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Nowadays there is lots of talk about the growth of medical spas and how marketing is essential to this growth. A thriving medical spa looking to continuously experience increased growth must have an ideal marketing plan of how they are going to fulfill their goals. There is a famous saying if you fail to plan you plan to fail. 

In such a competitive market it takes time, effort and resources to attract and retain customers for your business. It is almost impossible to expect that you will be able to enjoy the fruits of the medical spa industry if you do not create a proper marketing plan for your medical spa. Your marketing plan will basically serve as your business plan for your medical spa explaining in great detail the heights to which your business is headed and exactly how it will get there. 

It is important to take the time and create this medical spa marketing plan before you even open for business. This allows you to go full speed ahead when you do actually open and also helps to create a high level of anticipation and brand awareness before the medical spa even opens its physical doors for business. Your marketing plan should be thorough and well planned out by key members of your team. 

Here is a step by step process of creating a fully detailed successful marketing business plan for your medical spa.

Executive Summary 

This summary explains briefly what the entire marketing plan consists of. This section should briefly describe and outline the main points of each section of your marketing plan. This summary should even discuss the amount of time that it will take to carry out the marketing plan in its entirety while simultaneously breaking the overall plan into segments to be rolled out at different times. 

The summary will also point out what the medical spa will be providing to patients and the ambiance & experience of the spa itself. 

Business Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives will speak specifically to what will be accomplished for the medical spa through its marketing efforts. There is no point in carrying out marketing for your medical spa without having a clear understanding of why you are doing the marketing and what you are looking to accomplish in the long run. At the start of every process there should be a clearly detailed end goal in mind. 

For example your medical spa marketing objective can be to increase brand awareness while providing the best client experience to increase ROI while setting your medical spa apart from the rest, keeping your customers coming back for more. This specific objective can be broken down into multiple parts and addressed in various ways to ultimately achieve the overall goal. 

Target Audience 

In order to create a proper marketing campaign based on your marketing plan you must have a proper understanding of who your target audience is. You must know exactly what and who you are targeting and why. An essential part of your marketing plan is defining your target audience and what they would typically look like based on demographics, gender, age, socio-economic factors, interest and active online presence.

These factors help you to better understand and personalize your marketing efforts to reflect what would be ideal for your target audience. There are no fruitful results in a marketing plan that contains marketing campaigns that are not specifically designed to a specific audience. You run the risk of wasted time and resources and what could potentially be a failed marketing campaign.

Market Analysis 

A market analysis will encompass the ins and outs of the medical spa industry as a whole. Take a close look at what trends are happening within the industry and build a plan that is reflective. You want your medical spa marketing efforts to always appear as well informed and abreast with the current times. 

In this section conduct research, prepare surveys and gather feedback from current and prospective patients. Learn the behaviors, likes or dislikes of your target audience. This helps to make the most informed decisions and choices when it comes to your marketing efforts. 

Competitor/SWOT Analysis 

Looking at your competitors and evaluating their marketing efforts is another important part of your marketing plan. This outlines what exactly they are doing, what their business model looks like and how are they performing overall. This helps your medical spa to capitalize and provide a better insight into what your marketing should like. 

In this process conducting an analysis of your medical spa as well as your competitors strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is essential. Understanding your competitors’ swot analysis will help you to create an even stronger swot analysis for your med spa. This helps your marketing plan to be created with a competitive advantage. 

Marketing Strategies/Channels

The marketing strategy speaks for itself and acts as the why aspect of your marketing plan. The why helps you then decide which channels you would need to use to adequately satisfy why you are carrying out your marketing efforts. For instance, you may be seeking to increase brand awareness for your medical spa which may then lead you to using social media marketing or influencer partnerships.

Other important marketing channels that can be used are display advertising, email marketing, and digital billboards. Digital marketing itself encompasses many different parameters and we advise you to include them in your marketing plan. For instance, your local seo and website design is also increasingly important as it helps to increase your website traffic which eventually leads to increased foot traffic and greater ROI at the medical spa. 

Different marketing channels should be used to convey certain purposes. Based on what you are looking to accomplish you may decide to only use certain marketing channels at one point. Always consider your why which is your marketing strategy and then proceed with the how which would go based on your overall marketing plan. 

Budget Allocation & Timeline

Another important aspect to consider in your marketing plan is the amount of time and resources that you are able to dedicate to your marketing efforts. This aspect tells you how much you are able to do at one time and how long it may take you to see some form of outcome. Your marketing budget should be reflective of your marketing goals serving as a key component when creating a marketing plan.

Having a schedule of when different actions should take place within your marketing plan helps to be able to remain on track and have a decent idea of where your marketing efforts should be within a certain time frame. Setting timeline parameters helps you to understand much more how to allocate your budget and when you may need to increase or decrease spending to receive certain results. 

Most medical spas spend about 2-5% of their annual revenue on their marketing. However, this is entirely subjective and should be based on what you are looking to accomplish with your marketing efforts and how long you anticipate it taking. 

Metric Tracking 

After setting the main aspects of your marketing plan into place you must then decide which is the best method to actually track and measure the success of your marketing plan. Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing monthly but not keeping up with the overall performance of your efforts is useless. You may be overspending or underspending or simply not doing enough to reach your target audience but you will only know if you are using the right marketing analytic tools to track what is happening. 

Keeping track of your performance and progress will help you to better understand how effective your marketing plan is. Using tools like google analytics or google search console are great effective analytics tools. It is also important to set key performance indicators kpis to determine when your marketing plan is adequately performing or underperforming.

Key Takeaways

A marketing plan is the foundation of any and all marketing efforts that your medical spa will partake in. Ultimately the plan is needed as a guide to why and how your marketing endeavors will benefit your business in the long run. The lack of proper marketing plan will lead to a misuse of your resources and time which is something that must be avoided at all costs when setting goals.

Keep your medical spa as a competitive contender within the medical spa industry that provides increased value to patients. There is lots of money and opportunities to be enjoyed within the med spa industry and having the proper marketing plan to ensure that you actually enjoy a piece of the pie will have a lasting impact. 

Digital marketing happens to be a key component and we understand that it takes a great deal of time and effort to have it done successfully. Perhaps acquiring a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in medical spa marketing will offer an even greater benefit to your medical spa in the long run. At Cindtoro we are a full service digital marketing agency that has been servicing the medical spa industry for quite some time. Book a consultation today with an experienced member of our team and let us get you started today!

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