Med Spa Social Media Marketing: A Guide to Using Social Media to Improve Your Business

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You may be wondering, will social media marketing really help improve my medical spa business? The simple answer is yes. Social media marketing helps you to interact with your target audience via various social media platforms.

Social media marketing allows you to not be caged into one avenue but have the ability to present your medical spa within various arenas. The average consumer spends 2.25 total hours on social media daily. 

The key to med spa social media marketing is finding the right med spa marketing strategies. All of your social platforms should be tailored to adequately represent your medical spa. Your platforms should be displayed in a way that your target audience will find intriguing. 

Behind the scenes social media marketing takes a lot more work than one or two simple posts on a platform. It requires lots of brainstorming, competitive analysis, and data collection that contributes to the success of posts. The key is coming up with a social media marketing strategy that sets the tone for your medical spa’s social media presence.

We have created a brief guide to running effective social media marketing campaigns that will help to improve your medical spa business. We highlight the benefits of social media marketing. If you are interested in learning how to promote your medical spa online using social continue reading on!

Create a Detailed Social Media Marketing Plan

Having a detailed social media plan and content calendar is practically the first step in your overall social media strategy. Your medical spa should have an already established brand and business goal. Your social media platforms should be a direct representation of your brand. Your platforms should be a compliment to your website.

The social media plan should include the goal that you are attempting to accomplish through your platforms. The type of content that you want to post, the audience you are targeting, a content calendar schedule of how posts should be released. The kind of ads that will be run and the budget for the entire social media campaign. 

Additionally, a performance reporting timeline should be included as well to track and maintain expectations. 

Influencer Partnerships

Partnering with beauty influencers is a great way to leverage social media to increase brand awareness for your medical spa. Influencers typically have lots of followers that look to them to learn about what’s trending and places that they should visit. They focus mainly on the content creation aspect.

Patients may see your brand on social media but having their favorite influencer giving their stamp approval creates a greater level of trust. Using influencers that can give reviews on your spa or create content on services received provides great insights and puts your medical spa in front of their audience. These types of partnerships open doors for a larger number of patients. 

Running Paid Social Media Ads

Posts are great but without social media ads they are only seen by your followers and a limited number of organic followers.

Although you want to keep existing followers up to date with your medical spa you also want to increase leads and traffic through attaining new patients as well. Meta Ads like Facebook and Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok Ads are easily run.

Social media ads are easily set up and managed and operate based on what you are willing to spend. You can set the demographics of who should be targeted as well as the geographic location that you want to reach. Once those parameters are set the length of the ad and amount of money to be spent over the course of time can be set and your ad is ready to go!

Engage with Users on A Daily Basis

Users on social media platforms enjoy the feeling of being inclusive. It is important for your medical spa to maintain daily interaction with patients. Responding to comments is a great way to show your patients that you are listening.

Daily engagement shows that your brand is more than trained posts but actual people that can relate and resonate with their daily lives. It speaks volume that your brand values your patients and their interaction. 

Utilize a Content Scheduler to Release Social Post 

Keeping up with releasing new content can become a bit tedious. Having a content scheduler software such sprout social or others to release posts offers a great level of convenience and ensures consistency. You can have social posts scheduled to be released for weeks at a time. 

Some days you may be busy and forget to release posts but the content scheduler takes care of that for you. 

Run Medical Spa Series On Social Media

Captivating and maintaining the interest of your audience can go beyond regular posts. Running a medical spa series on perhaps a new skincare item to last a few weeks can encourage constant engagement. It provides your patients with something to look forward to. 

An informative exciting series can also capture the attention of non followers who may not have known about your medical spa prior. 

Highlight Customer Testimonials 

A few times a week ask certain patients that are comfortable to record a testimonial after their visit with the medical spa. This helps other patients to see from the lens of another consumer. It is expected that a medical spa will say and post all of the good aspects about their spa in efforts to attain more patients. 

Patient testimonials provide another layer of confidence for prospective patients. Having a first hand account of an experience makes it much easier for someone that may have been contemplating beforehand. Highlighting these testimonials on your social media platforms will increase your trust among existing and potential patients. 

Focus on the Best Platforms for the Medical Spa

There are many different social media platforms nowadays that can be used. However, we would not recommend using all of these platforms. The best thing to do is find the social media platforms that your target audience is most active on. Given that the medical spa industry is focused mainly on enhancing youthful looks.

Examples of these social media platforms could be things such as Meta (formerly known as) Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile formerly (Google My Business) and even Pinterest. These are all great platforms to show case both images and videos we would recommend testing different formats and messages to see what works best for your overall strategy

It is important to use social media responsibly and resourcefully. There is no use of running ads or having a presence on a platform that your target audience hardly uses. Your efforts will surely be in vain and the resources spent would have been wasted. 

Another key factor to remember when posting on social media is to ensure that your page or posts can be linked back to your med spas website. Your medical spa posting is ultimately to increase your brand awareness and organic traffic to your business. Patients need to be able to easily access your website so that they can learn more about services, book services or purchase products. 


Today over 5 billion people are using social media equating to over 60% of the world’s population. Leveraging social media is a great and cost effective way for small businesses to increase sales and brand awareness. You can interact with your patients daily and keep them up to date with new product and services to the medical spa. 

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