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What Website Errors Are Holding You Back From Success?

We Fix Technical SEO Issues That Hinder Your Sites Performance.

Have you been doing SEO and still not seeing results? Wondering why your website does not perform well on search engines? It may be time to look into your technical SEO. 

Cindtoro can make your website easier to discover by major search engines like Google and others by fixing hidden technical issues that hold your website down. 

Get a marketing quote for technical SEO today, and improve your websites discoverability.

Technical SEO Services can help your website get unstuck from hidden issues like page speed and much more that could be holding you back from generating quality website traffic

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the process which ensures that the elements of your website are facilitated in an optimal way that increases the effectiveness and ranking of your website amongst search engines. A few of the main pillars of technical SEO are constructing the website to load faster when called on by the web browser, enhancing the ease of crawling and indexing, making it both user friendly and understandable and offering a top tier mobile design. 

It is of utmost importance to properly leverage your Technical SEO to ensure that your website remains high ranking in organic search engine results. Making your website appealing with engaging and captivating content is practically useless if search engines are unable to properly browse and index your website. In 2021 Google released a core algorithm update that took into account the overall user experience as well as a few technical details when taking into consideration how sites are ranked. 

Technical SEO Website Audit

A technical site audit is a process that carefully examines the site to determine if the site is carrying out the ideal standards for search engine optimization. Namely the specific aspects that play an essential role in the overall search engine rankings. 

At Cindtoro, our team of specialists will carry out a technical SEO audit to identify the specific issues that may be contributing to the low performance of the website and if identified, develop a unique strategy to fix any issues that are present. Our aim is to study all of the complex issues on the website that may not be readily apparent or understood. 

A few specific things that on our checklist when carrying out our technical SEO audits consist of: 

  • Checking for manual actions
  • Ensuring content visibility 
  • Ensuring the mobile friendliness of the site
  • Browsing the site for 404s
  • Checking for apprehensive backlinks
  • Ensuring that tracking/analytics are active
  • Ensuring that your page canonicalization is accurate
  • Security issues
  • Ensuring that the Google Search Console is Accessible
  • Ensuring optimal page speed 
  • And more…
Ad Cindtoro we have many technical SEO audits we run through our checklist to ensure that websites perform well with indexing and discoverability with search engine crawlers

Technical SEO For National And Local Businesses

Areas we focus on in Technical SEO

Nowadays we are experiencing very competitive markets and it is essential to the overall success of your business that you are operating at optimal capacity to remain a contender in these competitive markets and to ensure continued profitability and success. 

What We Focus On:

  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Positive trends of your competitors
  • Adding a Schema Markup
  • Optimizing the site in a way that gets more localized reviews
  • Acquiring links from websites in your local area
  •  Internal linking
  • Combine both paid and organic opportunities
  • Crawl budget optimization 
  • XML sitemap optimization
  • On-Page SEO

Why Are Technical SEO Services Important to Creating a Better Business Experience?

Creating a great search engine experience plays a major role in the overall success of the website. In order to ensure such success, it is essential to focus closely on the technical SEO and the small defined details that ensures that your website is following along with all of the necessary search engine criteria and standards.

Most consumers expect your website page to load within 2 seconds or perhaps even less. According to Google, slow websites lead to higher abandonment rates with 1 in 4 customers abandoning a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. This in turn means that your conversion rates may be lower and your bounce rates–the amount of users that visit only one page prior to leaving the website–may actually increase. However, using technical SEO to identify why your website may be performing at a lower capacity will significantly help the overall performance of your website. No matter the size of your business it is critical in this new digital age that you accurately optimize your website for search engines and consumers. 

Why partner with an SEO agency?

Most websites when built are not normally optimized to be search engine friendly and this in most cases hurts their overall ranking in search results. In some cases miniscule mistakes are made during the building process and over time those mistakes accumulate and eventually hurt the overall performance of your website. 

Working with an agency that specializes in Technical SEO will help to find such mistakes and optimize the website to perform at a higher capacity. At Cindtoro our team of specialists take special precautions and carefully examine your website and pinpoints any discrepancies that may be hindering the performance and success of your website. 

Our team of specialists also keeps apprized with the latest market trends to keep your site continuously ranking high in organic search engine results. 

Work With Our Technical SEO Team

Our team of specialist will conduct a technical SEO audit to identify the top issues that need to be fixed. Cindtoro technical SEO consultants will then develop a strategy and fix all issues present if required. Let our technical SEO specialist ensure that your website foundation is optimized to the highest possible standards. Schedule a meeting to speak about working with us. Together lets get your site in great condition using nothing but the best technical SEO service.

We Follow All Technical SEO Best Practices

In order to provide you the best service we stay in accordance with industry standards and Googles guidelines so you receive all the benefits of SEO.

Cindtoro's Common Technical SEO Fixes






Use a Technical SEO specialist for great benefits

Cindtoro’s technical SEO services. Rest assured that your website will maintain excellent performance on major search engines like Google and Bing.

Laying a strong website foundation and having proper website architecture is critical to an SEO strategy long term. No matter what industry you are in your business will benefit from using a technical SEO service. Get in touch with us today.

Technical SEO Services We Offer

Our aim is to continually be the best SEO services provider for our current clients and future clients. We do so by providing the best offerings with the most skilled specialists in the industry to ensure the best results for your website.

There are various types of technical changes that can be made to improve a websites health such as an overhaul of the user experience a change of the subdomain protocol and even a content management system CMS swap

Website undergoes substantial changes, whether it may be a change in the overall URL structure or content, design, or UX change. You can also change the overall format of the website and how things are laid out or you can even switch the URL over to a completely new content management system.

Various types:

  1. Subdomain Protocol
  2. Domain Top Level Domain
  3. CMS Structural
  4. Redesign Hybrid

Website Penalty Recovery

If your website has been hit by a penalty we can help you recover lost search engine rankings

A website penalty happens as a result of certain practices carried out on the website that go against the search engine market practices. For example, when Google has an update to its algorithm or even when there is a review that suggests that the site is using SEO tactics that are considered black hat the site can then suffer a penalty. The penalty recovery now has to work to improve the ranking and regain organic traffic, by resolving any variations to the initial website, and checking to see which penalties have affected the site and correcting them as soon as possible. 

Competitor Analysis

Researching who your competitors are and the SEO strategies they use to power their website is key to understanding how to outrank them

Another key aspect to the overall success of a great website is to have keen insights into the performance of your competitors. In this instance we look at the key aspects of what your competitors are doing to rank higher in the organic search results and ensure that you are doing the same things if not more. Our team looks specifically at the competitors keywords, content, and backlink profile to see the strides that they are making. In turn we use those factors to determine how successful the competitors are and then use the information acquired to your advantage to create an even better platform and overall browsing experience. 

Image Compression, Loading and Optimization

Optimizing images for SEO is a great way to improve search engine traffic

We ensure that all of the images used on the website are perfectly optimized by reducing the size of the image but maintaining the overall quality of the image to ensure that the website loading time always remains low. It is also important that all images used are optimized in a way that creates a better user experience so that they can rank higher in search results in google image search. Our team of image SEO specialists ensures that all images used on the website are optimized by reducing the file size, making use of image sitemaps and optimization plugins as well as using the right format and properly optimizing the alt attributes. 

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is a known Google ranking factor. If you want to be competitive you need to make your website load faster to end users

Our team of specialists tend to run speed optimization tests to ensure that the website is performing optimally at the highest possible speed. It is known that users do not like to use websites that take a longer time to load content, so Google normally tends to reward websites that focus on maintaining the speed of the website and loading faster than average. 

Detailed Backlink Analysis

Our team of technical SEO professionals will do a detailed analysis of your backlinks to ensure they are not holding your website back

We carry out very detailed reviews of the backlinks of a website to understand how the website is performing and to determine if there are any pressing issues that are affecting the search engine ranking of the website. The backlink analysis is essentially a routine check of the website to determine any issues that may or already exist that affect the website’s performance. 

Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup is an important part of performing technical SEO services. Our team will help your business by assigning various meta data tags to make your site accessible by search engines allowing them to understand content easier

The structured data markup helps us as specialists understand how we should adequately understand, format and display content on the website. Structured data is the organized information that is found within the site that can be quickly and easily identified by search engines. Overall the structured data tells the search engine how the website should be displayed to the users. As specialists in order to ensure that this process runs smoothly we:

  • Create Custom HTML
  • Highlight the Elements of the Page
  • Assign Various Meta Data Tags
  • Use Schema Markup Tools 

SEO Keyword Research

We research the best keywords for your business so you get found by people looking for your product or service

Proper keyword research one of the most important aspects of a websites SEO. Websites must always ensure that they are keeping up with the current trends and market by using the correct keywords that are associated with their brand so that when users search for things that their business offers they will rank high in the search results. The technical SEO specialists on our team ensure that your website is using the proper keywords and we make sure that the keywords being used are those that rank very high and ensure that every page of your site contains the correct keywords in your pages code and other backend elements of your site to maintain ideal performance levels.

Generate SEO Results

Don't let your website be held back from the 1st page of Google or other search engines when you hire Cindtoro we will uncover hidden technical SEO issues and get you results

No one wants to spend their money without being sure that they can attain the necessary results that they desire. Here our team focuses specifically on the respective needs of each of our clients as technical SEO is not a one size fits all and each website needs a unique strategy tailored exactly to them to ensure optimal performance and high search engine ranking. Our goal is to analyze and review each site and come up with a detailed strategy so that we can achieve immediate results to get our clients the success that they deserve. When working with our team of specialist you can be sure to expect:

  • Thorough Comprehensive Reviews & Findings
  • Unique Strategies Tailored to your needs
  • Analytical Reports on Performance
  • Detailed Goals to Acquire within the Process

Cindtoro - a technical SEO services Firm

Our Technical SEO services agency fixes all major issues that may hinder your websites performance on major search engines. While technical SEO services require a few weeks to fix, taking care of any issues present is vital due to the fact that search engines will rank your website higher once the necessary time is  taken to optimize these technical SEO elements. 

Winning Google’s favor is difficult at times. But, it is possible to improve search traffic by optimizing the things that Google takes into account to rank your website. After a technical SEO service has been undertaken you can rest assured that your website will have a better user experience and be properly optimized on the back end.

Why wait? Get in touch with our skilled team of SEO specialists today and allow us to help you solve your website performance issues and attain the desired results. 

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