What Are The Latest Trends That Your Medical Spa Should Be Keeping Up With?

Want to know what the latest trends your med spa should be keeping up with? Don't want to fall behind this article will teach you the latest trends to follow

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Trends have become increasingly popular in present days within all industries. Medical spas especially have been experiencing upward trends within the last few years. It is projected that these trends will lead to even more exponential growth within the medical spa industry. This provides quite a bit of opportunity to increase ROI and overall business expansion. 

The medical spa industry at the moment stands at a multi-billion dollar industry. The current growth and trends are attributed to a rise in demand for non-invasive procedures, wellness and self care treatments, and social media demands. Although tremendous growth is expected within the med spa industry in the years to come you must still put in the work to remain up to par.

In order to ensure that your medical spa is on target to stay up to date with the latest trends and happenings within the industry, we suggest taking into consideration these few tricks: 

New Services & Products 

Keeping up to date with the latest services and products available in the industry is key. Many people are becoming more interested in the latest services and products that medical spas provide. More and more people have been focusing on their overall self care efforts which has led to the increase in value of the beauty industry.

Services like injectable treatments, laser therapy, IV rejuvenation and chemical peels have become quite popular among patients. People are drawn to the non-invasive nature of these treatments. The affordable price points and decreased downtown in comparison to surgical procedures is much more compelling as well. 

Having a defined skin care routine has been increasingly more popular as well. Offering medical grade skin care products would be an ideal offering that patients can benefit from. Especially having products that are specifically tailored to their needs. 

Unique Personal Plans for Patients 

Patients nowadays are relishing in the luxury of exclusivity. Your medical spa can focus on honing into providing each patient with an exclusive experience. Having members of your team curate plans that are best suited to each patient can provide an added benefit to both the spa and the patient.

The patient can have all of their cosmetic and wellness needs taken care of in one location. This also allows them the opportunity to have things done over a length of time as well which can be great for those with limited time and budget. However, the spa can benefit from having what can be considered returning clients. This encourages the use of multiple services over a span of time creating more opportunities for increasing ROI while fulfilling the patients needs. 

Incorporating More Services for Men

For many years women have been the main target audience for medical spas. Recently it has been noted that men too are now increasingly going after the services and offerings of medical spas as well. Medical spas if they haven’t already done so should begin focusing more on optimizing services and offerings to better suit the needs of men as well.

For example, a great number of men suffer from hair loss. This happens to be a perfect avenue for your medical spa to offer hair restoration services. Additionally they can benefit from all the other services like body sculpting to get rid of stubborn areas of fat or injectables like botox to provide a more youthful appearance. 

Leveraging Education Based Social Media

As mentioned above, although the med spa industry is growing at an exponential rate it is still vital that your medical spa continually does its part to remain on par with the increased growth. Leveraging social media to create an online presence for your medical spa will make a tremendous difference.

A lot of the increase within the industry has a lot to do with the influence of social media. Social media marketing for medical spas can be an added benefit. Creating a detailed social media marketing plan, focusing on influencer marketing partnerships, or running paid social media ads just to name a few can do wonders for your med spa. 

Daily postings on social media allows your medical spa to solidify a presence that resonates with current and potential patients. Patients appreciate engagement with companies and brands that they are interested in. It adds a more personal touch to the overall experience and shows that you are remaining present with the growing times. 

Metric Tracking 

There’s absolutely no use in channeling financial resources and running a marketing campaign that you are unable to track in some way. For many years companies have channeled a ton of money and time in marketing campaigns that they were unable to accurately track and determine if there were any added benefits.

Many companies found themselves stuck in failed campaigns as there was no feasible way to retract or edit their campaigns. However digital marketing has created a pathway to much more efficient and effective marketing. This has led to much greater success with traditional and digital marketing campaigns. 

Using tools such as Market explorer or tableau can help with demographic, or location tracking. They can also help with understanding what your competitors are doing and give you a better opportunity to capitalize on. Other marketing tools can help to track the performance of your campaigns and allow you to edit and adjust as necessary or even increase your budget accordingly. 

Fully Optimizing Your Med Spa Local SEO

Ensuring that your med spas website is up to date and reflective of the growing trends will keep patients engaged. Having a website that is not fully optimized or filled with outdated content can hurt your medical spa in the long run. Patients are seeking medical spas that are current with the times with offering the best services and products.

It shows that you are knowledgeable about the industry and the overall craft. Focusing on your website’s local SEO by creating localized content showcasing the level of professionalism and quality that your medical spa offers can set you apart from your competition keeping patients engaged.

Additionally running paid ads on social media and search engines can increase your overall visibility and keep you in front of your target audience. Your medical spa should always aim to run the best and most up to date ads that show that you are well informed and dedicated to keeping your patients with the best and latest within the medical spa industry.


We can go on and on with the latest medical spa trends you should be keeping up to date with. However we deem the ones that we have discussed to be the most beneficial and can offer your medical spa the best results overall. We know that this can take time, effort and resources but having a medical marketing digital agency can alleviate that load. At Cindtoro, we aim to make our client’s lives as easy as possible by offering the best in class digital marketing services for your medical spa. 

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