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Opening a medical spa can be a daunting task an if you’re like most medical spa owners then a common question we get is how do I get more patients into my spa. Fear not, The Cindtoro medical spa marketing blog is here to help guide you through that process.

On our med spa marketing blog you can learn the time tested marketing strategies you can use to increase your website traffic with SEO, use paid ads to gain new patients fast, web design best practices, traditional forms of marketing, making use of your email list how to expand into new markets and so much more! If you need our marketing team to handle all of this for you feel free to get in touch with us. We will design you a custom program specifically built for your med spa! 

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Video marketing can help boost your medical spa’s conversions and sales. Studies have shown that 90% of viewers look to videos to help facilitate their

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It is no secret that the costs involved with efficiently running a medical spa can add up. These expenses are typically ongoing and are costs

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Medical Spa digital marketing comes in many different forms, some of which are simpler to carry out than others. Some formats fulfill different purposes and

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