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What are Digital Billboards?

Digital Billboards are a form of digital marketing that displays outdoor ads that typically targets on the go consumers. You are able to receive high yield results and impressions for the fraction of the cost of a traditional billboard. Digital billboards nowadays are becoming evidently more popular as they offer a host of benefits. 

Digital billboards are offered in a multitude of locations. Typically you can find them along major expressways, highways, and high foot traffic areas like malls or airports just to name a few. Digital billboards offer quick turnaround times and are cost efficient for everyone involved. 

Med Spa digital billboards will allow your medical spa business to be displayed in front of thousands people all at once. Strategic placement of your billboards is also key to ensure that the message is actually of interest to the persons that may see the ads in their passing. Conducting your market research and identifying the key factors and demographics of your target audience will help determine the most effective places to advertise. 

Here is an example of a digital billboard advertisement

Benefits of Digital Billboards for Medical Spa

Digital billboards offer an extensive amount of benefits for your medical spa. Digital marketing overall has become an essential part of the marketing success for brands. Digital billboards offer lots of flexibility, saving time and resources ultimately. Here are a few of the main benefits that your medical spa can expect when utilizing digital billboards.

Increased Brand Visibility

Your medical spa has the opportunity to be featured in front of a wide audience. Digital billboards these days are not only found on major highways or expressways but also at malls, airports and there are also box trucks along the roads that offer digitized displays. This is an opportunity for thousands of people to experience your ads within a day as the ads can be displayed numerous times at various locations that offer digital billboards. 

Less Money Spent vs Traditional Billboards

Digital Billboards typically cost a fraction of the price of traditional billboard advertising. Traditional billboards firstly take way more time to create as they have to be designed, printed and then installed by a team of persons. The turnaround time is much more extensive which means way more funding is needed to ensure proper facilitation. 

In comparison to traditional billboards, digital billboards only need to be digitally created and reviewed and can then be released to be posted almost immediately. Your medical spa will benefit from saving money on printing and not having to wait a long time to have the billboard released. Additionally, you will be able to create multiple advertisements for one price point versus spending thousands of dollars on one traditional billboard that is set for an extended period of time. 

Run Multiple Ads at Once

Digital billboards you can have your ad run at least 2-3 times within one minute. Now the great thing about digital billboards is the fact that they are not restricted to only one type of advertisement. You can have multiple billboard ads with different information at one location. 

For example one billboard ad can be a general overview of the medical spa with the logo, location, hours of operation and brief service offerings and products. Another ad can be dedicated to special detail about a specific service. Whatever you have in mind to display once appropriate can be displayed on the digital billboards. 

Promotion of New Med Spa Specials or Services

If your medical spa is in the process of rolling out a new service, perhaps advertising on billboards near your physical location would be ideal. This will get the word out about a new service/product creating momentum and in some cases if the services have already been released people may be able to stop in immediately while they are in the area.

Similar to the promotion of specials going on around the medical spa. Advertising those specials in nearby high traffic areas where people can get brief info on what the special is, where they can get it and how much time they have left to take advantage of will maximize foot traffic as well. 

Easily Edit Ads 

One of the most beneficial things about digital billboards is the fact that they can be easily edited or altered at any time. Typically with traditional billboards if there is an error that may have not been caught by the designers or the owners–prior to printing or installation–will most likely have to be reprinted causing thousands of dollars to be corrected. 

How Can I Get Started With My Digital Billboards for my Medical Spa

Getting started with your digital billboards can be slightly overwhelming as you may not know who to contact to get your ads placed or who can properly design the ads to be placed. We have created a brief step by step process on what your medical spa can do to get your digital billboards up and running as soon as possible.

Outsource a Medical Spa Digital Marketing Agency

Begin with reaching out to a digital marketing agency that can help your medical spa with facilitating this process. A med spa digital marketing agency like us here at Cindtoro can better guide your process. We aim to bring our clients’ vision to life, having partnerships and locations where our clients can display their digital billboard ads. Once we have completed a detailed consultation we can then help you with the next steps forward, in terms of placement, ad spend, timelines, content etc. 

Outline Your Goals and Expectations

Once you have settled on an agency that will work with you to get your billboards displayed the next step is to clearly set out your goals and expectations. What are you looking to accomplish with your billboard, whether it may be informational or promotional. Clearly communicate how you would like your billboard rollout process to look and ultimately reflect your brand. 

Set Your Budget

Being clear about the budget and what you are willing to spend on your digital billboard is an integral part of the process. A budget of as low as $500 for ad spend can lead to amazing numbers. However for market saturation we would really recommend starting with $2500 per month for 8 weeks. With a billboard snap costing as low as $0.30 per snap can result in over 13k snaps within just one month. 

Clearly outlining your budget will help the digital marketing team to know how many times to allow the ad to roll within a certain time frame while ensuring efficiency and ad play. This will also allow you to know how many ads you may be able to run via the digital billboards. 

Create Your Content/Ads

This part is fairly simple for the most part. Once you have outlined what you want your billboard to look like you can then decide what needs to be included. Most likely your medical spa has a brand template with a color palette that is used whenever you create any other ads or content for your spa. 

You can use that same template but have it optimized with the content to be included and suited for the dimensions of your digital billboard. This is a job that is handled by the agency that you have hired, leaving you with little to no responsibility once you have communicated and outlined everything needed. 

Choose Your Billboards Location

Choosing your location is a task that the digital marketing agency will be responsible for. After outlining your target audience, the agency can conduct market research to determine where your target audience lives or may spend a great deal of time. Your billboard placement must be strategically placed within the vantage point of your target audience in order to actually be successful. 

For instance, you may want to target younger to middle-aged women, a great place to target your audience may be in shopping malls, near schools, or grocery stores. These are places that women within that bracket typically traffic quite frequently. Your location depends on your target audience and where they may be present. 

Release Your Digital Billboard Ads

Once all of the leg work has been completed, your digital billboard ad will be ready for release. After carefully, reviewing your ad and ensuring that everything is correct and up to standard you can give the agency the ok for release. Literally because the process is digitally driven the ad can be dropped into the cycle almost immediately and set to be viewed wherever the chosen billboards are located. 

Ultimately digital billboards are effective forms of digital marketing that can reach consumers on the go. Whether they are present on social media or not, they will have an opportunity to see your ad when they are on the road in the midst of their daily activities. The process also offers a quick turnaround time for a cost efficient price point. 

At Cindtoro , we offer the best digital billboards in the industry for our clients. Book a consultation today with an experienced member of our digital marketing team and allow us to get your digital billboard ads released today! 

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