Local SEO for Medical Spas: 6 Marketing Strategies to Improve Local SEO

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What is Local SEO and Why is it Important for Your Medical Spa?

Local SEO is a technique within search engine optimization with localized intent that helps businesses to rank and appear locally within a specific physical geographic location. Search engines like Google use distinct location information and relevant content to help with increasing traffic and brand awareness. Medical Spas having physical brick and mortar locations can benefit greatly from local SEO through the use of great local seo tools. 

Local SEO is important for your medical spa business because it will help your spa to get in front of your desired audience within the geographic location of your business. The search engine results page rewards higher ranking positions to businesses that are properly optimized business listings with the best localized keywords and content. 

For example if you are a medical spa located in the city of Orlando Florida you would want to appear for targeted keyword searches like “best medical spas in orlando”, “medical spa near me”, or “most affordable medical spas in orlando”. About 77% of consumers use Google when they are searching for businesses or services that they need. 

Getting your business in front of this kind of audience can be a daunting task. Some of the best practices to begin with are google my business optimization, localized keyword research, maximizing online reviews, creating localized content, paid local ads and local seo tracking. If you want to quickly learn more in depth about how you can leverage these best practices to improve your medical spa local SEO then read on! As always if you need help marketing your medical spa using SEO the Cindtoro team is here to help. Lets get into the best practices!

1. Google My Business Optimization 

Google has become one of the key search engines that patients use when looking for medical spas within their geographic location. It is vital that your Google My Business profile is properly optimized for the search engine. Google values having accurate information about your medical spa.

Including your hours/days of operation, physical location address, phone number, photos, and website link are key factors that Google seeks. This information can assist your medical spa with becoming verified by Google assisting with your overall online visibility on the search engine. Fully

2. Localized Keyword Research

Having the best and most competitive optimized localized keywords is among the most essential ranking factors. Researching the best medical spa keywords through the use of a local keyword research tool is the first step to ensuring proper SEO keyword optimization. Finding relevant keywords to your niche or words that your competitors are using can help within the brainstorming process of which keywords should be added to your medical spa website. 

The focus is to use relevant keywords that will get your target audience to your page. It is useless to have high foot traffic from an irrelevant audience. It will simply cost you a lot more resources in the long run. 

Focusing on specific keywords can allow your medical spa to experience higher rankings in comparison to more generalized keywords with high difficulty levels. Searches like “best medical spa in orlando”, “orlando medical spa”, or “best med spa near me” will assist with yielding higher organic results. 

3. Maximizing Online Reviews

Online reviews help your medical spa to build a trustworthy reputation within the local area. Patients interested in receiving services from medical spas prefer having read prior patient reviews. Online reviews offer dual benefits for both the medical spa and the patient. 

Encouraging your prior patients to leave reviews after receiving services helps potential clients and the medical spa with its overall credibility. Search engines tend to highlight businesses that have higher star ratings and lots of relevant reviews. Establishing and maintaining authority through online reviews will greatly increase your medical spa’s awareness within the local industry. 

An online review can make the difference between a patient choosing your medical spa over nearby competitors. Take a look below at what a quality Google Business Profile (GBP) looks like.

4. Creating Localized Content 

new Google reviews can help your medical spa rank better on search engines by using some of these advanced local SEO practices

Creating content is important but localized content is even more important as it grants your medical spa the desired results. Patients value relevant content that accurately showcases your medical spa. Creating content that revolves around your medical spa’s physical location can set you apart. 

For example, creating an online blog with information related to your geographic location can be useful. An article on skincare tips to maintain beautiful skin within the sunny florida weather would be relevant. 

5. Paid Advertising for Local Ads

Running paid local ads is another great way to capture your target audience within your area. Some noteworthy mentions of this could be things such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Ticktok, Youtube and so much more!

Some patients may not be readily aware of your medical spa’s existence. Requiring the availability of additional information about your business. Running ads targeted to your geographic location and target audience is a great way to reach patients that haven’t previously searched for your business.

Local ads typically pop up based on location and prior searches or interests of users. For example, a patient may have searched for medical spa related services and because of their location or keywords that they may have used your ads will begin appearing for them. This can then lead to increased brand awareness among local patients. 

6. Tracking Your Local Med Spas SEO Results 

Putting all of the aforementioned practices into play to improve your local seo is great but being able to track everything and examine the performance. Google search console (GSC) is a great tool to use to understand how your website is performing through the number of impressions, visits and clicks as well as how the website is being indexed by the search engines. 

Google analytics 4 (GA4) is another great tool that provides website data insights on patients that visit your site. It tells how many and what kind of persons visit the site whether from social media or paid ads. Google analytics gives insights on how efforts and marketing campaigns are performing and the kind of traffic that they are leading to your medical spas website. 

All in all capitalizing on the best practices for your medical spa’s local SEO is a great way to see vast improvements within your local business. It will help your target audience to better locate your medical spa when they conduct searches in relation to your offerings.

We know that this process can be overwhelming. We recommend booking a consultation with our digital marketing agency. We follow the best practices and ensure the absolute best for our clients!

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