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Digital marketing for Commercial Real Estate

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In today’s crowded market, getting the right people to see your real estate listings has never been more challenging. Marketing for real estate professionals is not something that you should take lightly to beat out your competition and enjoy the highest possible commissions. You can make yourself stand out among other professionals and firms by following these four powerful digital marketing tips.

Marketing for Realtors: 4 Tips for Standing Out From the Crowd    

1. Design an Eye-Catching Website

Having an eye-catching website is essential for any real estate professional who wants to generate more business. A high-quality website should tell people who you are and why they should do business with you. You can think of your website as a hard-working sales agent that helps you generate leads, attract new business, and grow your brand, all on autopilot.
It should also load quickly and have a beautiful aesthetic design that showcases your firm and builds trust among your prospects. Since real estate is a very competitive environment, ensuring you have a well-designed, functional website is critical for success.

2. Optimize Your Website

Once you have a fully functioning website, you will need to make sure that people can find it online. The best way to make sure that users can find your website is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). This digital marketing strategy will get the right people to the right pages on your site.
For example, someone looking for a commercial rental will not find value in a landing page about storefronts for sale. When you optimize your website for searches, you can gain higher quality leads and close more deals for each property type, which can put you one step ahead of your competition.

3. Build Custom Google Search Ads

Back in the day, people found real estate agents using the yellow pages and mailing lists. Those methods are no longer ideal, as now most people perform their searches online. Google search ads, which are made with Google Adwords, can help you get your properties on the front lines of the internet by making yourself visible in search engines.
Google Search Ads are powerful but complex and are best left to professionals if you do not understand how to run a search engine marketing campaign. If you had tried this strategy before and failed, you can miss out on tons of revenue opportunities if you don’t try it again!

4. Take Advantage of Google Display Ads

If you want more business, then you’ve got to drive awareness of your listings. In addition to putting up a “FOR SALE” sign on your property, you can also leverage Google Display Ads to find quality leads.
Instead of wasting time on mailers, networking, and cold calling, you can use display ads to drive awareness and retarget high-quality leads, all while using the time you would have spent on traditional methods to start negotiating a purchase.

Traditional marketing methods are outdated, and digital marketing strategies are the new way to succeed in direct sales. As an experienced marketing agency, we strive to help you with all of your digital marketing needs so you can focus on what you do best – sales. Contact Social Uprising Inc. today to learn more about our commercial real estate marketing services.

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Table of Contents

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