Google Ad Marketing for Lawyers: Does It Make a Difference?

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Google Ads for Attorneys

In order to win the case, you’ve got to be on the case. Even the world’s best lawyers need a way for clients to find them. If you’re a legal eagle, you may have considered various methods of marketing for lawyers. In your search, online likely emerged as a winning tactic. You may have even heard how Google Ads has opened up a whole new world of advertising firepower for lawyers.

But is this service really worth the investment?

Google Ads Basics

First, the basics. Google will advertise your law practice when Google users search for a relevant term (such as law firms) using either the search engine or the map function. Your advertisement will show up instantly, regardless of whether the searcher is using a traditional computer or a mobile device.

Google Ads Marketing for Lawyers

Google revealed that it had expanded its local ads services to lawyers in mid-2020. The new services cover many different areas of law, including criminal law, business law, family law, litigation, and multiple other subcategories. You will just need to pass a background check to certify your credentials. With these local services ads, you only pay Google when the ad generates phone or text leads.

This form of marketing can make a definitive difference. What are the specific benefits?


Google is the world’s leading search engine. Users around the world utilize its services every day to track down any information they may need. It stands to reason that someone looking for a quality lawyer would turn to their favorite, trusted search engine for assistance.

With Google Ads, your marketing placement will appear at the top of a search results page. This means your name and your firm could very well be the first thing a searcher sees. Nothing beats that kind of name recognition.

Client Convenience

A person in need of legal services likely has a great deal on his or her mind and therefore would appreciate a hassle-free, minimal-stress attorney search. With Google Local Services Ads, the searcher who clicks on your advertisement will be taken directly to a detailed profile page that includes some background about the business, hours of operation, and critical contact information.

Making that crucial first contact or booking an appointment never got easier.

Bargain Price

As mentioned, with local Google ads you only have to pay when a lead is generated, resulting in significant cost savings to you. In addition, since the local lawyer ads are a relatively new service, pricing is at a lower baseline cost.

Online Advantage

Most people now spend a large percentage of their waking hours in front of a screen. Digital marketing is undeniably the advertising driver of the present and the future. Without a strong foothold in this increasingly technological world, your business will suffer.

Add in the fiercely competitive nature of the legal world, and a rock-solid online presence becomes more important than ever.

To stand out from the pack, you need the targeted leads a service like Google can provide and a dedicated ally that sells your unique selling points. For proprietary service, efficient target audience identification, and daily hands-on customer service, contact Social Uprising Inc. and let us help you forge a successful path forward.

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