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Since the pandemic, working from home has become a commonality amongst many people. It was a change that many had to adjust to as a result of the uncertainty of returning to the traditional office settings given the circumstances. Now 3 years later, many have still continued with the working from home style after the experienced success and convenience that it offered for those in the working world.

Many people enjoy the convenience of being able to sign in from anywhere in the world at any time while still being able to get their work done and earn their pay. Mothers with younger children are greatly benefiting from this as they are able to stay home with their children but still be able to work and get their jobs done, they do not have to worry about leaving their kids so soon or having to pay thousands a month on daycare.

It has been shown that the work performance and employees quality of life has improved since working from home, they are more rejuvenated and are able to dedicate more time to taking care of themselves and tending to their overall wellbeing and spend less time commuting to work. However, being at home all day sometimes people may desire a change of scenery and may want to work outside of the home to perhaps be more productive or have a little bit more human interaction. With this in mind we have compiled a list of our top 6 places that we recommend visiting when working from home.


Starbucks is a typical staple that people have been using for many years even prior to the pandemic to get work done, study, have business meetings and more. Starbucks locations are found all over the world. Most of the locations have seating areas where persons can come in and get work done while enjoying their coffee.

They also have great sandwiches and light desserts that you can enjoy while having your coffee and getting your work done. Additionally, there is high speed wifi service available as well as lots of accessible outlets that persons can use for charging their devices as needed. The great thing about Starbucks is even if you have to travel for work or perhaps have to move to a new area, you are guaranteed to find a Starbucks nearby.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate your choice of seating. They also provide friendly customer service even with their fast paced environment. Starbucks hours of operation are respective to each location so be sure to carry out a Google search to find out the hours of operation of a Starbucks location nearest you. 

Foxtail Coffee

Foxtail Coffee is a newer coffee shop franchise that was established in 2016 right here in Florida by two lifelong friends. They began with opening their own roasting facility where they were roasting their coffee and kegging their cold brew which drew many customers to their doors, causing them to open more and more locations across Florida and recently into Georgia.

They provide themselves with offering great coffee in a comfortable environment that customers are able to enjoy and get things done. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating as well as outdoor courtyard seating at some of the locations. They offer fast and enjoyable wifi and at some locations they also have beer and wine options if perhaps you are wanting to have a glass while getting a task completed. They are mainly located throughout Central Florida so be sure to make a quick Google search to find a location nearest you. Hours of operation vary by location. 

Stardust Video & Coffee

– 1842 Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL, 32803

Stardust Video & Coffee, nestled within Winter Park, started out in the 1970s as a video rental store that sold coffee as well. Throughout the years they have expanded into much more as they have a few bars within the location as well as a restaurant where some of the meals are named after famous film, literary references and music.

The coffee shop has become a great place for those looking to study and work away from home for a change. They also serve as a live music venue sometimes and even sometimes a market. If you are looking for a great vibe while working then this is the place. They are typically open from 7am to midnight on weekdays and 8am to midnight on weekends. 

ScribbleSpace Shared Offices & Coworking

– 13790 Bridgewater Crossings Blvd Suite 1080, Windermere, FL 34786

ScribbleSpace is a shared office and coworking spot where persons can book a meeting room or a private office or shared desk area for a monthly fee. Persons that have memberships have 24/7 access to the location so they have no time restrictions. In addition, there is also access to a mail membership where you can use the address of the location as your business mailing address. Depending on availability, some days you are able to get a coworking day pass just for the day if you do not want to commit to the monthly membership fee. There is also access to free coffee, teas and snacks while working. 

Craft & Common

– 47 E. Robinson St., Ste. 100 Orlando, FL 32801

Craft & Common is a beautiful coffee shop located in downtown Orlando, where they encourage their customers to come for the coffee but stay for the vibes. They pride themselves in making great specialty coffee and having great customer service that keeps their customers coming back. They also offer sandwiches that customers can enjoy while having their coffee.They are very big on hospitality. In addition, they have seating both indoor and outdoor that customers can enjoy while enjoying the hi-speed wifi. 

Lake Eola Park 

Another great option for remote working is the Lake Eola park located near downtown Orlando. If you are looking to enjoy peaceful outdoor scenic views while working then this is a great option for you. You can take advantage of the open park seating or set up nicely on an open lawn and relax comfortably while you work. There is strong wifi access throughout the park so connectivity issues should be little to none.

In Orlando, there are so many different places that you can visit to work remotely. You don’t have to be confined to your home all of the time, sometimes you can branch out for a change of scenery or to increase productivity. Whatever your reasoning may be, you have many great places to choose from. At Cindtoro we hope that you found this article useful.

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