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Video marketing can help boost your medical spa’s conversions and sales. Studies have shown that 90% of viewers look to videos to help facilitate their decision making process within their buying journey. According to a survey conducted by Renderforest, 69% of users received more leads and 54% were able to increase their overall sales simply by using video content. 

Quality video content can come in many variations based on what you are seeking to accomplish and who you are aiming to reach. We understand that coming up with ideas for the content or kinds of videos that you should be creating can be a bit challenging if you are newer within your digital marketing and content creation journey. However, in this new age of technology and resources you can outsource assistance from a digital marketing agency like Cindtotro—that specializes in med spa marketing–to assist with creating and editing your videos for your websites, social media platforms and ads. 

Here are some amazing ideas that can be used for your medical spa video marketing efforts:

Videos on beauty tips like do’s and don’ts for skincare or benefits of certain products or services can be a hit amongst patients. People typically spend lots of time watching videos about beauty trends which is why beauty influencers have become so popular. Your medical spa can benefit from this same approach and discuss new trends or daily tips that patients can take advantage of based on the products and services relevant to the medical spa. 

Q & A from Patient Questions

Patients love having an open forum where they are able to have their unanswered questions or concerns addressed. Perhaps the medical spa social media platform can have patients post questions that they may have on select services and products. Along with questions that patients may have asked during their visit to the medical spa.

These questions can be compiled and answered in multiple videos overtime. This allows the medical spa to produce a large amount of video content based on information that patients are actually interested in and find useful. This can also be an ongoing video series as patients always have questions some of which the staff or team at the medical spa may not have thought about addressing. 

Service Explanations and Displays 

Med spas typically have a variety of service offerings. Some of these offerings patients may not be as familiar with or may be completely new to the industry. Videos breaking down each of these services with what they are, how they can benefit the patients, and who is best suited for the service can be extremely important.

These videos can potentially ease some of the anxiety that patients may have with certain services. Along with the explanations, the medical can also display some of the services being done in house so patients can see firsthand what they can look forward to experiencing. 

Team Member Spotlight 

Video highlights of your team members would be a great way to introduce them to new and existing patients on a more in depth level. Patients love to know a little background on the people responsible for administering all of their services. This can be an opportunity for team members to showcase themselves discussing their backgrounds, why they have joined the team, and perhaps 3 random facts about themselves and 3 of their favorite services or products offered at the medical spa. 

Patient Testimonials 

After having their services completed you can ask patients for the permission to record a testimonial video immediately after their service. This video can be super short and to the point they can talk about their overall experience with the service and with the med spa itself. This allows prospective patients to see a firsthand account from people within their shoes.

This helps to establish trust within the medical spa brand. Patient testimonials go a long way and can help persons feel more confident in receiving services that may be interested in but had some form of hesitation with actually following through. 

DIY at Home with the Med Spa Products 

Showing patients how to use the products that they got from the medical spa at home can be super helpful. Although it will be thoroughly explained to them while at the medical spa, having an actual video that they can refer to step by step can go a long way. Some patients are more visual and will benefit from actually seeing how the products are correctly used. 

It is also important to the patients safety to have thorough video tutorials that showcase how products should be used to see the best results ultimately. 

Before and After Treatments

Showcasing before and after results from patient treatments helps to speak to the credibility of the products and services offered at the med spa. It helps patients to see what actually happens as a result of select services and products. Sometimes with certain treatments people may claim to not see evident results but a side by side comparison can truly showcase these results. 

When patients can see the benefits that others have received they will be more inclined to go forth with the treatments themselves. People value knowing what they can potentially look forward to. 

Day to Day Operations of the Med Spa 

Day in the life videos have become increasingly more popular. People typically use these videos to showcase their daily lives but brands and businesses are now creating ‘day in the life of operations’ videos. These kinds of videos showcase the behind the scene aspects of the medical spa and everything that it takes to keep the spa running as a well oiled machine.

These videos can show anything from patient intakes, to setting up the patient rooms or preparing for appointments. It can also show how members of the team keep themselves organized while catering to the many patients that come into the spa daily. People enjoy seeing what goes into making a business run successfully. 

Facility Updates and Upkeep 

Patients also enjoy seeing firsthand the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. Showcasing new changes or additions to the facility can be exciting for many of them. Although patients are focused on the quality of the services and products, the experience and appearance of the medical spa is equally as important. 

Showcase videos giving a tour of the facility from the outside to the inside. Also show the process that the cleaners take to deep clean the facility and ensure that everything is up to standard. Patients value a well kept nicely updated medical spa that takes pride in their overall appearance and cleanliness. 

Promotions for New Specials & Services

Videos informing on upcoming specials and new services can be both informative and exciting for patients. This is the perfect opportunity to inform patients on the ins and outs, such as what is being offered, when and how long it will last and what they can expect from the overall experience. The aim is to clearly state what action you are looking for the patients to take while encouraging them to do so sooner rather than later.

These are all great ideas that can be easily implemented and added into your marketing plan. It gives you a ton of opportunity to produce lots of varying content that patients can find useful. These ideas all serve various capacities and can be easily facilitated with the right amount of helo.

Book a consultation with us here at Cindtoro and allow us to bring your med spa marketing ideas to life.

If you want to learn more about medical spa digital marketing visit our med spa marketing blog and read some more of our useful articles to improve your med spa marketing efforts! 

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