Medical Spa Email Marketing: Tips & Tricks for Running the Best Campaign

A quality medical spa email marketing campaign can increase the number of clients through your door. Use your email list to generate new business from people who know like and trust you already

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Taking advantage of running really great campaigns with email marketing for service businesses plays a key role in potential and return customer interaction with your medical spa. Did you know that companies that use email marketing benefit from higher ROI, greater website traffic, increased brand awareness, strengthened customer loyalty & relationship, and increased communication.

Not to mention higher conversion rates and click through rates (CTR). Running a proper med spa email marketing campaign can be both tedious and time consuming while trying to manage the operations of your medical spa in the same token.

Because of how much time and energy it takes to create quality emails you may not have the time to DIY. It would be in your medical spa’s best interest to hire email marketers with the relevant email marketing skills.

Typically digital marketing agencies are where you are able to find the most experienced marketing professionals to bring your brand to life. But, before hiring an agency (hopefully Cindtoro shameless plug) for your med spas email marketing, we put together some tips to run the best campaign for your medical spa. 

learn the tips and tricks to running the best email marketing campaign for your medical spa

Ensure email designs are mobile friendly 

Most users are typically on the go on a daily basis and check their emails from their mobile devices most of the time. It would negatively impact your spas email marketing campaign if the emails that were sent to your patients were not properly optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. It is important for your email deliverability to be as efficient as possible.

Patients may potentially miss the message that your email was attempting to convey as a result of their inability to view the email.

In most instances with emails you have one initial opportunity to capture your target audience when sending out mass marketing emails. You never want to risk a missed opportunity for patients to take the desired action or interact with the brand’s product or services. 

Include updates, new products and services

Targeted emails are a very important piece of your overall content strategy and are a great way to inform current med spa patients on new added products and services to your medical spa. Your entire customer base may not interact with social media or your paid advertisements.

Emails happen to be another great marketing channel to promote your medical spa and to inform patients of new happenings around the medical spa. This can make them excited especially having an eye catching email subject line. Which will help boost your email open rates

You can also use this as a chance for them to schedule a first service. Additionally, they can get priority on new product launches. Perhaps these emails can in the form of weekly email newsletters.

For instance your medical spa may have gotten a new and improved laser machine or a new line of skincare products to produce enhanced treatments.

Running an email campaign around a new service rollout may be a great way to kick start the initial sales process and genrate some ROI off the investment you just made. Patients can anticipate what’s to come and be prepared to sign up immediately when the service is officially released. 

Keep consumers informed on special promotions

Informing consumers immediately when sales and promotions are happening can lead to increased traffic to your medical spa’s website. In today’s economic climate consumers tend to value when they can receive some of their desired luxuries at an affordable price from time to time.

Sending promotional emails about discounted services or products can boost spa sales, customer loyalty, and retention rates. This provides an avenue to reach consumers that have signed up for emails that haven’t officially visited the medical spa or may not have been in for awhile. 

Keeping your clients informed on useful tips and information based on the services and products provided at the medical spa can be useful as well.

Consistent weekly posting with intriguing and engaging useful content will ensure constant traffic to your medical spa’s website. Patients will be interested in learning more about the specific week’s useful tips and tricks. Consistency in sending out weekly blog post emails encourages patients to engage with the brand. Possibly even to book a service or stock up on some of their favorite products from the medical spa.

The most important thing to consider for your spa is having an email content strategy that is informative, promotional, and lead nurturing. Patients will value this type of content over bogus random emails with no point. Incorporating an email automation strategy that sends automated emails on a personalized basis is valuable. Based on triggers of when customers interact with the website but may not have carried out a specific call to action (CTA).

Work With Cindtoro for Your Med Spas Email Marketing

Marketing your medical spa can be a tough task especially with email marketing. At Cindtoro we encourage you to not take on this process alone but book a consultation with our experienced marketing team. We can jumpstart your process to running the best cost effective email marketing campaign for your medical spa.

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