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What is a Presentation Designer?

A presentation designer is a person who creates, organizes and designs visuals, graphics and content and lays them out correctly within the presentation. Presentation designers are able to help you bring your ideas to life and provide a visual representation of your message in the format of various slides. 

In some cases it may be challenging to get your presentation formatted the way you would like it to be formatted with savvy visuals and perfectly aligned content which is where the presentation designer comes into play to make that process much easier leaving the actual presenting as the main focus. At Cindtoro, our team of presentation designers aim to make your process with us as stress free as possible by accommodating all of your needs and requests whether they may be big or small, providing you with the best and most efficient presentation. 

Types of Presentations

Have an Idea but not quite sure which type of presentation that you’ll need to better suit your target audience and overall message? At Cindtoro there are several different types of presentations that you can choose from. 


Looking to share information with your audience, in a concise and brief manner that makes your overall message easier to understand and grasp without leaving too many lingering questions. Also can serve as a way to report necessary information. 


Looking to instruct your audience on a specific topic about things they may need to learn or specific actions they may need to take. The intention is for the audience to learn and to put into practice. 


Aiming to convince the audience about a new idea or concept and perhaps to get them to do something in particular by presenting them with a situation and then giving them advice on how they should go about addressing it based on what you perceive to be a suitable outcome. The presentation can also be a pitch for a new idea or concept or perhaps even a sales proposal.


If you’re looking to inspire your audience or motivate them this would be the perfect type of presentation. Perhaps even aiming to tell the story of how your brand may have risen to the successes attained today or it can be used to encourage a sense of camaraderie and boost morale amongst team members.  


Have an important meeting where crucial decisions need to be made? This would be the most suitable presentation. An outline of the matter at hand and the options for the decision to be made as well as pros and cons will be discussed. 


Presentation to update on goals that were previously discussed or update on an ongoing project. Discussion of any issues encountered or if there are factors that need to be reconsidered or adjusted. 

Presentation Design Services That we Offer:

Revamp Existing Slides

Already made your own slide presentation but would prefer to have some fine tuning done so that it can be exactly what you’ve imagined for your presentation? We can take those slides and revamp them and give them an entirely new look with different formatting, structure or wording.

Presentation Based on Received Material

If you have already compiled all of the information for your presentation but would much rather have someone put all of the research into a presentation format then we can help! You can present us with the information and our team of designers can present you with ideas of how we will compile everything or if you have an idea already then we can just follow along with your vision. 

Presentation Based on Content Researched and Prepared by Our Team

Simply just have a topic but no researched content or information? Our team can conduct the research and gather all the information needed. Once done we can present you with all of the content and ensure that everything is up to standard before 


If you would like to have brochures or informational pamphlets to hand out to accompany your presentation or simply as standalones, we are able to create these as well. In some cases it is great to have additional information and visuals that your audience can take with them even after the presentation. 

What software do we use to create a presentation?

Here at Cindtoro, our presentation designers typically use quite a number of presentation tools when creating presentations. We currently use Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Canva, Data Studio & Microsoft Word. 

How do I go about hiring a presentation designer?

Many times you may find yourself tasked with many different assignments and obligations but with an upcoming presentation that needs to be designed. Making a presentation can take quite a bit of time that unfortunately takes away from the time that can be spent taking care of the important tasks and details. In addition it also takes away from the work that your team members can be accomplishing. You can benefit from time saved and increased productivity if you sourced us to create your presentations. Our team of presentation designers are here to focus on creating well organized top tier presentations allowing you and your team to focus on other matters that may require much more of your attention. We have experience with making presentations for large corporations to small start up companies with packages to suit your needs. 

Elements of a Good Presentation

  1. Clear messaging
  2. Data visuals
  3. Simplistic Design
  4. Captivating for the Audience
  5. Clear formatting
  6. Distinct Call to Action

Common Questions Our Presentation Design Company Gets

How much does it cost to hire a presentation designer?

The best way to have an idea of what it would cost to have a presentation curated by our presentation designers is to contact us for a brief consultation so that we can discuss your goals for the presentation and determine the amount of time and work that needs to be dedicated to ensuring that your presentation is efficient and reflective of your brand and message. 

Why are more people turning to presentation design companies to create their corporate presentations?

Hiring a presentation design company helps to alleviate the time consumption and stresses involved with creating a presentation all while still having to focus on your ordinary day to day tasks. A presentation design company acts as a partner with your company to bring your presentation vision to life with the appearance as if it was made in house. Our team works to ensure that your presentation is on budget, on time and on target with the overall goal of the presentation. 

How long does it take to create a presentation?

The amount of time that it takes to create a presentation varies depending on the presentation itself and what needs to be accomplished, revamping an already made presentation may have a quicker turnaround than that of a presentation that requires content research and the building of the presentation. 

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