Why is my Medical Spa Website Underperforming? 4 Tips To Improve

Learn the four tips to improve the traffic to your med spas website. Gain new patients for the products and services that your spa offers. These four steps will help you improve your websites traffic, leads and sales!

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Over the last few years medical spas have become increasingly more popular. People have become more interested in the beauty services that medical spas typically have to offer. For example botox treatments, laser lipo, semaglutide & ozempic, iv treatments, skincare and much more.

The beauty industry continues to grow, increasing the opportunity for potential clients. More medical spa services will be introduced to the public. Your spa services will be in high demand for potential patients.

It is projected that medical spas will grow from 16.69 billion in 2023 to over 19 billion in 2024 and to over 32 billion by 2028. However, I am sure that you may be wondering that with such a thriving industry why is your medical spa website underperforming and not ranking higher. Typically this may be for a host of reasons, search engines prefer to organically rank pages that provide customers with the most relevant best quality information and overall experience that fulfills exactly what they are searching for.

If your medical spa website design and functionality is not up to current user experience UX and user interface UI standards this can potentially hurt your company in the long run. Using great med spa marketing practices are amazing ways to reach your ideal target audience. Here are a few useful tips to improve your medical spa website from the marketing and design team at Cindtoro.

Capitalizing on SEO Localization Strategy

If you have been looking for reasons why you med spas website is underperforming you may need to take a look into your local SEO strategy

Med Spa SEO is one of the most important yet easily misunderstood processes when it comes to an effective website with a strong online presence. By SEO optimizing your med spas website to be able to rank within your specific geographic location and niche can be a tedious task that doesn’t typically happen overnight.

Ensuring that your local SEO is in top shape is the best starting point. Your medical spa’s location details must be up to date and accurate. Your medical spa Google business profile listing should be fully verified to appear as a trusted local business within local searches.

Another key feature to make improvements is to ensure that your website has relevant and trustworthy information related to the key services and products that your medical spa offers so that the search engines would favor your website and consequently rank your spa higher than its competitors within the same area. Encourage your patients to leave online reviews after having an enjoyable visit.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your website contains relevant localized keywords and phrases that people–within your area that are seeking the services that you offer–may typically search for. The overall keyword research process contains much more detailed work but seeking assistance from a digital marketing agency for your medical spa seo services will most definitely set your company apart from the competition. 

Having a User-Friendly Layout

An easy to navigate website is more valued to both the consumers and search engines than most may think. Having your site laid out in a user friendly manner makes it much easier for consumers to see what you are offering and carry out your desired call to action. Whether that may be booking a service, consultation, buying a product or even signing up for a subscription or newsletters.

Clearly labeled organized web page tabs makes it easy for consumers to navigate through the website to receive a better understanding of the medical spa’s brand. When the website is difficult to navigate the bounce rate of the site ends up being extremely high and people never typically even get the chance to really see what the medical spa has to offer. 

Another important aspect of having a user friendly layout is having that same layout translate to mobile devices. Most visits to your website may come from users via their mobile devices. Essential for users to be able to easily navigate the website without any layout glitches.

Captivating Landing Page with a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Using clear call to actions  on your med spas website will lead to increased conversions rates which means more patients through your spas door1

It is just as important to have a captivating landing page as it is to have an overall user friendly layout, they both work hand in hand. Your landing page is the first thing that potential patients interact with when visiting your spas website. The first impression in most cases set the tone for how the overall patient journey will proceed.

If your landing page lacks luster and barely speaks to what your overall brand represents then most likely potential patients won’t be interested in carrying out the desired call to action (CTA). In your medical spa business you want to appear as experienced and reliable as possible so that people will actually be comfortable with having their procedures taken care of at your medical spa. Your landing page speaks for you so it is important that the message being portrayed is loud, clear and effective. 

Avoiding Broken or Empty Web Pages

A major turn off for most users visiting your website is having a site filled with 404 errors, broken links and pages. It can possibly appear that you are not thorough in your craft. Mistakes can happen but your website is a representation of your medical spa’s brand so it is important that it represents you well and is fully completed and up to standard.

Empty website pages show that you have not put time and effort into your website and makes your business appear unprofessional and customers will not want to patronize a brand that seems amateur or unfit. Ensure that all links are working properly and that all tabs and pages have clear and relevant information that search engines can index and crawl so that your website and keywords is able to appear higher within the search engines rankings. 


Overall ensuring that your medical spa website is up to standard in every aspect will speak volume for your brand and lead to more organic traffic that actually carries out your desired call to action. The goal is for your spas website to have greater functionality and higher positions on the search engine results page (SERPS). With the medical spa industry continually growing there is more than enough room for your medical spa to grow into a thriving business and to plant its stake within the industry.

Work With Cindtoro

Focusing keenly on the digital marketing for med spas is one of the key contenders to medical spa owners seeing great results. If you need help with your digital marketing, web design, paid ads or any other part of your online advertising then hiring a full fledged medical spa digital marketing agency like Cindtoro will help with your process of increasing your website’s organic traffic and gaining you new business. We will make sure your med spas advertising is in tip top shape.

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