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Expand Your Online Presence With Real Estate SEO Services

Are you a commercial or residential real estate professional or company who is looking to increase the number of leads you get online? Have you been thinking about ways to generate new business from digital marketing and can’t make any headway? Does your website not “work”? Are you searching for new ways on how to increase website traffic? Chances are a missing key in your digital marketing strategy is targeted real estate SEO.

What Is Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO is a way to optimize your online content so you can attract quality leads through the organic search results, instead of using paid digital ads such as Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads or others. There are many types of content that can be SEO optimized for search engines like your real estate website traffic, social media platforms, and or mobile apps. The main job of real estate SEO is to make your website discoverable by potential clients as they are searching the web for your products or services.

Benefits of Real Estate SEO

Discover Your Ideal Audience

By having a well thought-out real estate SEO program you will gain increased SEO traffic to your firms website. This will help you determine what services people are interested from what your firm has to offer. Many real estate professionals do not have a grasp of who their target audience is from an SEO standpoint. Once you understand who is currently engaging with your websites content it will put you at a distinct advantage over the competition.

Increase Your Organic Website Traffic & Leads Online

Organic traffic means people who find your website through a simple Google search, without the use of paid digital ads. As your real estate business improves SEO and ranks higher in the Google search engine rankings your website will be seen by more potential clients. Especially, when a user is searching for a commercial or residential real estate company. By gaining increased real estate SEO traffic it can help you to get more potential buyers or sellers, and over the long term, close more sales.

Build Long-Term Credibility

The better SEO you have, the more credible that your company can be in your local market. This credibility comes in a variety of different ways, including your place in the Google search engine results and the strength of your brand. Understanding the way that SEO and the search engine metrics work can help you hone in on your audience and build it even further. Real estate firms must leverage credibility as much as possible so that they can stand out in a saturated field. Many real estate professionals are not paying to attention to they should to their online presence, you’re already coming out ahead by employing SEO techniques.

Brand Protection

Think about this when you are searching for your company does it appear at the top of the search results? If you do not see your company ranked at the top then investing in targeted real estate SEO can be a great way to ensure that your brand is protected. By increasing your websites ranking on the search engine you can make sure that you are not loosing business to your competition. In addition to ranking highly on the SERPS you can pair this strategy with targeted pay per click ads for an added benefit.

Increase Brand Awareness

As your website improves from real estate SEO. The increase in your websites overall ranking will also lead to an increase in overall brand awareness. This is due to a few things but overall an increase in targeted website traffic. Focused effort to improve your companies SEO allows your to become an authority in your local market so as people search for a commercial or residential real estate firm near them you show up.

What types of real estate SEO can Cindtoro do?

A common question we get is does real estate SEO work for my particular type of real estate? We are going to list every type of SEO the team at Cindtoro can do. If you have questions about what the process looks like please contact us.

  • Apartment SEO
  • Self Storage
  • Real Estate Development
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • brokerage
  • Agent
  • Mixed Use

Some KPIs to measure

In the beginning SEO can be a tricky game to know if it is working or not which is why we put together what some of the most important metrics are to track and what you can use these for.

New Users

To understand if you SEO is working properly one of the best metrics to track is new users. If the number of new users is increasing each month then it is a good sign that your overall SEO is making improvements.

Returning Users

Your site should be set-up to bring back repeat users on a regular basis. As a good rule of thumb the number of returning users will always be less then new users when it comes to SEO specifically. So, if your firm is looking to increase the number of returning user look to utilize email marketing, social media or real estate retargeting ads. Because these marketing methods are great to capture lost visitors.

Top Performing Pages

Specific website pages can’t be SEO optimized unless you know exactly which ones what they are which is why looking into the top performing pages of your real estate website is critical to understand where to spend time for the optimization of your firms real estate SEO efforts.

Average Time on Site

Average time on site can be useful when you want to look at how long users are staying on your website overall or at the page level. The level of data you are looking to analyze will depend on your individual needs. We like to look at both because the overall time on site is an accurate measurement. And for the individual page level we can make determinations when it comes re-designing website sections to improve the user experience (UX).

Important Considerations

No matter if you do commercial or residential real estate search engine optimization SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy that can take many months to properly rank your website or listings on the search engine results page (SERPS) We have outlined some important considerations below relating to real estate SEO.

Why does SEO take a long time? (how many months)

You may have heard that SEO takes a long time, and you may be wondering why. This mainly has to do with improving your real estate websites overall domain authority score. Essentially a domain authority score is how trustworthy your website within the respect of your area of expertise in this case real estate. Improving this overall SEO metric can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to START working due to the amount of backlinks, and content your website will need to cover to show a high level of proficiency.

Why is Real Estate SEO better then Real Estate Google ads?

There are pros and cons to doing SEO over google ads. The main one being the volume of traffic you can get. Did you know that about 80% of website traffic comes from organic search engine traffic from SEO? While the other 20% of traffic comes from paid ads. Traffic from SEO is also consistent once you have it should improve as long as content is being improved on a regular basis. But, depending on your needs If you are looking for a faster approach to generating quality leads to your real estate firm you should consider Google Ads for real estate

Work With Cindtoro

If you have been looking to hire a real estate SEO company so you can improve your website traffic then work with the marketing team at Cindtoro digital marketing. We will develop a custom strategy to get your website ranked as high on Google as possible.

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