Display Ads Basics for Medical Spas 

Learn the display advertising basics for medical spas

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If you own a medspa in order to digitally advertise in the most effective way possible you need to understand the key concepts behind digital ads. This article will go over display advertising basics for medical spas. When you are done reading you will not only have a grasp on what they are but also the different types available and their use in promoting your spa effectively. Ready to get started? Read On!

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are the ads that you see when you are browsing a website or an app. Display ads can be in the form of images, gifs, videos or changing texts. These types of ads help businesses to experience increased brand awareness and recognition amongst their target audience. Display ads also lead to increased click through rates and conversion rates.

Display ads normally revolve around a specific marketing campaign. For example, your medical spa may be rolling out a new product or service. A display ad can be the perfect avenue to advertise your roll out on website browsers and apps. 

Great display ads come in a variety of sizes. The most popular display ad sizes–that assist with increased earnings–according to Google are 728×90, 336×280, 300×250, 300×50, and 160×600. These sizes typically assist with the Google display ad placement process.

Types of Display Ads

Banner ads drive traffic to your med spas website1 These types of ads are placed at the top, bottom, or sides of webpages!

There are many different types of Google display banner ads available for your medical spa advertising campaigns. However, when choosing the type of display ad you may want to consider your respective industry. You must also consider the message that you want to convey to your audience. In this case we are discussing the medical spa industry and we must choose display ads that are best suited for that specific industry. 

As previously mentioned display ads can come in various forms such as images, videos, text or a combination of those formats. Here are our Display Ad Type Recommendations for Medical Spas:

Banner Ads

Here is an example of a med spa banner ad

Banner ads are strategically placed at the top, bottom or sides of webpages. These kinds of ads can help with driving traffic to your website. These kinds of ads have a clear call to action of what actions you want your patients to carry out. 

They allow your medical spa to be seen by a great number of persons that are potentially interested in the services or offerings of your medical spa. The ads normally lead to a specific page on your medical spa website

Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads on the other hand take up most of the screen and they typically appear at a specific time frame. When a patron visits a website your ad may appear maybe a few seconds after them entering the website or maybe when they have reached a certain point on the webpage. 

These kinds of ads can appear as an opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter subscription or maybe an avenue to book a free consultation for a service. Pop up ads provide endless advertising opportunities for your medical spa. 

Retargeting Display Ads

Retargeting Ads typically work by reaching users that have previously visited your website or interacted with any of your social media platforms or ads. Those users may not have carried out a specific call to action or may not have finished signing up for a service or consultation. These types of display ads will be displayed specifically to customers with previous interactions with your medical spa. 

Geofencing Ads 

Geofencing ads are ads that are designed to specifically target a certain audience once they are within specific geographic parameters. These ads are based on preset geographic parameters of your choice. You can set these parameters perhaps around the outskirts of your medical spa’s physical location. 

This is a great method to target users in close proximity to your medical spa. This is a great method to reach same day traffic that can easily walk into any of your locations. 

Video Ads

Video Ads are typically used prior to other online videos. These videos can be targeted to users interested in any services or products that your medical spa offers. These video ads can appear during or before they watch a video whether it’s online or on one of the social media platforms. 

These videos can contain photoage of your medical spa location and staff. It can also be a video showcasing a new product. Perhaps it can even be a video showing a popular service being done. The content options can be endless for video ads. 

Evidently there are quite a few display ad formats available that your medical spa display ad campaign may benefit from. One of the first things to do prior to choosing the type of display ad that best suits your medical spa is to create a display ad strategy plan.

This form of marketing strategy can tell what you want to showcase, how you want to showcase it, what are you aiming to accomplish and the amount of resources that you are able to dedicate to the ad. The pain points of display ads can become overwhelming and confusing as ads are better suited when run by professionals who understand the analytic aspect of the ads. We suggest that you look into a full service digital marketing agency to handle your display ad needs! 

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