Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

Digital Marketing For Chiropractors

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Are you trying to take your Chiropractic practice to the next level but not sure how? You have tried many different types of chiropractic marketing strategies but not quite impressed on the amount of return generated based on the amount of resources and effort extended. Our suggestion and solution to your issue is simple, digital marketing. 

Digital marketing will allow you to take your chiropractic practice to the next level with measurable and easily tracked results for a fraction of the price in most instances. Digital marketing also has a quicker turnaround time than traditional marketing channels that may require additional time for printing and distribution. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

Established Expertise, Authority, & Trust Within the Industry 

Having an established presence in the digital marketing realm will help your business to appear as an expert, with much authority and trust within the chiropractic industry. Creating lots of engaging content, through videos, email newsletters, social media and blog posts just to name a few helps tremendously. Patients are able to see all that your practice has to offer as well as have the opportunity to see all of the knowledge and expertise that your practitioners possess. 

Increase in New Patient Intakes 

Digital marketing also provides an opportunity for your practice to experience increased visibility that can lead to an increase in new patient intakes. Marketing tactics like digital ads such as google ads, instagram ads, facebook ads and more assist with getting your brand in the vantage point of consumers. For instance, those that may have previously interacted with your practice or in other cases those that may have conducted searches that are related to the products or services offered at your clinic. 

Cost Efficient 

Cost efficiency is one of the greatest added benefits of digital marketing. You are not restricted to what you can offer even if you may have a limited budget for starters. There are many different digital marketing channels that can be utilized at a feasible price point, offering the ability to reach a wide range of audience for a fraction of the price. 

Easily Measured & Trackable Marketing Results 

Unlike the typical traditional marketing channels, digital marketing offers the ability to measure and track results. You can set KPIs (key performance indicators) that will tell how your efforts are performing allowing you to easily adjust as necessary. Being able to understand how your marketing efforts are performing will allow you to understand what works best for your brand, areas that may need improvement, and where you can channel more resources. 

There are many different digital marketing channels and tactics that can be used to enhance the marketing for your chiropractic business. At Cindtoro, we offer a number of useful digital marketing services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website design, Digital billboards and Paid ads. 

SEO for Chiropractors

Search engine optimization SEO is a marketing method that is used to bring relevant organic traffic to your website. SEO allows you to fully optimize your website with the right keywords, headers, and tags that are relevant to your niche that will draw your target audience to your website. SEO organically takes time but with the right resources and time spent you will be able to fruitful results long term.

Local SEO helps your brand to appear for localized searches that fall within your industry. For example, a person may search for “best chiropractors near me” or “orlando chiropractors”. These types of keywords will drive traffic to your chiropractic practice website once it is fully optimized for such keywords as your site will begin to rank on the SERP amongst the competitors within the area . 

We encourage clients to invest in their SEO, as the better the overall ranking on the search engines the more traffic they will receive leading to greater ROI in the long run. SEO is a tedious process and should be done by professionals to ensure that it is done correctly and efficiently. It is important to have individuals who have an in-depth knowledge of how search engines work and what they typically look for within an optimized website so you can reach the top of the search engine results pages.

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Social media is one of the most important tools for digital marketing for chiropractors. Most people nowadays spend lots of time on social media platforms whether they are just casually scrolling through their timelines or looking for something in particular. Social media happens to also be one of the most cost efficient digital marketing tools and your practice will have the ability to reach much larger audiences for a fraction of the cost.

With social media you can really provide existing and prospective patients a closer look into the chiropractic practice itself by portraying the brand in a light that is both trustworthy and reliable. You can set and create all sorts of relevant content that can be released daily to keep patients engaged with the clinic.

Website Design for Chiropractors 

In most instances, once people have had an initial introduction with your practice–perhaps through a referral or an online advertisement–their next steps are to visit and interact with the clinic’s website. This is where you must focus keenly on providing an amazing first impression by having a fully optimized easy to navigate website. Your website has to be functional and set up in a way that patients are able to easily find exactly what they need and have a clear call to action of what they should be doing next. 

You don’t want to run the risk of losing potential patients due to a low functioning website that appears amateur. You will experience high bounce rates as a result of the inadequacy of the website and miss out on new patients. Hiring professionals to ensure that your website design is fully functional and mobile friendly will help to avoid this.

Digital Billboards for Chiropractors

Digital billboards offer you the same opportunity as traditional billboards but with added benefits for a fraction of the cost. Digital billboards can be released much quicker and are easily edited which can save a lot of time and effort in the long run. The cost it may take to install one traditional billboard in one stationary location can be geared towards running multiple digital billboards in various locations.

These digital billboards can be in high traffic locations that are frequented by your target audience. They can also be located within a few miles within your physical location as well. These ads will help to get your chiropractic practice in front of various audiences including people that didn’t even know that may actually need your services. 

Paid Ads for Chiropractors: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Display Ads

Paid ads allow you to market and advertise your business and many different channels. Your ads can be edited to reflect whatever you want your audience to know about your business. The ads can be based on a cohesive theme and style chosen by your team. The great thing about paid advertising is you are able to set your budget to whatever you want it to be and advertise based on that.

You can always increase your budget as you go along through your ad campaign and you are able to edit your ads as needed if they may be underperforming. Ads can also be optimized with certain relevant keywords and content that your target audience may search or solely based on their interests. Your ads can be set to specific demographics, locations and audiences to ensure that they will actually be useful and lead to more traffic with higher numbers of conversions. 


Digital marketing is a great way to increase and grow your chiropractic business. In this new age of technology you must reach your target audience exactly where they are and digital marketing does exactly that. Digital marketing has many different facets and it can be overwhelming to take it on on your own.

Instead of taking on the challenge of digital marketing on your own, we recommend booking a consultation with a member of our team. We offer chiropractor digital marketing services that will take your practice to the next level. Reach out to us today and let’s get started with your digital marketing efforts.

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