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Internet marketing for real estate

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Online strategic planning in the 21st century is critical when developing a real estate marketing plan. This is a time to plan your online marketing strategy for how to take your real estate company from a potentially unstable house of cards, to a solid foundation that is built for long term success.

After reading this article you will have a much clearer understanding of what it takes to have success in the world of internet marketing for real estate companies.

4 things your Online Marketing Plan for Real Estate should consider;

  1. Having a quality real estate website that converts more visitors to quality leads
  2. Real estate SEO
  3. Improve real estate brand awareness
  4. Audience driven social media marketing

These 4 keys to your real estate marketing plan are listed in what our real estate digital marketing company has deemed the order of importance. Allow us to expand on these action items.

A Quality Real Estate Website

We have chosen this as our first go to market strategy. Because without a top-notch real estate website your firm will have an extremely difficult time gaining new business from any of these other three digital marketing methods we are going to outline. Why? Because over 88% of people are searching online before they make a purchase. Web design for real estate is both an art form and a science. The buying cycle of real estate is changing to a more digital-based one just like everything else. A custom-built real estate website will help your firm stand out from any of your competitors. Additionally, by opting for a custom-built website you will have the peace of mind that it is built around converting more visitors into better quality leads for your firm. Opposed to a cookie-cutter website that is frankly not built to do much at all.

Moving on to the second part of your real estate digital marketing plan.

Invest in Real Estate SEO

After you have established your online presence with a new custom website. You have another step that must be done in order to make your real estate website go from good to great. A quality website needs traffic, but not just any traffic is sufficient. It needs to be traffic that matches the content on the page. 

Which is why the next hurdle is real estate SEO. Now, there are many different real estate SEO agencies to choose from but, in the world of online marketing, you get what you pay for especially with SEO services. If you really want to make your real estate SEO endeavor worth your time, and money then you need to be willing to invest in nothing short of the best SEO services.

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of what search engine optimization is we have a great article on that to help you learn. But to keep things easy to understand. The job of SEO is to rank your website higher than your competition. This helps to drive a higher number of visitors to your real estate website.

Which ultimately turn into more quality leads that allow you to close more business. We bet you will think twice before saying no to investing in top real estate SEO.

Increase Real Estate Brand Awareness

When people think of increasing brand awareness they probably begin to think of various advertising strategies to get their real estate firm well known. A real estate brand awareness campaign could be doing traditional forms of advertising like mailing lists to local property owners and or if you are in residential real estate; homeowners. 

Then there are other more advanced forms of internet marketing like using the Google Display Network and banner advertising to help influence your audience as they are searching for real estate in their local area to buy or sell.

This is considered a “top of the funnel” digital advertising strategy for real estate that can be used to identify what type of audience demographic is looking for your real estate services. These potential prospects who have viewed a brand awareness ad can then be served a “follow up ad” at a later time.

Audience Driven Real Estate Social Media Marketing 

The final part of your 4 step real estate marketing plan would be the development and ongoing maintenance of a social media marketing strategy for real estate. There are 3 reasons why you should take the time to build a solid social media presence in real estate.

  1. Establishes trust
  2. Other real estate professionals are focusing on it yet
  3. Improves local SEO

These are the three top reasons when it comes to social media marketing for real estate. Let us expand on these three; the establishment of trust and credibility will help you stand out in the expanding field of real estate professionals and has the potential to allow you to gain more leads just by developing a simple real estate marketing strategy on social media.

 The second established reason you could be known as a leader for other real estate professionals as they begin to take their own steps with their own digital marketing strategy for real estate.

Finally, the third reason being is it helps local SEO; when you are continuously posting high-quality content as people begin to share that content with others search engines like Google or Bing will rank you higher than your competition, of course, that will turn into more leads which have the ability to become more potential clients.

In Conclusion

An Online Marketing Plan For Real Estate Needs to Be Comprehensive

If you follow the four action items we have laid out here you are sure to have success with your real estate firm, it may take a while to get off the ground at first but with the risk and reward ratio being high you need to be employing the best real estate marketing strategies like; having a top performing real estate website, investing in the best real estate SEO services, a strategy for increased brand awareness and finally, a strong real estate social media marketing strategy. A combination of these four aforementioned methods will help build a powerful digital marketing plan for real estate.

If you found this article useful show the love and please share it with your real estate colleges. Additionally, if you would like our professional internet marketing agency to develop a custom real estate marketing plan and take care of all the necessary work for you please call us at 407-923-0109. Or schedule a call with a member of our team.

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