18 Multifamily Marketing Ideas You Need To Know!

18 Multifamily Marketing Ideas You Need To Know

No matter, if you have just developed a multifamily apartment, or you have acquired an apartment complex property as a long-term investment strategy. 

Owning multifamily properties is difficult enough. 

There are numerous different things that you or your commercial real estate team needs to keep in mind. Property insurance, property management, and most importantly, ensuring that each one of your units are filled with paying tenants.

If you don’t have any tenants, then you don’t have any revenue and if you don’t have any revenue, then you have a property that doesn’t make enough money ( or enough )

In this article the Cindtoro marketing team is going to review apartment marketing ideas that you can use to keep your units filled all year round! (hopefully)

Advertising multifamily does not have to be difficult. But it does require a well thought out approach and strategy. 

We have compiled 18 ways that you, your team or Cindoto can use to advertise effectively.

Social Media Marketing

First step on our list and a popular marketing tool, regardless of if you are in the world of commercial real estate or not, is social media marketing. Social media will allow your complex to be seen by users who are searching in their area for a place to live as they use their favorite platform!

On your apartment complexes social media account you can use many different types of posts to entice people to live in your multifamily property opposed to one of your competitors right up the road.

What are some of these types of posts?

  • Promotion of the pool
  • Promotion of the complex is amenities
  • The convenience of the area at the property is located
  • Walk-throughs
  • And much more!

Community partnerships 

When people are choosing a place to live, they want to make sure that they are going to live in a thriving community. Because of this one of the things that you can do to market your apartment more effectively could be to build community partnerships within relevant industries. These industries may be some of the following:



Chamber of Commerce

And Others

Google my business 

Your complexes Google business profile will be key to people finding a place to live within their local area. The Google business profile is great for many things with one of the most important things being local SEO!

Did you know over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile phones?  Most people when they’re searching for an apartment complex will typically utilize keyword such as 

  • apartment complex near me
  • Apartment complex, friendly to dogs
  • Apartment, to friendly animals
  • Multifamily living in X location 

Ideally your real estate company should own the keywords that we just listed above.

 Using a GMB profile for each one of your properties will be critical to you doing just that.


Instagram is a great way to reach a younger audience demographic. People love to see visuals of places they are going to live. 

We have often said before that if people can see, feel and touch a piece of real estate that you have to offer then they can envision themselves living in it! 

Instagram allows for amazing visuals of products or services, and is an excellent way to show off your new property.  if you’re not utilizing Instagram as a marketing strategy you need to because your competition is! 

Posting on Pinterest 

Lots of people utilize various different types of social media platforms in 2024 and Pinterest is still a highly recommended platform for CRE companies to use to market multifamily real estate.

Depending on the demographic that you are trying to reach may help determine if you need to get on Pinterest as an effective marketing tool.

Using Pinterest, you will be able to: 

  • convey the amenities that your apartment has,
  • Show off that sweet saltwater pool you’re so proud of! 
  • Showcase the different types of rooms that you have available 
  • And much more

Local Blogging 

Local blogging about your local multi-family community can be an excellent way to reach the renters that you are looking to.  Creating new blog posts can improve your search engine optimization, brand awareness and overall exposure within the market that your property is located in. Wondering what some ideas could be? How to choose a great place to live, reasons why you should live at ( insert the name of your property) and other types of content could work well.

Virtual tours 

Nobody wants to live at a place that they cannot tour, and if a potential tenant is unable to physically tour your property because they are located elsewhere at the time it would be ideal to have the ability for a virtual tour so potential tenants can envision themselves living at your complex. 

Open houses 

Another good way to get more prospective residents into your property? Host an open house and showcase a fully decked out model . The model will allow people to see, feel and touch the potential place. They are possibly going to live at.

Use video 

We’ve alluded a few times to video marketing for your complex. Video marking can be done in numerous different types of ways. Taking people on property walkthroughs, showing virtual tours, and even using animated videos of floor plans. These can be an excellent way to gain new potential renters into your property.

Search engine optimization 

 We also touched before on Google my business marketing and the impact of local SEO. 

Utilizing search engine optimization for an apartment complex is another excellent way to fill your units. Apartment focused SEO helps you target the organic keyword listings for things like:

  •  find a place to live
  •  apartment in X location
  •  luxury apartment complex in X location 
  • And others that are also important.

Search engine optimization takes a long time, about 3 to 6 months. Before it starts working so if you plan on utilizing this strategy as one of your marketing efforts then you need to adequately plan when your website will be done and when you will begin the SEO process.

Create a Apartment website 

Speaking of websites, all apartment complexes need a quality website. Both digital and traditional marketing does not work if you do not have a place to send the high quality traffic to. Your website is that place you’ve been looking for. A  high quality website will showcase the amenities that your property has, reasons why people should stay at your complex and even provide a place for tenants to pay their bills. 

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly

Since 60% of website traffic comes from mobile phones you will want to ensure that the website you create is mobile-friendly!

If you don’t take the time to check your mobile friendliness of your site then you could be losing out on a large percentage of new renters because your website was poorly built and difficult to use. 

People value websites that provide the correct information in a clear and simple way to understand and if your website does not do that then users will likely leave quickly and go find a different apartment complex to rent!

A mobile-friendly website means that it looks good on all types of mobile devices:  laptop,  mobile phone, and tablet. And since there are different sizes for each one of those things, aspect ratios will have to be checked and modified on a case-by-case basis to ensure mobile friendliness.

Organize community events 

People want to feel connected to the community that they are living in.  if your current community does not feel connected. then you will likely struggle at getting new renters through referrals. This can be one of the best outreach marketing tactics for apartment communities if done correctly.

What could some of these community events look like? 

They could be on a monthly basis that allows them to bring a plus one. Perhaps a barbecue or something different. This will give everybody a chance to mingle at the property, build loyalty and trust of your current tenants while also giving you the opportunity to get in front of new prospects who at the time may or may not be searching for a place to live.

Outreach apartment marketing does not have to feel salesy or forced; it should be an enjoyable experience for all. Everyone knows when they are being sold. So providing a fun atmosphere for people to casually interact with current and potential renters can be a fantastic way to gain new leases!

Promote pet friendly 

Lots of people have some type of pet.  Promote that your complex is pet friendly as there are numerous people that search for apartments that are friendly to their favorite animals. If you are not promoting that your multi-family property is friendly to pets then you are missing out on a potential target audience that you could look to influence. This could be as simple as stating on your website that your property is a pet friendly place to live. 

Sponsor local events 

 Sponsoring local events can be a great way to generate increased word of mouth for your commercial real estate business and apartment complex. Prospective residents may see that you are sponsoring a local event and could begin to associate your complex with the place that they may want to live.

Hire helpful and friendly leasing agents  

Nobody wants to deal with a leasing agent who is not friendly or helpful. People want to feel at home in the place that they choose to live. A great way to do this is to ensure that your staff is both friendly and helpful. Doing this will ease prospective renters’ minds about the decision they are going to make regarding the place they would like to live.

Produce High Quality Marketing Materials 

Using high quality marketing materials can be a great way to gain new tenants! These marketing materials can be things that potential renters can take home as they make their decision for living arrangements. Flyers, pamphlets, folders, and any other forms of information you can leave with somebody would work well here.

Have A community photo location 

People love sharing things to Instagram and other social media platforms. so put up a community photo location that people can post, and hashtag about their new living space at your community! 

This can do a number of things for your property: Create community interest in the area that you’re located in, while also increasing your brand awareness and number of followers on social media! This in turn will lead to increased amounts of word of mouth and hopefully new tenants! 

Work With Cindtoro

If you or your commercial real estate team needs assistance creating a multifamily marketing plan or was searching for multifamily advertising ideas and you have been searching for an agency to handle the job for you then we would like to take that over!

 The Cindtoro team was founded in 2019 to provide the highest quality digital and traditional marketing services to real estate companies like you! Regardless of the specialty that your company services we can assist your needs.

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