6 Innovative Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors 

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Chiropractors typically focus mainly on the medical aspects of their practice but find themselves stomped when it comes to the business and marketing side of things. It can be quite challenging to keep up with the medical needs and stay up to date with new chiropractic business trends and practices. However, unfortunately the business side of things cannot be neglected as it is an important factor to keep patients in the doors and experience continued growth. 

Staying on trend with all things marketing can help your chiropractic practice to go from a place of merely existing within the industry to a place of being a powerhouse well trusted force to be reckoned with. We are aware that truly understanding chiropractic marketing strategies and the way it works can be a little more challenging for those that are not directly involved within the field. However, as a full service digital marketing agency–that provides assistance and services for chiropractors–we have compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the top innovative marketing ideas for chiropractors. 

If you are interested in enhancing your chiropractic practice, gaining more high quality relevant traffic and increasing your sales then continue reading on!

Create a Blog on Healthy Wellness Tips

Most businesses within various industries have begun incorporating blogs into their marketing efforts to enhance their chiropractic website. Blogs are a perfect way to get consumers to learn more about your respective industry. Blogs can serve many functions for instance providing information on new products or services, new trends within the industry, best practices, how to’s, tips and tricks and so much more. 

In this instance your chiropractor practice can host a wellness blog on the company website. This blog can provide potential patients with the best tips and care practices that may find useful before or after their visits. Blog posts can be released as often as you would like and can cover practically anything within the chiropractic industry.

These posts can help your site begin to rank organically on search engine results pages reaching a wider audience. The more knowledgeable that you appear the more you will be able to establish greater authority and credibility which will increase your traffic. The blog should also serve as a place to show prospective patients exactly why they may need to pay their local chiropractor a visit and that chiropractic practice can be you. 

Run Chiropractor Pay Per Click & Display Ads

Running ads is an amazing way to get your practice in front of the right audience. These ads can be paid for based on what you are willing to spend according to your digital marketing budget allocation. Basically you can still experience amazing results with a little or as much as you are able to spend while being able to alter the ad spend as needed throughout the process. 

The upside with running paid ads is that you are able to reach a preset audience based on the parameters that you are able to set. Your ads can be fully optimized to reach users within your demographic location that are seeking chiropractic services. The upside to paid advertising is that users won’t have to know about your business prior to their search as long as the keywords that they search are amongst the keywords that you have previously bid for for your ads. 

Participate in Local Health Expos 

It is important to be known and trusted within your local area. There’s no better way than ensuring this happens by maintaining an active presence within the local community and the surrounding areas. Your team should commit to participating in at least 6 health expos per year where the chiropractic practice can be on display for potential and existing patients. 

These expos are the perfect place to showcase the products and services that are offered at your chiropractic clinic. You perhaps can do demonstrations to show how some of the products or devices that are sold at the clinic are best utilized. This typically draws a crowd and gets them more intrigued, once they are at the booth then you have the ability to get your business right in front of them. You can even go an extra mile to provide them with an incentive to use when they make it into your physical location, patients love an opportunity to be incentivized saving a few extra dollars wherever they can.

Have an Active Presence on Social Media 

We are in a new age of technology and most people spend on average at least 2 hours a day on social media. Many people use social media as the new search engines, instead of going directly to google or any other search engine people take their search queries to social media. If they are seeking a product or in most cases a service oriented business they carry out a quick search on social media to see what is out there.

This is a perk for your chiropractic practice as social media is free to use on the onset, the only costs associated with social media are paid ads and influencer marketing. However, you can gain your followers organically through maintaining an active presence on social media by consistently posting, interacting with users, and using certain hashtags that will help you to appear when they conduct their search. 

Social media also helps your business to add more personality to the brand, helping to shape your overall brand perception. When prospective patients are able to see you being present and giving insights into what the clinic has to offer it’ll be able to help them understand more in depth what they can expect when visiting the clinic. It provides another level of assurance and relation with patients. 

Partner with Local Businesses 

Partnerships with local businesses that are slightly related to your business model is a great way to market your clinic. Perhaps places like gyms, pilates clubs, sporting centers or teams are great businesses to start with. People that interact with these businesses are typically those that would need your services and be a part of your target market.

Offering reduced pricing or exclusive packages and promotions to the customers at those locations can draw them into your doors. If your business is receiving the stamp of approval from these other local businesses, the customers will most likely be more inclined to use your services as you appear to be trusted as well as in their case affordable. 

Offer Workshops to Bring People Into the Clinic 

Workshops always typically help to get more people into your doors, especially ones that are free. Depending on what the workshop is covering you can then decide how you would like to advertise your workshop. You can even offer a workshop series where the first initial workshop is free just to introduce prospective clients into why the workshop is important and what benefit it will provide for them in the future. A fee for any subsequent workshops can then be charged after the need and authority has already been established. 

Once people have learned more and interacted with the clinic through the workshops they will then be more engaged in what more they can learn and what added value they can receive by visiting the clinic as a patient on a regular basis. The main point of contention is to get the prospective patients introduced to the brand and then create a lasting first impression that will keep coming back into your doors. 


All in all there are many great innovative marketing ideas that you can use to improve the marketing efforts of your chiropractic practice. The ones that we have outlined are what we deem the best and easiest to implement to experience some great results right away. If you need help getting started, reach out to a member of our digital marketing team and let us get you on your way!

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