5 Types of Treatments Offered by Your Local Chiropractor

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Chiropractors are doctors that do not typically offer the traditional treatments provided by medical doctors. Chiropractors are doctors that focus on the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system placing emphasis on the bones, joints, and muscles of the body. The treatments that they provide are noninvasive and are done mainly using a unique technique with the hands and different machinery. 

The treatments that chiropractors provide are typically to complement the traditional treatments that you receive from your medical practitioners. These treatments come in many different forms that are used to target various areas or pain points. Here is a list of the most common types of treatments that are carried out by chiropractors. 


Chiropractic adjustments are done to target the joints through manipulation techniques. Adjustments typically target the spinal cord in efforts of improving the spinal motion to improve the overall physical function of the body. These chiropractic manipulations are done using the hands or small tools to target certain areas of the body where there may be increased pain.

Adjustments require no prior preparation however in some cases your chiropractor may require an X-ray, CT or MRI scan to ensure that there are no prior factors that may interfere with your treatment. Certain preexisting conditions may bar you from being able to safely receive chiropractic treatments. For instance if you have severe osteoporosis, bone abnormality or weakness, cancer or severe abnormality within the spine and any form of numbness in the leg or arms then the treatments may not be suitable for you.

Electrotherapy & Ultrasound Therapy 

Two popular treatment methods that chiropractors offer are electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy. These methods target the bones and joints through electronic impulses and stimulation. Electrotherapy is used to help treat pain and enhance muscle strength by stimulating certain muscles to prevent further destruction and pain, improving the range of motion. Ultrasound therapy on the other hand is a high frequency sound wave that allows practitioners to see the organs, bones, joints and muscles within the body while healing any chronic pains and injuries from the heat that is emitted during the process. 

Electrotherapy treatment targets a wide range of patients. For example those doing physical therapy, rehab, long term care, pain management and athletic training. Electrotherapy provides treatment benefits for conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, spinal cord injury, and nerve inflammation just to name a few. There are a few different forms of electrotherapy treatment, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, russian stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, interferential current, high voltage stimulation, and iontophoresis. 

On the other hand ultrasound therapy targets a great deal of conditions. For instance, osteoarthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, myofascial pain and scar tissue. There are two main types of ultrasound therapy that chiropractors use and they are thermal ultrasound that offers continuous sound wave impulses and mechanical ultrasound that offers sporadic impulses of sound waves. 

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy sometimes referred to as deep tissue treatments are methods that are used to target the pressure pain points of the patient to reduce pain. These treatments are typically done as a compliment for the other popular treatments like chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor applies direct pressure through manual therapy to the specific areas of contention to bring pain relief.

Soft tissue therapy is used to treat bursitis, sprains, tendonitis, hypoxia and micotrauma tears just to name a few. Soft tissue therapy helps to facilitate longer lasting and more effective adjustments. It also helps to loosen muscles and improve overall circulation. Small tools are sometimes used to manipulate the muscles by improving the blood flow and easing the pain within the compacted area. 

Rehab for Injuries 

People suffer from many debilitating injuries whether it may be a fall, car accident, sports injury or any injury at all that may require a period of rehabilitation. Rehab normally helps to restore a since of normalcy to patients through the use of many different forms of chiropractic techniques and treatments. Rehab treatments help with retraining muscle functioning and providing long term treatment benefits in comparison to momentary relief.

Rehab treatments are the most beneficial when done consistently. It can take quite some time to reverse the effects of an injury. The aim is to ensure a full recovery from the injured area with tremendously reducing the risk of a relapse. Rehab treatments include tools like massage balls and foam rollers, stretching techniques, joint mobility and strengthening exercises, and manual manipulation. 

Wellness & Nutritional Coaching 

Beyond the physical treatments that chiropractors typically offer, they also provide coaching services as well. Wellness coaching is typically done to help patients throughout their recovery process while teaching them how to maintain the work that they have already done through prior treatments. This type of coaching works to prevent any form of relapse that patients may face and to also ensure that they are carrying out the best possible practices that are beneficial to their overall health. 

Nutritional coaching on the other hand is to help patients with their food and nutritional intake to help them along their journey. Your nutritional intake can affect some of the problems that require you to seek chiropractic treatments. Nutritional coaching can help patients to make healthy choices through maintaining a balanced diet and taking the best suited daily vitamins and nutrients. 

Key Takeaways

The offerings that chiropractors provide are vast. Many people are unaware of the various chiropractic treatments that are available to them. These treatments can help ease a lot of the pain and pressure points that they may plague with on a regular basis. Many people believe that only those that are have experienced major injuries visit chiropractors but even adjustments can be beneficial to patients that have not experienced major injuries.

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