5 Ways Display Ads Help Your Medical Spa Business

5 Ways Display Ads Help Your Medical Spa Business

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As discussed in our article display ads for medical spas, display ads are ads used on websites and apps that come in various formats. Google Display banner ads can be videos, images, gifs, texts or a combination of these. There are so many different types of display ads but we always encourage our clients to focus on the ones best suited for their business to ensure efficiency. 

Search engines are a great avenue for online advertising. Display ads on some search engines can be found on the results page.

For the medical spa industry we typically encourage the use of banner ads, pop up ads, retargeting ads, geofencing ads and video ads. We find these types of display ads to be the most effective for the med spa industry. However, I am sure that the million dollar question is “how can these display ads actually help my medical spa business?”.

We have curated a brief list of what we deem to be the top 5 ways that display ads can help your medical spa. If you want to learn more continue reading on!

Google banner ads can help your medical spa gain new clients, increase brand awareness and overall exposure
  1. Increase Brand Awareness

One of the key factors in a businesses success is brand awareness. In order for your medical spa to experience increased growth you must focus on the brand awareness aspect. It is important to get your business in front of potential patients and serve as a reminder to past patients that may have not visited in a while.

Med Spa display ads help to place your business in front of this audience. It also assists with increasing the visibility of your medical spa. Display ads can appear almost anywhere digitally across your target audience. Once they have access to a digital device with a working internet connection they have the ability to be targeted by your display ads. 

  1. Retarget Audience 

Getting patients to your website is one thing but in some cases they may not always carry out the desired call to action on the very first visit. However, this is where retargeting display ads become the star of the show. These types of ads go after a more specific audience.

These ads typically point those patients to go within a certain direction. For example, a patient may not have completed a consultation booking. The ad can act as a reinforcement mechanism and get your medical spa back at the front of the patient’s focus. In most cases these retargeting ads lead to higher conversion rates overall. 

  1. Increase Website Traffic

Display ads also lead to increased website traffic. No matter the type of display ad, they all typically lead back to the website. Once a patient clicks on or interacts with the ad they are then led directly back to the medical spa’s website.

Each display ad can be designed in a way to lead directly to a certain webpage on the medical spa website. These ads can encourage the sale of a product or service. It can also simply be a general message to inform of the medical spa’s existence and service offerings.

  1. Easy Performance Tracking 

Display banner ads are extremely easy to optimize because of your ability to easily track them. The upside of utilizing display ads is that they can be edited at any time. Through the use of tracking tools you can easily measure the effectiveness of a display ad. 

You are able to see the number of clicks and impressions and the basic information about the persons behind the clicks. This information can help with understanding the types of content that your audience may be interested in. Additionally, it can help with resource allocation which is important. 

Typically with print ads once the money is spent and the ads are printed there is no way to make any changes or save any money. Display ads offer the long term benefits of adjusting your ad as needed as well as adding more money to the budget depending on the performance of the ad which is easily tracked. 

  1. Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are

People are always on the go and having the ability to reach them wherever they are is an added benefit to your medical spa’s advertising. Display banner ads allow you the opportunity to reach your audience via their mobile devices while they are on the go. 

Geofencing is a type of display ad that will allow you to set an ad for your medical spa within specific geographic parameters. If internet users within your target audience are within the area of your medical spa you can have ads specifically designed to reach them. This is a great way to drive more patients into your doors. 

Not to mention, you are not limited to your medical spa’s physical geographic location but you can have your display ads set to reach an even larger audience. 

All in all display ads offer a great level of versatility and allows your medical spa to properly allocate resources. Many small businesses suffer from spending thousands on traditional marketing ads without actually seeing fruitful results. Display ads allows your business to reach a broader audience wherever they are through increased brand awareness and retargeting. Display ads ultimately increase your website traffic and the performance of your ads can be easily measured. 

We understand that you may not know where to start with this process as it relates to your medical spa. We are here to help, speak with a member of our digital marketing team today!

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Table of Contents

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