What is a Successful Marketing Strategy for a Medical Spa?

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Having an idea or a marketing plan for your medical spa is one thing but having a proper strategy to ensure that those ideas and plans are done successfully is an entirely different ordeal. A properly designed marketing strategy can help your medical spa company to achieve certain business goals. Your marketing strategy is used to increase your brand awareness, build long lasting customer relationships and increase your overall ROI.

Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Plan

You might wonder, isn’t a marketing plan the same thing as a marketing strategy? However they are both actually quite different. A marketing plan is essentially a breakdown of the marketing efforts or activities to be carried out for a certain period of time. The marketing plan details exactly how and when the marketing efforts will be done.

The marketing strategy however is the more overarching and long term features of marketing. The marketing strategy speaks to the why factor of the marketing efforts and activities. It speaks to why the marketing efforts are needed to meet the business objectives and goals of the medical spa. 

Your medical spa’s marketing strategy and marketing plan are meant to work hand in hand. One without the other in most instances will lead to marketing failure. Once you have come up with a detailed marketing plan, the marketing strategy now comes into play to help guide the direction of the marketing. 

For instance you may want to increase your brand awareness to bring in more patients to the spa. This would be considered your marketing strategy as it specifically outlines the why. Now the way in which you go about increasing your brand awareness to attract more patients may be through social media marketing or influencer marketing just to name a few. This here would be the marketing plan as it entails the “how” with exact instructions and measures needed to accomplish the marketing objective. 

Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy 

A successful marketing strategy helps to avoid failed marketing campaigns and unnecessary loss of resources. However, it takes time and effort to create a great marketing strategy that possesses longevity. It is much more fruitful to properly create a marketing strategy on the onset versus cutting corners and having to go back after many failed marketing attempts. Here are the detailed basic steps needed to create a successful marketing strategy for your medical spa.

Determining Business Goals 

Before creating any form of marketing strategies or plans the first step to consider is what are the business goals. What is your medical spa looking to accomplish in the long run and why can the marketing efforts can help bring this to life. Once you have outlined the business goals you can then properly align your marketing strategy to reflect those goals. 

The goals for your medical spa is not one size fits all. Your goals may differ greatly from your competitors within the medical spa industry. It all boils down to what you are seeking to accomplish ultimately.

For instance, you may want to increase your daily foot traffic into the medical spa or see higher monthly profits. Your marketing strategy will have to be created specifically to facilitate this. Once your goals are clear you can officially begin the process.

Determining Target Audience 

Once your business goals are set the next step to consider is who exactly you are aiming to reach. Not having a defined target audience can lead to wasted time and resources. Having a defined audience will allow you to fine tune your marketing efforts to the interests of your target.

Take the time to do the research of who your target audience is based on factors such as age, demographics, location, gender. This also helps to provide you with a better understanding of what you may need to budget for your marketing and the price point of what they may be willing to pay on your services and products. With growing market trends your target audience may vary from time to time but for the most part the basics should remain the same. 

Create Buyer Profiles 

Buyer profiles or buyer personas are actually an underutilized tool that most people tend to forget when creating their marketing strategy. These profiles consist of a few individual profiles of the ideal customer or patient. These types of profiles offer a wide variety of what the type of customers would look like that the medical spa would want to have as buyers. 

These profiles will help to better gear the pathway that you would want to take your marketing efforts. You will also have a better understanding of which marketing channels and efforts will be more effective for these individuals. You will also benefit from being able to view things from the vantage point of your target market which in turn will better help to meet their needs and interests. 

Outline the Value Proposition

The value proposition simply outlines the value that your medical spa seeks to bring your existing and prospective patients. This basically tells your patients the value that they can expect from the medical spa and why it differs or is better than your competitors. 

Your value proposition can be used to better your overall marketing strategy. You can create your marketing efforts to reflect your value proposition. This typically helps patients to be better persuaded and more receptive to the overall message your medical spa is conveying. 

Create a Useful Med Spa Website 

A responsive website that is easy to navigate and maneuver is also an essential part of your marketing strategy. You can create specific webpages or subpages for each of your services and products. On these respective pages you can brag about your services/products, how they can benefit the patients and offer a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

Your website speaks for you before you are even able to speak with patients on your own. Your website should be set up in a way that is reflective of your marketing efforts. Everything should always be strategically done and placed in a way that patients don’t even realize that they are being drawn into a certain action.

Use Various Marketing Channels

Using various marketing channels is a great way to be resourceful by meeting your target audience wherever they are. Different patients use different tools and it is important that when creating your marketing strategy you are not just limiting yourself to one channel.

It is also important to note that it is not necessary to use all available marketing channels as in some instances it can do more harm than good. Picking the right channels that your target audience actually uses will be much more effective. If your audience spends more time on facebook and instagram than twitter then focus more resources on those channels. 

Maintain Customer Relationships & Encourage Feedback

The key to returning patients and gaining new patients is building and maintaining meaningful relationships. These relationships should help to foster an environment within your medical spa that patients would actually want to be a part of. You want to ensure that your patients always have a 1 to 1 experience that leaves them satisfied after every visit.

You want each patient of your medical spa to feel as though they are a part of a family that prioritizes their wellbeing. This is different from your traditional marketing efforts but happens to be something that holds value and actually helps to maintain and get more customers in the door. When patients enjoy their experience they will in most instances want to brag about it to friends and family that would potentially want to experience the same things as well. 

Keep Track of Overall Performance

An integral part of your marketing strategy are key performance indicators also known as KPIs. These help to tell if the efforts being done are actually proving to be successful. You have to set clear markers that will help to tell if you are underperforming or overperforming.

This helps to tell if the strategy you have put in place is actually working and is being received by patients in a way that coincides with the business goals and objectives. Metrics and marketing analytical tools are great methods that can be used to measure the success of the marketing strategy. 

Overall a successful marketing strategy will take much time and effort but the fruits that it produces in the long run is worth it. You will have a much better chance of reaching your target audience and having them be receptive to your overall marketing efforts. This can be overwhelming by the steps that we have outlined are great starting points and can be the pathway to success within your marketing.

Contact us today and let us help create the best and most effective marketing strategy for your medical spa. We provide our clients with a 1 to 1 experience that will lead to much success.

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