8 Top Ways to Gain New Medical Spa Patients 

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Your medical spa has all of the trending products and services to meet all of the existing and potential patient needs. However, you may still be wondering how can I gain new patients and actually put these products and services to good use? The answer is simple. Increased resources, time and effort!

The med spa industry is currently doing amazing numbers and is projected to grow to a market size of 63.2 billion by 2032. Although this growth is expected to happen, a great deal of work on the part of the average medical spa owners must be put into play. We understand that the process of attracting new patients can be intimidating.

Consequently, we have compiled a list of the 8 top ways to gain new medical spa patients. On the onset you may not have all of the time, resources and budget to enact everything on this specific list. The upside is that each of these ways are independent of each other and can be easily done at different times based on your med spa marketing strategies and budget. 

Influencer Marketing 

Having your medical spa brand promoted through influencer partnerships via trusted popular beauty influencers can go a long way. Typically people tend to want to do or partake in everything that they see their favorite influencers doing. If a trusted influencer gives their stamp of approval for your brand that opens the door to many new clients from all backgrounds.

Going as far as attaining a few of those influencers as brand ambassadors for your medical spa can make a great difference. It may cost a little bit more to have consistent brand ambassadors but in the long run the overall ROI is tremendously worth it. 

Brand ambassadors have the responsibility of representing your brand practically at all times and can be made available to create all kinds of content or be present at certain events based on the verbiage of the contract. This type of availability keeps your medical spa brand in the front of your target audience. 

Display Ads 

Running display ads on search engines and social media platforms is another great way to gain new patients. Targeting patients based on their search history, interests or location can get you in front of patients that may be seeking your services or products. Patients that may not know about your medical spa business first hand can learn more through targeted display ads.

Paid advertising is a great and affordable way to remain within budget while running ads for your medical spa. Display ads take many different forms for instance it can appear as a search result at the top of the SERP. A simple google search and your medical spa ad can be placed in the front of millions.

Hosting a Giveaway 

Hosting a giveaway can create great momentum for existing patients and portrays brand engagement. You can host a giveaway for a new product launch, service or to simply just gain more followers. Your giveaway can require followers to have 3 of their followers follow and be tagged in the original giveaway post.

Another method can be to have your followers repost the giveaway to their social media platforms. This happens to be a way to engage even more potential followers versus just targeting tagging a small number of persons. 

Referrals from Current Patients

Referrals are quite similar to giveaways however it is a much more direct approach. Existing patients are certain that they will receive some form of incentive for referring new patients. Versus the giveaway being solely based on a random chance.

Offering your current patient a certain percentage off of their next bill or offering them a free service or product as a result of a certain amount of referrals can be a win. In the grand scope of things your medical benefits from new patients and continues to encourage the loyalty of current patients. 

Email Marketing

Having potential patients sign up for an email subscription is a good way to remain present. Sending out weekly newsletters about happenings around the medical spa or promotional emails for new services or products can keep potential patients engaged. New relevant and engaging content can peak their interest. 

Showcasing why patients should use your services/products and the benefits that the medical spa can provide are all key content that can be included in the emails. As long as your medical spa is consistent in sending out emails that are relevant and informative, potential patients will at some point be intrigued enough to come in to try a product or service. 

Pop Ups/Sponsor Local Events 

Local events and pop ups are a great way to get in touch with the local community. Your medical spa being present at events that may typically be patronized by persons within your target audience can be beneficial. This provides an opportunity to showcase your brand in an amazing light.

These events also help to increase your medical spa brand awareness. It also shows that your brand cares to be a part of the local community. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to provide sample products or showcase services first hand to give new patients a clear idea of what they would experience when visiting your medical spa. 

Encourage Patient Reviews

Encourage current patients to leave online reviews after receiving services or using products. Most people before using a businesses’ service or products refer to the reviews. In any industry reviews can make or break a business and can be the determining factor for new patients.

Having your patients speak to the quality of service and ambiance that your medical spa can make the world of difference. If potential patients can see firsthand the perspective of current patients they will feel a greater inclination to visit your medical spa. It is expected for a medical spa to speak highly of themselves but when coming from other patients it leaves an even greater impact.

Fully Optimized GMB Account

Having a fully optimized Google My Business account not only helps to attract new patients but is also an integral part of your medical spa SEO efforts. Proper SEO practices allow for better rewards and ranking from the search engines. Google allows your medical spa to create a trusted online presence that can easily attract new patients.

Your GMB account acts as a social media profile for local businesses via google. All of the key information of your medical spa like the location, hours of operation, reviews, pictures, open/close days is included. Google allows you to have your business as verified with the potential chance of having a high ranking for when potential patients conduct their initial search. 

Being fully optimized can allow your medical spa to rank and appear for searches such as “medical spa near me”, “best medical spa near me”, or “med spa orlando”. 

All in all these are all great ways to gain new medical spa patients but these are only a small portion of a good medical spa marketing plan. At Cindtoro we are a full fledged digital marketing agency that specializes in medical spa digital marketing. We provide all of the digital marketing needs for our medical spas making their overall process much easier in the long run. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of medical spa marketing visit our medical spa digital marketing blog.

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