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Using Cindtoro's law firm SEO services We can help generate law firm leads online from your website.

SEO for Lawyers can help your firm crush the organic search results and reach the 1st page of Google and other search engines.
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What Is SEO For Lawyers?

SEO for lawyers is a marketing strategy making a law firm’s website “rank” for law-related keywords on Google, helping to move the website to move higher up on the search list. The higher a website is ranked on Google; the more likely users are to click on it. Law firm SEO will help your firm be seen by your ideal target audience.

Cindtoro’s team of attorney SEO specialists can design a digital marketing strategy for any type of law firm, such as personal injury, real estate, or criminal law. This ensures that the marketing is targeting the correct target audience.

Speak to a Law Firm SEO Specialist

Our SEO services are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) which, gives us the ability to identify the best keywords and recommended actions for each month the search engine optimization campaign is underway. If you need help generating more traffic online get in-touch with an SEO specialist today. Let our team at Cindtoro take your company to the next level. 

Increase Organic ranking online with Custom SEO services

SEO for Law Firms Is Effective No Matter The Field

Why Having an SEO Company for Law Firms is Important to Your Firms Success Long Term

The struggle a lot of law firms face today is not being seen organically by their target market on a consistent basis because they lack a sound SEO strategy. Google makes updates and changes to their ranking factors daily that affect your law firms search engine rankings. If your law firms SEO is not constantly managed by a team of SEO specialists, then your website’s ranking can decrease drastically. That’s why it’s important to not only increase your websites SEO, but to also make sure it is managed so that it stays up to date with Google’s new rules and regulations.

Maintaining a high website ranking on Google is very important when it comes to obtaining new potential clients from the internet. Billboards and TV commercials are great, but, the chances are only a very small percentage of people who come across these ads will be inclined to call that phone number. Usually, when someone is in need of legal services fast, one of the first things they do is ask Google, and if your website has great SEO, chances are that Google will recommend your law firm first!

Typical Associated Costs of SEO Services for Law Firms

The typical costs for attorney SEO services can vary depending on what your law firm needs and what you are seeking to accomplish. The best way to have an idea of what you may spend on a monthly basis for SEO is to schedule a consultation with our team of SEO specialists so that we can further discuss and provide you with the best possible package based on your needs. Law Firm SEO services are highly competitive the amount of investment will be determined on based on the level of work that need to be accomplished. 



Keyword Research


On-page SEO

Link Building / Off-Site SEO

Testing and Ongoing Maintenance

Monthly Reporting

Cindtoro Digital Marketing's Process for Law Firm SEO

Cindtoro goes through a long in-depth SEO audit process before we start work on your website

SEO Audit

Every SEO campaign starts off with an initial site audit to assess where you are currently ranking in the organic search results while also identifying potential areas to make key gains over the course of the campaign before we move onto the next phase of our SEO process.

We manually review into your website without the help of SEO tools to get a holistic look at your business


We take an in-depth look at your law firm’s website, the services you offer, and your competition to better understand how we can get your website to the top of Google.

A key piece that makes Cindtoros' SEO services better then our compeition is our complex special in-house keyword research process that we use to find the best keywords

Keyword Research

During our keyword research phase, we reverse engineer the buyer’s journey to identify the correct keyword we need to target.

This keyword or “keywords” is normally something that is tied to your to law firm’s target market. We then use a special in-house process that allows us to identify keywords with the buyer’s intent. Our in-house that sets us apart from other SEO agencies.

The best SEO services always have some form of content writing include in them. We have our team of expeicaned SEO content writers craft pieces that will rank well in search engines and provide a great user experience


We understand how to write high quality legal marketing content in a way that will speak to the reader. After content pieces are written they are then sent to our team of professional editors for a final review before being distributed online.

At Cindtoro we also use a special on-page SEO process that allows us to out rank your competition by looking at both data and building an SEO marketing strategy

On-Page SEO

We optimize the structure of your law firms website by changing key aspects of the code, metadata information, file names, and a whole lot more to help your business show up for relevant searches in your local market.

We will build high quality backlinks to your website that will increase trust and relevance within Google this is another key part of our SEO services

Link Building

A link building SEO specialist will build backlinks that act as votes for your law firm website which will help to increase your website’s authority and traffic over time by showing Google you are the local expert in your market. We build links by employing tactics such as directory submissions, local citations, and guest posts on other websites.

Search Engine Optimization always requires testing and monthly maintenance to work which is exactly what we do at Cindtoro

Testing and Maintenance

Top SEO agencies know that testing is key to the success of an SEO campaign. Once you get to the top of Google it is important to keep you there. Our team of SEO specialists will keep your legal SEO up to date with regular monthly maintenance.

To prove that we are the best SEO company we provide you with monthly reporting that tracks all the key SEO metric you need to know about.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we update you on the work actions we have done for your SEO campaign to ensure that we are making constant improvements and that you are satisfied with the SEO services we are providing.

Tips to Take Your Law Firm to the next level with SEO

Use PPC along with Organic Search for the Best Search Results

Using pay per click ads along with organic search ranking can help your law firm to receive the best search results within a decent amount of time. With the PPC ads you are able to get to the top of the search engine results page within a shorter amount of time while still working on your organic ranking. 

Observe the practices of your competitors and capitalize on them

It is important to take note of what your competitors are doing to ensure that you are up to standard and keeping up to date with new trends and content. However, it is also important so that you can take into consideration how you can make your SEO efforts even more effective than the competition. You want to capitalize on areas they may be lacking in so that prospective clients may be more inclined to work with your firm versus working with your competitors.

Have a well equipped and efficient website

SEO efforts can only work as well as the website is working. If you have a poorly designed or maintained website, your SEO efforts will basically be in vain. Google typically rewards better ranking and positioning to those websites that do not pose threats to the users as well as those that contain useful information and little to no broken links and pages. It is important that your website possesses all of the necessary features that search engines consider when deciding placement and ranking. 

Encourage testimonials from previous clients

Testimonials go a long way when it comes to gaining new clients especially for law firms. Persons prefer to work with firms that have a reputation for winning cases for their clients. Having existing clients leave reviews and testimonials of their experience with the firm helps increase the brand credibility and establish the firm as leaders within the industry. These testimonials can be displayed on the website itself or they can even appear as display ads discussing the firm’s track record. Even leaving reviews on the firm’s Google My Business profile can lead to increased interactions with the website, which work in the firm’s favor.

Make Your Brand More Trust-Worthy

Did you know that reaching the number 1st page and 1st rank of Google makes your brand more trusted for your product or service? As you gain more visibility online using an attorney SEO service you will begin to rank for “branded terms” like your firms name, or a service you are looking to sell. Such as “Orlando Personal Injury” or “immigration Attorney.” Your firm will be viewed as more “serious” because, you have reached the top rank of Google search. 

How Does A Law Firm SEO Agency Help Generate More Generate Law Firm Leads Online?

There are many ways that a law firm SEO agency can help your firm generate targeted attorney leads online. The Cindtoro legal SEO team has come up with 4 ways backed by statistical data   

High Quality SEO services have an excellent ability to increase your

  1. organic search traffic
  2.  Get to the first page of Google
  3.  Increase your attorney leads online
  4.  Improve your brand’s trustworthiness
  5. Outrank your competition
  6. Attract high quality relevant traffic
  7. Establishing Authoritativeness of your Law Firm

All of these key elements are important to the the over all growth of your company. Let’s break out each topic with statistical data to illustrate why investing in SEO services for lawyers is crucial to the success of your firm. 

Increase Targeted Organic Search Traffic from Buyers & Sellers

When you invest in a quality SEO company your organic website traffic will increase as a result of their SEO efforts. As you increase organic website traffic you will be presented with more leads from people who are searching for a qualified law firm to represent them.  

Get To the Top Of Google

As a managing partner or chief marketing officer of your law firm you may be wondering how to get to the first page of Google. The short answer is by investing in a law firm SEO agency like Cindtoro. Did you know that 75% of searchers never click past the first page of results. This means that ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines will lead to increased online visibility can be well positioned and have the benefits of increasing organic leads online. Which leads us into our next point.

Increase Organic Law Firm Leads Online

No matter if your company sells products or you are a service based business. Investing in SEO can lead to vast increases of targeted online leads thought your website. And, regardless of how simple or complex your business is chances are there is always someone searching on Google to find legal representation. Unfortunately, without investing legal digital internet marketing generating quality leads from your website is near impossible and it will be very difficult to grow your business in the 21st century.

Make Your Brand More Trust-Worthy

Did you know that reaching the number 1st page and 1st rank of Google makes your brand more trusted for your product or service? As you gain more visibility online using an attorney SEO service you will begin to rank for “branded terms” like your firms name, or a service you are looking to sell. Such as “Orlando Personal Injury” or “immigration Attorney.” Your firm will be viewed as more “serious” because, you have reached the top rank of Google search. 

Outrank Your Competition

Investing in a suitable SEO strategy for your firm will help tremendously with your law firm securing a spot within the first page of the search engine results. Typically websites experience a much higher click through rate on the first page of the search engine results in comparison to any other page. By landing higher on the SERP you can be on the path outranking the competitors within your respective area.

Attract high quality relevant traffic

Attracting traffic to your website is one thing but attracting high quality relevant traffic is an entirely different thing. It is important to the success of your website that you are reaching traffic from your specific target audience within locations relevant to your firm. SEO is a long term strategy that can be used because once a proper SEO strategy is maintained your firm can look forward to consistent results once everything remains fully operational.

Establishing Authoritativeness of your Law Firm

By having client reviews on your website and establishing good credibility you can begin to establish your firm’s authority and reputation within the industry. You want your prospective clients to see that your law firm means business and by establishing a more consistent online presence will help to accomplish this. The more that persons become aware of your brand, the more likely they are to interact with you and potentially even use your services. People typically tend to gravitate towards things that they are familiar with, so the more that you get your brand in front of the right audience the more likely you will be to establish a certain level of trust and credibility.

Fix Your Law Firm's SEO & Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Law Firm

SEO is one of the most important factors to your website’s performance and overall ranking. Ensuring that your law firm chooses the best SEO Agency is essential to your SEO successes. SEO typically serves as one of the top lead generation methods for law firms so having an agency that can adequately ensure that your firm’s SEO is running smoothly and efficiently is important. In the SEO world law firms typically have a great number of challenges due to it having a high difficulty level, so having a strategy that is efficient plays a major role. 

Local SEO more specifically is pretty important because Law Firms tend to focus mainly on capturing clients within their respective jurisdictions based on their city or state. When conducting your SEO efforts you want to ensure that you are really honing in on a specific target audience within a specific geographic area as opposed to a more broad approach. Even when using keywords it is important to use relevant keywords that contain phrases that include the city or area in which you are targeting in order to increase traffic and clientele. 

Most times when people are looking for a particular service or in this specific instance a law firm they may search the term “law firm near me” or “criminal defense attorney in my area” and if you have ranked for those keywords through good SEO efforts it is likely that your firm will appear within the search. This all can seem pretty overwhelming and exhaustive which is why attaining a reliable law firm digital marketing agency like Cindtoro to carry out your SEO needs is the most suitable option for your law firm.

Our team at Cindtoro Digital Marketing is made up of law firm SEO specialist that are fully equipped to help your website get to the first page of Google and keep it there. When it comes to the world of digital marketing, nothing is more important than being seen more often than your competition is being seen.
Getting your law firm’s SEO to where it needs to be can seem confusing and complicated, but by partnering with Cindtoro, we can determine the best way to help your site increase its trust and credibility on Google as fast and efficiently as possible.

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General FAQ's About SEO For Lawyers

Law firm SEO is expensive because SEO specialists can spend several hours over a span of a multiple weeks to develop a strategy that works for your specific business. Instead of resorting to traditional advertising methods, digital marketing allows businesses to grow their reach beyond their city. Developing a successful digital marketing strategy takes time, and although this means a large upfront cost, it will ultimately pay off.

Search engine optimization is a way for law firms to stand out from the rest. By creating a personalized digital marketing strategy, law firms who utilize SEO have a greater potential to reach more clients and generate a higher ROI. Law firms who choose to dedicate their time to forming a personalized digital marketing strategy are setting themselves up for success. In addition, most local SEO firms have networking connections in the legal world. This makes SEO worthwhile for any law firm looking to grow their business.


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