Four Keys to Building Quality Commercial Real Estate Agent Websites

Quality commercial real estate web design

A well-designed website is critical for commercial real estate agents these days. You have to show that you are trustworthy and professional through your content, photographs, and navigation. Without a fantastic website, you could be missing out on leads and sales. These four keys to building quality commercial real estate agent websites can help you get more traffic and more sales.

Four Keys to Building Quality Commercial Real Estate Agent Websites


The number one key to a quality real estate website is functionality. Visitors to your website want more than just a nice home page. They want to be able to navigate easily and quickly to the information they need. Studies show that people do not spend a lot of time on a website that makes it hard to navigate, so clear menus and links are an absolute must. All content should be no more than three clicks away.

You will also want to make sure your website loads and displays properly on all screen sizes. The website may look fantastic on a desktop, but on a smartphone, it may only display half the screen unless the user scrolls. Again, visitors will not stay on a page that they cannot easily use, so if they have to scroll to the side to see your entire home page, they probably won’t be sticking around for long.

Contact Information

The main goal of a real estate website is to get visitors to contact you regarding a property you are representing. If your contact information is not readily available, users will give up and move onto an agent they can contact easily. All brokers should have a link to their individual pages that contain their phone numbers, email addresses, and even a headshot.

It is also recommended that you have a virtual chat option as well. These days, people want to get in contact on their schedule, so live chat is a way for them to get the information they need even more quickly than by contacting a broker. If you are unable to staff the live chat at all times, consider using a chatbot that can answer simple but common questions during your off-hours.

Professional Photography

The best way to market real estate properties is through images, but if your pictures are not high quality, you aren’t giving your clients the greatest opportunity to showcase their assets. Professional images are necessary to highlight the property’s most striking elements and entice visitors to make an appointment to see the space in person.

Be sure not to use overly large photos, as they will slow your website down since they take a long time to load. Focus on high-resolution images that are attention-grabbing and colorful. If you’re unsure what images will work best on your website, spend some time researching what other real estate companies in your market are doing and then apply their techniques to your properties.

Virtual Tours

Sometimes, it can be difficult for prospective buyers to schedule an appointment to see a property, especially if it’s one they’re not sure is going to fit their needs. Virtual tours can allow a visitor to look at the property on their device to determine if they want to see it in person. Virtual tours also showcase properties that don’t photograph well but have many excellent features that would appeal to buyers if they could only see them for themselves.

Websites are almost mandatory these days for commercial real estate agents, but a poorly designed website is just as bad as not having one at all. Additionally, a key part of having a website is that; it needs to be easily found by search engines and visitors alike.

If Google is having a hard time finding your website then how can your potential customers find you? We recommend you take a look at real estate SEO. Here you can learn more about how to improve your real estate website traffic so you can earn more business!

Regardless, even if you do not have a website the good news is we can help you build a professional website. All you need to do is call Cindtoro Digital Marketing today to discuss your website design needs with one of our professional designers, who will work with you to create a dynamic, personalized website.

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