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it should go without saying that when you first start a business one of the most important things that you’re probably considering is how to gain new customers. This can be a highly difficult question to answer, one that if you get wrong can cause the failure of your new Orlando business

There are many different digital and traditional marketing tactics that can be used to advertise a new company. 

With so many marketing channels available at your disposal how do you choose which one is the best for your situation? 

In this article the team at Cindtoro is going to review some of the most effective strategies Orlando businesses can utilize to gain new customers and sales!

We will cover six different strategies to use ranging from digital to traditional based advertising. All of these methods we have tested ourselves and we know they work well for new and existing businesses. 

These are also the same advertising methods that we utilize to promote our own marketing company.

Web Design

For any business to be successful with marketing they need a place to send the traffic that they are generating. This place is often a company’s website! 

Establishing a brand new Orlando website will help your brand become more trusted, increase brand awareness and provide a place that traffic can be sent from other marketing efforts. Think of the website like being one of your hardest working Orlando employees. 

While expensive to initially design and create your website will generate high quality leads to your business no matter what time of day it is. Essentially making it a 24/7 lead generating machine! A website is also an excellent place to collect quality user data to make marketing performance enhancements of future campaigns.

 Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Once you have established your Orlando website then you will need to begin utilizing Orlando Florida focused search engine optimization to gain high quality organic website traffic.

 This is the key that you have been searching for when it comes to getting the web traffic that you desire. SEO helps your company rank for keywords that are important to your business. So for instance if you’re in real estate you ideally would want to rank for real estate related keywords, if you’re in the medical spa industry you would want to rank for medapa related keywords and if you are in law then legal related keywords. Etc etc.

No matter what type of business you own, search engine optimization can be done for any type of business. 

A note on search engine optimization: this strategy is a long-term marketing play due to the amount of time that it takes to influence a search engine and the results they serve to users.

A common timeline for SEO to start working is 4 to 6 months however it can take longer due to the level of competition that your company may have in the advertising market.

Email Marketing

 Your Orlando Business may not have an email list right away but it’s important that you get this strategy on your radar as fast as possible. 

Email marketing has a significant return on investment with $36 being generated for every $1 spent according to Constant Contact. Most people do not like to give their email out to strangers or businesses because they would like to avoid being spammed. 

When was the last time that you gave your email out to a company and they didn’t send you 50 million emails ( maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point)  

We are not saying that emails should not be sent to people who provide you with their email address but rather  stating that intelligent use of an email list is more effective than a “spray and pray approach”

 PPC Digital Advertising

Another excellent promotional tactic that you could utilize for your Orlando Business is PPC advertising. Local pay click advertising works wonders for a company because you are purchasing keywords that are important to your business. 

Similar to search engine optimization, buying these keywords can get you in front of people who are looking for the product or service that your company has to offer. 

This can be an invaluable tool for your company if you’re just getting started and you don’t have the time to wait for a long-term strategy like SEO to start working.

Pay per click advertising budget can be set for almost anything but we would recommend spending no less than 2500 per month. Spending that type of money on paid digital advertising means that our marketing team can test and improve various different types of promotional digital strategies to find the best fit for your business. While pay per click advertising results can happen quickly it is a good idea to budget at least 4 months to start a campaign. We say this because our team needs time to collect and analyze data from your campaign to make the best decisions possible. More time allows us the ability to create more effective advertising campaigns.

 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a hot way to gain quality leads for your Orlando business. In fact when most people think about advertising online one of the first things they likely think of is social media. It is something that is ingrained into all of our lives that we utilize on a daily basis. 

Why not become a highly popular company in the local areas that you serve? Did you know that people spend on average at least 4 to 6 hours per day on social media? Getting in front of the target audience that you are looking to reach could be an excellent way for promotion of your Orlando company. An added benefit? Social media marketing can also be a highly targeted effort through the use of paid advertising, hashtags and targeted social posts.

Digital Billboards

Billboards have been a time-tested way to generate new business for any company in any industry. Billboards allow companies to generate quality brand awareness and engagement for their company in specific areas that they are looking to have influence in.

 A more modern way of this traditional advertising platform is digital billboards. Digital Billboards allow for multiple different types of advertisers to show ads to their ideal target audience and are more cost-effective than the normal traditional billboard of the past. 

That’s not to say that the traditional billboard advertising variations are not as effective but digital billboards are beginning to take over the outdoor advertising space.  

When it comes to this form of advertising we would recommend no less than $3,500 to $5,000 per month to start advertising your company. It can take a long time to saturate a market with your brand awareness and overall message. If you do not allow for a large enough budget then you will not be able to make the impact that you are looking to have. It is also recommended by our team to run this type of advertisement for at least a minimum of 3 to 4 months.

 Direct Mail

Despite the majority of the world relying highly on digital, online based advertising direct mail is still a highly effective way to reach new Orlando customers where they live. 

This form of advertising is very effective because it actually cuts through a lot of the noise of the online space. Since many people are no longer utilizing this method when a local company does choose to use direct mail advertising a consumer could respond very well to your Orlando businesses play for brand awareness and overall engagement helping you to stand out from the group.

Use Cindtoro For Orlando Florida digital advertising packages

 If you’ve been searching for a local Orlando marketing company to create an advertising package for your Orlando Business and you don’t know where to start, let the team at Cindtoro handle all of that for you. We will create a customized digital and traditional marketing package that you can use for your company no matter what industry you are in or the products or services that you provide. Fill out our contact form and a member of our experienced marketing team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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