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For a new business, gaining high-quality leads is the most important thing that any company can do. With so many pay click advertising agencies out there knowing how to choose the right one is highly important for the success of your Orlando company.

Working with Cindtoro we will help your business get found for the products or services that your company has to offer.

Use our Orlando focused PPC services to start generating high-quality leads today!

Benefits of Orlando PPC Advertising Services

A key benefit of a pay click marketing strategy is the ability target users based on a variety of various different types of demographics, and targeting signals, that may be useful to your Orlando company. In other words, if you are an attorney and you primarily service personal injury cases, we can target ads specifically for that thing, if you are a medical spa and you offer Botox, we can serve ads for that specific service. regardless of the industry that your company is in, we can serve your needs by creating highly targeted relevant advertisements specific to your audience.

Increased brand awareness

Increasing your brand awareness, can be done with pay click by getting seen from as many qualified users of your product or service. It doesn’t matter what type of company you own paid digital advertising can be done for any industry.

Generate High-Quality Traffic

Gaining trust of potential clients can be extremely difficult, but luckily with the new website or redesigned one, you will not only look more professional, but also gain the trust of your ideal clients.


A key benefit of a pay click marketing strategy is the ability target users based on a variety of various different types of demographics, and targeting signals, that may be useful to your Orlando company. In other words, if you are an attorney and you primarily service personal injury cases, we can target ads specifically for that thing, if you are a medical spa and you offer Botox, we can serve ads for that specific service. regardless of the industry that your company is in, we can serve your needs by creating highly targeted relevant advertisements specific to your audience.

Works Well With Other Strategies

PPC is often combined with other marketing strategies such as search engine, optimization, email marketing, direct mail, and other forms of advertising.

PPC ads offer an excellent ability to retarget users as they are browsing the web on various different types of platforms no matter if that’s Google or social media retarding can be done to get in front of previous website visitors serving them ads, reminding them about your Orlando businesses brand.

Let the team at Cindtoro digital marketing guide you forward to gaining more Orlando business as effectively as possible with custom tailored digital marketing built for your company’s unique needs. See why owners / operators choose Cindtoro to handle their marketing needs!

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At Cindtoro our marketing agency offers many marketing services specifically designed for Orlando, Florida businesses of all shapes, sizes and for any industry.

All of our digital and traditional advertising services have been tested and proven to work. No matter if you need SEO, paid social media ads, Google Adwords, email marketing or you want to work on improving your retention rates. Cindtoro has marketing solutions for everyone!

Cindtoro s website and digital marketing marketing services are custom designed for your businesses unique needs ensuring that you get the best quality results.

 Let’s dive into each one below!

Cindtoro's Orlando, FL PPC Advertising Services

Orlando Google Ads

Reach an engaged audience of users by buying keywords that are important to your business. ”rank at the top of engines like Google and Bing.” Faster than SEO. get found by an engaged target audience as they were searching for the product or service that your Orlando company has to offer!

Orlando Facebook Ads

One of the most popular social media platforms to this day is Facebook (now called Meta.) Facebooks advertising capabilities make it an excellent platform to reach an engaged local audience on this social media tool.

Instagram Ads

For companies who are looking to reach a younger audience or if you have a more visual product / service to promote orlando Instagram advertising can be an excellent way to utilize the power of PPC ads. Cindtoro’s team of digital ads specialist can create highly relevant ads designed to reach your ideal target audience.

A/B Testing

A/B ad testing is another important element to have in any digital advertising campaign. Different ad creatives work for different Orlando natives. We will test various different ads against each other to determine a clear winner, setting your campaign up for the most amount of success possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Orlando PPC ads can be an excellent way to promote your business, but sometimes there are things that stand in the way. This is where the art form of conversion rate optimization comes into play. The Cindtoro team will optimize your conversion pathways leading to increased advertising performance.

Orlando Retargeting Ads

When it comes to doing any form of PPC advertising retargeting is an absolute must. This is where the gold comes into play! Reengage with the most relevant audience who are already interested in your product or service. Follow them around the web and keep your company top of mind for the product or service that you offer!

TikTok ads

A dominant player in the world of advertising is TikTok ads. Let our marketing team create you highly relevant and engaging TikTok ads to promote your Orlando product or service utilizing this digital advertising platform.

LinkedIn ads

Are you looking to reach more Orlando business professionals? If so, LinkedIn ads could be an excellent way for you to do that. Reach decision-makers utilizing the LinkedIn platform. Our advertising team will manage your LinkedIn ads, creatives and optimization Designed to get your company in front of as many qualified users as possible.

Next-door advertising

For a local business next-door advertising can be another great way to gain Orlando customers using PPC. But where a lot of companies go wrong is their ad targeting while utilizing this strategy. Have our team advertise your Orlando business on Nextdoor fully managed for you!

What Makes Cindtoro Unique? - Our Experience, Dedication to Orlando Businesses & Professional Services Clients!

When you are looking to partner with a company to take care of your advertising needs we want you to think of us! Here are some things that make us unique. We are specialist in our fields. No matter if you need SEO, social media, web design, video editing and production or email marketing. Our team can help you create captivating social media campaigns, build show-stopping landing pages. 

The Cindtoro team can also meticulously plan, and execute other digital marketing strategies that will help your local business grow. Dedicated to customer service Cindtoro will take care of every marketing detail big or small so you can focus on what you do best! We do the marketing and advertising designed to increase quality foot traffic, and leads. You do the rest.

Use Orlando PPC Advertising Services Today!

Are you ready to gain new Orlando customers using PPC advertising services by Cindtoro? Fill out of contact form or give us a phone call and a member of our advertising team will get in touch with you. We would be happy to serve your Orlando businesses marketing needs with custom PPC Ads!

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Our Core Values

Drive Everything We Do

  • Dedication
    Online marketing is fast paced. We are always learning and innovating new ways to provide award-winning online marketing services. Our team is driven to always do more, in all areas of their life. It is what makes us the best digital marketing agency hands down. So no matter what you need we have your back.
  • Accountability
    We pledge to always be accountable to our past, present, and future clients and our internal team. We will always do what we say and admit when we are wrong. When you work with Cindtoro you get excellence in marketing and personal interactions.
  • Passion
    At Cindtoro we have a deep love for success that goes beyond the financial. Every first page Google ranking, every ad campaign that surpasses expectations, and every client that is as excited as we are about their results are all at the foundation of what we do. We care about your success as much as you do.
  • Creativity
    Without creativity digital marketing does not work. We are out of the box thinkers that make online marketing a core belief and practice at Cindtoro.

Reasons to choose Cindtoro's PPC Ad Services For Your Orlando Business!

Companies throughout the Orlando, Florida area and surrounding cities choose Santoro to represent their business with their digital and traditional advertising needs. When searching for a Orlando PPC company here are a few reasons to choose us

 Choose Cindtoro to market your business!

We understand that owning or managing a business can be a lucrative endeavor for those willing to take the risk. You need the right digital marketing services and agency equipped to gain you the business you desire. Cindtoro is your best choice.

Want to learn more about what these things mean to us? Read below and learn why companies choose Cindtoro to manage their company’s digital marketing.

Meet Our Team

CEO of Cindtoro Walter Moreira

Walter S. Moreira

President and CEO

Walter has grown up in the commercial real estate business at an early age. Since founding the company Walter has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the largest CRE firms and websites in the country. Walter’s specialties include all things related to commercial real estate SEO, paid digital advertising, and website design. Among those services Walter also provides consulting work to Orlando companies and other industries outside of real estate.

Alexander J. Gonzalez Vice-President of Cindtoro digital marketing

Alexander J. Gonzalez

Vice President

Alexander comes from a legal marketing background. Originally working as a paralegal, he transitioned into his marketing career by helping small law firms increase their social proof and online exposure. His experience in the legal field helped him learn to write outstanding copy for each and every campaign.

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