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New digital marketing agencies are sprouting up every day due to increased demands of services. It can be a challenge to choose the right agency unless you’re sure of what you want. 

If you’ve been looking for the right agency to partner with there are a few key factors to consider. Keep reading for our guide on how to choose a digital marketing agency.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

There are around 6,000 digital marketing agencies in the US as of 2021. On average, the number of industries grew by 13.7 % per year from 2016 to 2021. 

Choosing from so many options can be overwhelming and confusing. Here’s what you should look for in an agency in 2022 to avoid picking the wrong one.

Experience in Digital Marketing 

Experience is a powerful differentiator when you’re choosing a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing experience is not only about the number of years of practicing. The quality of their portfolio carries more weight.

You want to look at your agency’s results for other clients. Ask for case studies that show you an agency’s history with a client. Did this agency deliver per the client’s expectations? Talk to previous clients or references to establish if your marketer walks the talk. 

Appealing Values

A marketer’s values show you what they stand for and what drives them apart from making money. Values are embedded in their work ethic and tell about their desire to help you reach your goals. 

Choose a digital marketer who pledges to be accountable and responsible for results. For success, it’s crucial your marketer keeps their promise and owns up to their failures. 

Passion in digital marketing subjects reflects in a marketer’s approach and outcomes. A digital marketing team should be dedicated and committed to your success. 

Marketing is a world bound with challenges. Marketers need to discern what works in traditional and online marketing strategies. It takes creativity to build successful brands online. 

Capable Marketing Team

Nothing speaks louder for a digital marketing company than the “meet the team page”. This is one of an agency’s website pages that you must visit. 

A clear team page is a sign of a transparent digital marketing agency. It gives you more info about the people behind the company and their marketing roles. If you want a personal touch or to develop trust with your agency, you need to visit this page. 

Credibility matters a lot when you’re dealing with a digital marketing agency. Knowing the background of an agency’s leadership is essential. It’s much easier to establish a company’s reputation and capability when you have their team list. 

Range of Digital Marketing Services Offered

Digital marketing is a quick-growing vast marketing field. It comes with a range of digital marketing tactics► all of which can be useful in growing your business.

Digital marketers can be specialists or jacks of all digital marketing trades. And some digital marketing agencies may not offer all digital marketing services. Thus, it can be a challenge to find an agency that’s an exact fit for your needs.

Many top agencies offer all online marketing services under one roof. Cindtoro is a leading marketing agency offering SEO, digital advertising, pay per click and web design services. 

An all-around digital marketing company can be a perfect choice for your needs. It can be easier to stick to your brand assets and messaging when working with a single marketing agency. 

This is also one of the cost-saving decisions you can make in your business. Outsourcing to one agency gives you more control of your strategy and budget. You can reduce marketing costs by negotiating a friendly contract. 


If you search Google for the “digital marketing agency” you’ll encounter tons of flashy agency options. Unfortunately, even the top-ranking agency might not be credible.

If you go for cheap or low-quality agencies, you might waste time and money. Hiring a digital marketing agency pays off if they focus on professional marketing. 

Look for reviews, references, and testimonials when choosing a marketing agency. An agency is likely to be proud of its success stories, so they’ll allow you easy access to their portfolio.

Dig into your agency’s websites to get a sense of their work and results. You expect to find valuable resources such as SEO guides and tips on their website. 

Real experts will not bombard you with messages or pressure you to sign them as your marketer. They will offer you a consultation and propose the benefits of digital advertising. Real marketers will also sell you on proof and not empty guarantees. 

61% of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. Digital marketing may seem easy, but it takes the best marketers to drive traffic and boost sales. Look for an agency that prioritizes quality and not quantity.

What Is the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business? 

You need to know whether your agency understands your marketing needs and goals. Your business is in a unique stage where a one-fits-all marketing strategy won’t hack it. 

Find out if your agency’s focus is uncovering your challenges before offering a solution. Here’s what can suggest an agency is a perfect marketing partner. 

Digital Marketing Experience in Your Industry 

Choosing a marketer with hands-on experience in your industry and business is crucial. This helps when you want to get value for your money. 

As industry specialists, we know how to maneuver and overcome your marketing challenges. Our skilled marketers know the tools and practices that can unlock your market and jet-propel your business to success. 

If you’re running a real estate company or law firm, contact us to help you create your marketing strategy. We are expert marketers specializing in real estate, legal, and healthcare marketing.

Offers Customized Digital Marketing Services

Customized Digital Marketing Services are one of the secrets to beating your competition and boosting sales. Marketers see a 56% increase in sales when they use personalized experiences.

A personalized marketing strategy focuses on your unique challenges and strengths. It aims to ensure your messaging meets your audience’s needs. It can give you the upper hand in your industry by introducing a tailored marketing approach.

It would be best to have a custom marketing plan to speed up growth and increase sales. Your marketer should offer a free consultation to discuss specific needs and goals. 

They should have experience in marketing strategies that suit your business. They should also prove the effectiveness of their customization plans. Your goal is to woo your target audience and build loyalty; only a custom marketing plan can work here. 

Within Your Budget

The cost of marketing can sometimes hinder accessing the best digital marketing agencies. An in-house digital marketing team may also be too costly to maintain.

A custom marketing plan is a safe bet to keep marketing costs in line. Your marketer should be able to offer your services based on your budget. Customization ensures you’re getting value for your money. Your strategy matches your budget. 

Shows Proof of Delivering Quality Results

Digital marketing is a game of numbers. You can only bank on a marketer to help you if they can back up their claims with convincing reports or data. 

Ask for strategy-specific marketing case studies and portfolio reports. If you hire them for Google ad services, ask for their track data and other customers’ results. You want to know the ROI they achieved for a particular Google ads client.

Remember to look at how long it took them to deliver those results. Granted, they’ll affect your business so you’ll want to be sure the time frame is worth the wait. You don’t want to invest in a long-term marketing campaign when you’re unsure if they’ll deliver. 

Good Customer Service

90% of Americans factor in customer service when choosing a business or company. Customer service determines the relationships you’ll build with an agency.

You want a long-term marketing partner who’ll listen to your needs and help you build a consistent user experience. Look at how your marketer handles and approaches your relationship. 

Do they keep to their word and own up to their mistakes? How passionate and dedicated are they to helping you reach your marketing goals? 

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? 

Hiring the right digital marketing agency can put your business on the path to online success. You’ll be able to delegate digital marketing to professional marketers. Working with expert marketers can help reduce client acquisition costs and boost sales

The agency will also help you develop custom digital marketing that helps you set your brand apart. The key to reaping these benefits is choosing an agency that aligns with your goals, values, and budget.

Are you looking to take advantage of the benefits of a digital marketing agency? Contact us today to discuss how you can take your business to the next level. 

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