How To Optimize a Social Media Account for A Business In Orlando, Florida

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Digital marketing can be a complex world there are so many different tactics and methods to gain online traffic, visibility, especially when it comes to the world of social media. 

In this article the Cindtoro team is going to discuss how to optimize a social media account for a business located in Orlando, Florida.

We will dive into things like social media marketing, why it’s important and what are the ways you can use to optimize your account with the goal of growing traffic, leads and sales. let’s begin!

Key Takeaways:

  • Post every day
  • Fill out your profile
  • Use all available features
  • Use local hashtags
  • Include local landmarks
  • Photos of the local business  
  • Monitor your metrics and make improvements

What is Orlando social media marketing?

Marketing your business on social media is the act of creating post videos, reels, and any other form of advertisement designed to reach an audience on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others.

Why is Orlando social media marketing important? 

Social media, marketing is important for a number of different reasons it allows you to reach new Orlando customers, businesses, brand awareness your strategy And ultimately grow your business

What can you do to optimize an account? 

No matter what type of social media account your Orlando business uses they can all be optimized. No matter if you have a Facebook account Instagram, TikTok, YouTube profile. These are the steps that you would need to take for each one.

To gain the most amount of traffic, leads ,and sales from your Orlando social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform you will need to start with the key factors. 

 Post every day:

Posting regularly (every day) is one of the best ways to optimize your Orlando social media account or accounts if you have multiple. 

Continually posting every day means that you have new opportunities to reach customers as they browse the platform. 

Ideally your business needs to post about the products or services that you offer, new sales, and even general company updates. 

Ensure your profile information is filled out

All social media platforms offer various ways to reach your ideal target audience and current followers for your Orlando business. 

They give you the ability to: add your phone number, address, company description and even a place to gather online reviews. (link to review marketing plan.)

Gaining relevant traffic from social media has never been easier! That is if you ensure that your information about your Orlando business is correct. 

Sometimes data brokers can have the wrong information about your business which leads customers in the wrong direction and provides a bad user experience. 

You can check the accuracy of your social media profiles information online by doing a few searches for your businesses social media profiles. If you see incorrect information you should work to update your profile to reflect accurate information.

Use all the available features

Since every social media platform functions differently than others, it’s important to use every feature a platform has at its disposal to reach your ideal target audience and grow your followers. This could mean things like IG TV, TikTok lives, YouTube shorts, YouTube live, hosting Q&A sessions, and much more. 

A little known secret about social media platforms is they reward companies that use the highest number of new features their platform has to offer. 

Essentially companies that are more diverse than their competitors social media account will gain more traffic leads and sales than those who just use standard elements like a static image or singular video. 

By using all of the features available on a social media platform it will help in a lift for your business.

Use Local Hashtags 

Using local hashtags on your Orlando businesses social media account will allow you to attract relevant Orlando followers to your account. Local hashtags are a primary way that people find new businesses on social media. Some Orlando based hashtags you could use could be things like.

  • #Orlando
  • #OrlandoFlorida
  • #WinterPark
  • #AltamonteSprings
  • #DoctorPhillips 

Using these examples above will help you get started!

Include local landmarks 

Nobody knows the local Orlando market better than people who actually live in Orlando. All social media and SEO algorithms utilize local landmarks help prove a business in the area that they say they are in. 

As an Orlando native some local landmarks could be things like Lake Eola, Amway Center now called (the Kia Center), the Orlando Magic, Orlando Eye and many many more just to name a few! 

Referencing local landmarks on your company’s social media account will help you gain association within the local areas that you service.

Photos at a local business 

Giving people a taste of your business before they use your product or service is a great way to not only market your Orlando business but also helps with optimizing your social media account. Show people what it is like to work with your business. Things that could work really well here are the inside of your business, the building you are located in. Photos of services being performed and much more! 

Monitor your metrics and change as needed

Effective social media marketing takes more than just posting every day, using every feature available and ensuring the information is correct. 

It also takes things like monitoring your metrics and making changes as needed. If you see a social media post did not perform like how you expected then you might want to consider additional ways to make changes. 

Examples of some changes you could make could be things like: changing colors, changing the brand strategy. using a different presenter in your post and much more. 

As you track the performance of your social media marketing, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions overtime, which leads to increased business and lower cost per customer for every post that you make!

Putting it all together

Hopefully, you can tell from this article that effective social media marketing for an Orlando business can be done as long as you keep some of these fundamentals in mind. 

If you have difficulty marketing your local business and you want an experienced team to handle it for you then hire Cindtoro we will handle your Orlando social media marketing generating you more leads and sales while you focus on what you do best!


Should I use keywords in on my social media platform? 

You absolutely should use keywords when you fill out your social media account because keywords are one of the main drivers of traffic to your actual page. Keyword help you get found as people are browsing their favorite social media platform.

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