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Pay per click advertisements can help get your business in-front of the right person at the right time

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click ads also known as PPC ads are a specific digital marketing channel that allows the advertiser to pay for their ads whenever they are clicked on by a consumer. The PPC ads can be run at any given time or within any specific budget. PPC ads are perfect for all business models, whether you may be a new company trying to reach a specific audience or perhaps even a more seasoned company trying to advertise a new product or service. PPC ads offer quite a bit of versatility as you can choose all of the specific details of your campaign, set a budget and have the algorithm go to work on your behalf.


Advertisers pay the fee to the search engine or the hosting app or site when their display ad is clicked on by consumers. PPC ads help advertisers to receive a great return on their investment. Let’s say that an advertiser pays $2 per click on an ad, that click may lead to a $400+ sale and may even lead to a new long standing customer relationship with frequent returns. 

Unlike our digital billboard services where potential clients pay for an impression or “Snap” Cindtoro Digital Marketing’s PPC services allow you to pay when a user clicks on an ad.

Why Should You Invest in PPC Ads?:​

The Benefits of PPC

PPC Ads are Cost Efficient

PPC ads afford a tremendous amount of cost efficiency for advertisers. With PPC ads, advertisers are able to set their own budget of the amount of money that they would want to spend on a campaign based on the length of time that they want the ads to run. 

Advertisers only pay for the ads when consumers click on the ads. Ads normally lead to the website’s landing page or a specific product page.

You may end up paying $4 for a click but that may translate to a sale that leads to an even higher profit that far outweighs the amount of money that you spent on the ad click.

You are also able to tweak the cost as you go or even extend the campaign if it is performing well.

PPC Ads Help With Accomplishing Business Goals

PPC allows you to set up certain business goals that you may set out for your business.

For instance, increased website traffic, higher sales and turnovers, and even greater brand awareness.

You have the ability to set your goals however you see fit and tailor your campaign to meet those goals. 

PPC ads are able to determine how well you are doing on your path towards your business goals.

You are able to see what is working or what may need to be adjusted to ensure that you are meeting your goals.

This is a great benefit compared to some other marketing tools that may not allow you to see how successful your marketing efforts are until a while after. 

PPC ads provide fast results

With PPC ads you are able to see results from your campaign rather quickly. You can take your website to the top of the search engine results page through PPC ads by paying and ranking for certain keywords. This is an added benefit or a quicker way of getting to the top of the search engine results page compared to organic ranking that typically takes more time as it requires much more background work and ultimately having to wait on the algorithm to do its work. 

PPC ads are easily tracked and measured

Once you have established your PPC ad campaign and begin running it, you will be able to readily monitor its progress and understand the deep insights into how the campaign is performing. You will be able to use tools like Google Analytics to monitor the progress of your google PPC ad campaign. For example, you will be able to measure how many clicks and impressions the ad may be receiving, you can also see which demographic, genders, and age groups are more likely to interact with the ad. 

You also have the ability to see how the money allotted for your campaign is being spent. It makes it so much easier to give you an idea of how much your monthly expenditure might be for PPC ads based on your expected outcomes. You are able to determine if you should remain within the same budget or potentially increase the budget based on its performance. 

PPC ads provide accelerated entrance into new markets

For most businesses it does take quite a bit of time to fully immerse yourself into new markets, and even with the best marketing channels it still takes a bit of time. However, with PPC ads you are able to get yourself into your respective market almost immediately. Once you run your ad campaign you are able to be seen by consumers that have searched for related keywords and are interested in perhaps the type of products and services that your business offers. 

Not only can new businesses benefit from your accelerated entrance into the market but pre-existing businesses can benefit from PPC ads quick entry as well. These businesses may be looking to tap into a new market or capture a new audience, PPC allows you to accomplish this without the length of time that it may take to accomplish the same thing organically with SEO. You can reach wide varieties of people outside of your existing channel which is great for increased growth and overall brand awareness. 

PPC ads allow you to target your ideal audience

Every business wants to target an audience geared towards their services and offerings. With traditional marketing outlets like newspapers or commercials it’s not quite sure that your marketing campaign will actually reach your target audience. With PPC ads your entire campaign is built simply around targeting the right audience. 

As an advertiser you are able to specifically target the audience that you are aiming to reach, you can select specific demographics, age ranges, gender, geographic location and so much more. You are not limited to just one area, which is an added advantage and you have the ability to actually determine if the target audience that you are targeting is actually being reached simply by viewing the insights provided by the search engines or platforms.

PPC ads allows you to be in control of your campaign

With marketing it is quite challenging to be in control of the overall process of how long your marketing efforts may take. However, PPC provides an added level of control, as you are able to set your budget, the length of time your ad campaigns are run, who is targeted by your ads, the ad placement, the specific keywords that you want to rank for and more. 

If something for some reason is not working within your ad campaign you are able to easily make the necessary adjustments to improve your results. You can also pause your campaign for any reason, perhaps financially or to make necessary changes. In addition, if you see that your campaign is proving to be successful you can increase your budget even more so that you can continue with the momentum of seeing great results and even higher conversions.

How Can Cindtoro Help With Increasing Your Digital Ad Presence with managed PPC services

At Cindtoro, our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible results to increase their overall marketing success. We understand the importance of getting your brand or business in front of the right audience in order to see the greatest return on investment. We want our clients to be able to increase their market presence and take their business to the next level, this typically takes time but PPC ads happen to be one of the best methods to get your business immersed into the market within a short amount of time. However, we also understand that this can be both challenging and time consuming and many people aren’t even sure where to begin with the process, which is why we are here to help.  

Our team of PPC specialists work closely with you to determine your goals and expectations. We then help you to curate an ad campaign that will allow you to attain the type of ad presence that you are looking for. We will work on helping you to rank for the best keywords that people in your target audience typically use when looking for certain services. Once we have discussed the basics we will then begin the process of creating your ad campaign such that your PPC ads can begin displaying across the various search engines and platforms. 

Why Should You Invest in PPC Ads?:

There are numerous reasons why Google pay per click services are a win for company’s bottom line. So we outlined some of the top reasons to use Cindtoro Digital Marketing’s PPC services.

How Are Our PPC Services Different?

Much like our SEO services Cindtoro Digital Marketing’s PPC services are driven using artificial intelligence which will continually adapt to changing market conditions. So that delivering quality leads is done both quickly and efficiently.

Did you know that in the right hands a pay per click campaign can yield 200% return on ad-spend (ROAS) when managed effectively.

Ultimately, if growing your company is a priority and you are looking to use an effective method to get the job done faster, consider hiring a marketing company that offers managed PPC services that will deliver online advertisements on your behalf.

Key Points of Our Pay Per Click Artificial intelligence Software

Click Fraud



Real Time

Our Data Driven PPC Services Help Win More Business

We are able to run a campaign better by utilizing previous data. Previous data will foster informed decisions that will propel your PPC campaign to higher levels of success. Additionally, as the campaign progresses, our data driven pay per click technology will become smarter. Effectively in order to narrow down the target audience, which will lead to a more effective campaign over-time.

Where do We Digitally Advertise Your Business Using Pay Per Click?

Our PPC company can advertise your business on a verity of online channels such as Google and Bing. Our Google Pay Per Click Services are a great way to take advantage of the worlds most well known search engine. We also have the capability to run online Bing advertisements if you choose that option.

Work With Our Managed Pay Per Click Team

Our PPC Team can advertise your business on a verity of online channels such as Google and Bing. Our Google Pay Per Click Services are a great way to take advantage of the worlds most well known search engine. We also have the capability to run online Bing advertisements if you choose that option.

We take a deep dive into your company to learn about your customer journey. Who buys your product and why. All of these questions help us to deliver winning ad messages and landing pages that get a user to take action.

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