The Role of Video Marketing in Multifamily Real Estate

Have you ever thought about what the most engaging content is on social media? Or another question for thought: which content types left a long lasting impression that prompted you to share or tag a friend in a post you just saw?

if we had to guess we would say the content you likely viewed or thought of was video content. It could have been an informative tutorial, a DIY project or a cute pet video just to name a few. In some way shape or form the video content left a long lasting impression on you so much so that you wanted to share with a friend. Video content also possesses the ability to captivate a highly targeted audience which you can use in your overall multifamily marketing.

In this article by the Cindtoro marketing team we are going to teach you about the role of video marketing relating to multifamily real estate.

Here’s a quick few facts on video marketing before we begin

 Did you know that in the United States on average adults dedicate 6 hours per day to watching videos? Video content watch time has blown past 270%. 

Further research also indicates that 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from their favorite brands. 

What are companies doing with these trends? 86% of them are now leveraging video for marketing.

So before we dive into the article here is one more question to ask yourself before we begin: are you using video marketing for your multifamily property?

Let’s begin.

Why video marketing is important

Understanding this data helps to correlate the potential of video content marketing especially as it relates to the multifamily marketing landscape. If you haven’t considered utilizing video as a digital marketing strategy do so now and don’t get left behind by the competition!

What are some other reasons why video content marketing is important?

Well, one of the biggest reasons why video content marketing is important is because search engines like Google and others enjoy seeing fresh and engaging content.

They absolutely love video. Not only does it skyrocket user engagement time but it also helps to provide greater variance in the types of content that the search engine serve to users. 

In other words they are serving less static text ( like this blog article) and more  interactive forms of media content like video.

it’s important to note that search engines also care about the types of videos that you were publishing. So for example, an explainer video could be used to break down a complex topic or subject that people may not want to read about. On the other hand a product or service video could highlight the unique features of your product or service.

With numerous different types of video and social media platforms to utilize it is important to remember that experimentation is key to understanding what works best for you and your business.

Adding video content to your overall digital marketing strategy and portfolio will allow you to engage your target audience in more ways than one. It also allows you to start building the trust and relevance that you are hoping for as potential renters are searching for a multifamily apartment complex in their local area.

The most effective forms of content marketing for your video marketing strategy

 In the next few sections we are going to review what the most effective video marketing channels are for your apartment complex or commercial real estate business overall.

Live streaming and reels

 Live streaming and reels can be an excellent way to promote your multifamily complex because reels are short informative videos that get straight to the point. A reel could be used to showcase your apartment complex or the various different amenities that it has. Reels are short 60 second or less videos most popular on platforms like Instagram and TikTok . Instagram reels or other short videos might be just enough for potential renters to become enticed to visit your website to learn more about your complex.

Testimonials and consumer spotlights

If you’ve owned or operated your multifamily apartment complex for a long time and you have a number of rave reviews. asking tenants to provide video reviews of your complex can help others understand if they should consider renting from you

Cover the latest trends in multifamily or multi-family real estate development This could help potential renters see that not only does your company take a forward thinking approach to real estate development but you shows that you want to create the best experience for your renters.

 SEO video marketing

Did you know that video content can also be an excellent way to increase your websites search engine optimization? If this is your first time hearing about search engine optimization then basically it is the art form of getting a website to rank for keywords that are important to a business. So, in this particular case that would mean getting your website found for keywords like: multifamily apartment complex for rent OR apartment complex for rent in x location 

Benefits of video marketing for your multifamily website traffic

 increase your user engagement

 If you want to increase your apartment complex’s website user engagement and increase your SEO rankings then you need to seriously consider adding video to your web pages. Your user engagement will increase as a result of having videos on your website because potential prospects will enjoy visiting your multifamily properties website to discover new videos about the potential place that they may decide to live.

Increase your average time on page

 If you’ve been searching for ways to increase your average time on your page, video is your answer! Why do we say this? As somebody watches a on video on your website this causes them to spend more time on the site. Increased average time on site (or on page) sends a signal to Google and other search engines that your website is high value they should place above others.

Reduce your bounce rates

A website’s bounce rate is defined as a user who visits one webpage then leaves this is called a bounce. Adding video content to your multifamily property’s website can help you reduce your bounce rates by increasing the amount of engaging content your website has.  As people watch one video about your complex they will likely be enticed to watch another one. Because of this they will have to visit more than one page which will reduce the bounce rate by nature of them doing that.

Boost the share-ability of your website

Do you remember us asking the question about what is the most engaging, shareable type of content is in our opening paragraph?  

Well, adding video to your website also boosts the shareability of it. Here’s why: if you have an engaging, informative video placed on your site a friend may share that video because they know somebody that is looking for an apartment complex in their local area. If that friend is interested in the complex, then they may end up becoming a renter.

Improve content diversity

In our opening paragraph we also talked about improving content diversity. Instead of just having a static image or text on a web page, video allows for improved content diversity. People consume different types of content all the time and having the most amount of diversity with your content is a great way to ensure that you engage your target audience.


 we hope that you found this article informative and useful. If you have been searching for ways to market your multifamily apartment complex more effectively then consider using video marketing as one of those methods. Don’t have time to create effective video content? Hire the Cindtoro marketing team to manage all of your needs done for you. Work on what you do best! Owning and operating your apartment complex and let Cindtoro take care of the digital or traditional marketing to gain new tenants. 

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