Ways Commercial Real Estate Google Adwords Can Help Lease More Space

What Is Google Adwords?

AdWords is a premier advertising platform offered by Google. It is one of the most popular digital advertising channels available and works for all types of businesses. The Google ads platform is an excellent place to promote your product or service due to the nature of how well it works.

Types of Google Ads

There are many different types of Google ads Cindtoro can use to promote your real estate business some of the most popular ones we have listed below.

Display Ads

Google Display ads offer you the ability to increase your real estate company’s brand awareness. These banner ads are the ones that you see at the top and sides of web pages as images. 

The most effective form of Google advertising is Google search ads. These are the ads that appear at the top of a search engine as people are searching for a product or service that is relevant to them. In this case that would be commercial real estate. 


Many people don’t know but YouTube ads actually run off of the Google ads platform. This is because YouTube is a company owned by Google which means that if you want to run YouTube ads you need to utilize the Google ads platform This digital marketing channel is best for when you want to create little “mini commercials”.


Did you know that after somebody visits your real estate website you could follow them around with your brand’s message? This is the job of a retargeting ad. – Digital ads that “follow” a user as the browse other websites from the internet.

App Downloads

If your company has an app that it is trying to promote to other commercial real estate professionals then an app download campaign would be an excellent way to go! Using this strategy you can reach both IOS and Android users.

How Does Google Ads Work for Commercial Real Estate CRE? 

When it comes to promotion of your commercial real estate listings using CRE focused Google AdWords can be an excellent way to do that. A key functionality of AdWords allows you to reach a highly targeted audience as they’re searching for the type of space that you have available.

So, for example if you have an office property located in California that you’re looking to lease. Google advertising gives you the ability to reach those people as they search for keyword terms like “ office property in California” OR “office space in California near me”. 

4 Ways Google Ads Benefits Your Real Estate Firm

Google ads can benefit your commercial real estate firm in many ways. Our team has compiled the four of the most important benefits utilizing Google ads can do for your CRE company. 

1. Increased traffic

Increasing the quality relevant traffic to your real estate website can be done simply and effectively using adwords. This is the main distinguishing factor between other digital marketing platforms like Facebook Or Instagram. As people are searching for the listings your company has, your ads will come up at the top of the search results page.

2. Increased brand awareness

There are numerous different ways to market a commercial real estate company and Google AdWords is just one of those ways. By reaching people as they are searching for the type of commercial real estate you offer this will increase your firm’s overall brand awareness within your target market. 

3. Increased targeted leads

No matter what type of advertising your commercial real estate company does you want it to be effective. This is why Cindtoro recommends commercial real estate Google AdWords so often due to the ability to quickly increase the targeted leads a company gets. 

This digital marketing strategy works for any industry of commercial real estate for any property type. Regardless of if your prospects are looking to buy, sell or lease commercial real estate we can help you reach your digital marketing goals and ideal target demographic.

4. Only Pay When Someone Clicks On An Ad

A really cool thing about digital advertising, especially Google Ads is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Which means you limit the amount of time you spend attempting to work with real estate leads that will likely not close.


If you’ve been searching for ways to increase your quality leads, increase your brand awareness and traffic to your commercial real estate company and have had little success doing it on your own then we encourage you to reach out to Cindtoro. We will manage your real estate firms Google advertising helping you to generate more leads, and appointments for your firm.

Our digital advertising agency has been in business since 2019 helping many companies across the United States achieve success with real estate Google advertising. Contact Us Today to get started. 

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