Digital Billboard Advertising:

Show Your Brand All Over Town

Increase your company's brand exposure anywhere in the country

Digital billboards are a cost effective way to advertise your business to the public. We can display this modern form of traditional advertising in any location in the United States

What are digital billboards?

Digital billboards are one of the most efficient forms of advertising to locals who are always on the go. Unlike traditional billboards, our digital billboards are able to yield high impressions at only a fraction of the cost. 

Cindtoros’ digital billboards can get your business in front many thousands of people who drive major roads and highways in your city. Our proprietary software allows our firm to display your ads during high traffic hours in order to gain the best results.

How does it work?

Our digital billboards cycle between different “Snaps” throughout the day. What is a Snap? A Snap is a term for whenever an ad is displayed on a digital billboard. For example, during rush hour, a Snap can be shown around once or twice per minute. The higher the ad spend, the more times a Snap can be displayed each hour.

Our firm takes your preferred monthly ad budget into consideration and focuses on showing your ads during the busiest hours of the day. Hours the yield high traffic such as rush hours and lunch breaks. Take a look at some stats from one of our previous clients down below!

With just a $500 ad spend...

Digital Billboards can generate high impressions at a very low cost!

Here are some statistics from just one month of active digital billboard ads:

Total Snaps
Total Impressions
Cost Per Snap
Client Satisfaction
Exceeded Expectations

Work With Our Advertisement Team

Our firm will work with you to create the perfect billboard advertisements. We help design the billboard image along with creating an effective strategy to acquire the most impressions. Increasing your company’s brand awareness is the key to gaining more clients and conversions, ultimately increasing revenue.

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