive with and actually follow through with the call to action then those are the ones that are best suited to use. It is also important to consider how often you want to send out emails for your various campaigns. As well as consider the days and specific times that your audience may interact with these emails. Perhaps early in the morning while they are getting their day started or in the evening time after they are done with their tasks. 

These are miniscule yet important factors to consider when preparing your email campaigns as you always want to find what your audience finds captivating. This gets them to carry out your desired actions while being designed around the times that they are the most involved with their personal emails. 

5. Automate Emails & Measure their Performance

To save time, effort and energy once you have successfully confirmed your formatting, content, and layout, set your emails to be automated. It is much easier and will save you from having to manually release emails and they can have certain emails set to target certain audiences at various times. These can help overall efficiency versus sending out mass emails that may not be relevant to specific audiences. You can even have certain campaigns to target new potential patients after their first initial interactions.

Through this you are better able to monitor the overall performance. You can understand what is working and what isn’t, improving things over time. It is all being efficient and getting followed through with your email marketing campaigns. You want your chiropractic practice to be able to benefit from increased traffic and greater ROI as a result of the emails sent out to existing and potential patients. 


Email marketing for chiropractors is a great way to reach your audience both old and new. You want them to always be in the know of what is going on at your clinic and the best way that you can always keep them informed no matter where they are is by reaching them through emails. It can take a lot of time and resources to fulfill this but having a digital marketing agency that focuses on chiropractor digital marketing services like email marketing will be a tremendous help.

At Cindtoro, we provide email marketing for chiropractors doing all of the hard work for them so that they can just focus on the medical side of their practice. If you want to learn more about the value that we can bring to your chiropractic practice continue reading our blog post and reach out for a complimentary consultation with a member of our team!

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