What Kind of Exclusive Promotions Can I do to Bring in more Med Spa Patients?

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Your medical spa may already have a full fledged successful marketing plan and marketing strategy. However, you may still be wondering how to bring in even more patients and foot traffic into the medical spa. At Cindtoro, overtime working with our medical spa clients we have noticed that offering exclusive promotions are additional effective ways to increase momentum and sales. Thus engaging both new and existing patients of the medical spa.

Everyone loves a good promotion that has great added benefits for them in the long run. Med spa patients would love to be able to save a few dollars or take part in a limited service offering at the medical spa. These promotions in the long run even have great added benefits to the medical spa. 

Benefits of Offering Exclusive Promotions

  • Customer Loyalty 
  • High Retention Rate
  • Increased Brand Visibility
  • Higher ROI
  • Market Advantage 
  • Higher Referral Rate

The added benefits of offering these exclusive promotions at your medical spa will have long term positive effects. Figuring out which promotions to offer is probably the most important part. Knowing your target audience can better assist with influencing your decision on which promotions to offer. 

Here are a few exclusive promotions that you can consider offering at your medical spa to bring in more patients.

Patient Referral Program 

A patient referral program helps your existing patients to be more inclined to encourage people to use the services or products offered at the medical spa. This program can be highlighted and promoted during every visit to encourage patients to tell others about the medical spa and in turn be incentivized for their generous efforts. This program can be offered with various tiers and prizes.

For example, if an existing patient has referred at least 10 people–who have actually come into the medical spa and received services–they can be awarded a free product. The more people that they refer to the medical spa will determine the tier that they will fall within and the prize that they can receive. People typically enjoy being able to receive benefits when they are bringing additional customers to your business. 

Membership Program

Typically, there are some customers who take loyalty to the next level. It is very common for people to receive the services or products that med spas offer on a regular basis. These people should have the ability to join a membership program where they may have first dibs on appointments, privy to certain member only events, or even pay one set price every month to cover certain services. 

This helps to maintain customer loyalty and retention. With patients having a membership that they are already committed to paying every month they will be more enthused to use those services and products consistently. Very rarely will you find them going to your competitors for similar services as they have already committed and take pride in being a part of your medical spa’s membership program. 

New Patient Discount

A quick and easy way to bring new patients into your medical spa is to offer them an introductory discount. First impressions are typically lasting impressions. This is a key opportunity for your medical spa to be set apart from the competition and turn a new patient into a consistently returning patient. 

An initial discount on their first service can show that you care and appreciate their patronage of your business. Patients value anyone that appears to put their needs and pockets first. Offering the initial discount shows exactly that, encouraging more foot traffic into the med spa. 

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The Med Spa Birthday Club Program 

For your clients that may have signed up for your email mailing list and have previously patronized the business you can offer a birthday club. During their initial checkout process you can have them sign up for your email mailing list which can automatically enroll them into the birthday program. Once they have successfully checked out and listed their birth date on their patient profile they will be fully enrolled. 

During their birthday month, an automated email can be generated wishing them a happy birthday month and offering them a discount or free gift that they can use within the month. This now reminds them of the medical spa and shows them gratitude. In turn patients will most likely want to take advantage of the offer and visit the spa. 

Exclusive partnerships with popular brands or influencers can bring more people into your doors. Working with these brands and influencers can bring increased visibility to your medical spa and bring your business in the forefront of their target audience. Introducing you to a new group of people that may find your medical spa useful but may not have known or had any previous interactions with the medical spa. 

Promo can be done on both ends, you can show that you trust those brands or influencers and their image and the same goes for your medical spa. In instances like this everyone wins and for those customers that came to know about your med spa through those partnerships they will be rewarded with a discounted rate. 

New Product or Service Introductory Sale 

Sales for new products and services increases momentum. It creates a certain level of excitement that gets patients enthused about the offerings and eager to book. Not only do people enjoy being the first in line to new products or services but they also value being able to receive it for a fraction of the price for a limited time.

Introductory sales encourage a spike in booking and sales because patients are aware that the offer will not last for a long time and they must get in before the sale ends. The lower initial rate gets people in the door to engage with the product or service and once they like it and have had an amazing experience with the med spa they will be sure to return for the new offerings along with many others. 

Exclusive Social Events 

Hosting exclusive events at the med spa can give patients another reason to come into the spa pretty much at random or outside of their normal visits. These events can be sip and shop, girls night out or product launches just to name a few. Events can also be seasonal where packages at certain price points can be offered.

For example, your medical spa can offer events for fathers day and mothers day where a suitable set of packages are created and can be gifted or paid for in advance. Another great event would be around the Christmas holidays where people can come in to buy product gift sets or gift cards and get a discount or reward for themselves in the process. 

Social Media Giveaways

Hosting a social media giveaway is a great way to engage patients and have them awarded for their participation. Perhaps sharing the medical spa profile on their social media platforms can get them a discount on a product or service. This creates a high level of excitement for existing patients and encourages them to invite new patients by sharing it with those on their platforms that may not have already interacted with the medical spa.

Some giveaways require people to tag three people under the giveaway post and have them follow the profile in question. This encourages and leads to new interactions of people that can potentially become new consistent patients. 

Bundle Deal Program

Bundling programs are always a great benefit for both the medical spa and the patients. Patients will be able to receive multiple products or services at a discounted rate. Whereas the medical spa will be able to sell multiple services or products versus selling only one. 

Your med spa staff members can encourage your patients on why they should bundle services or products and the benefit that they can receive while saving a few dollars. It can be a bundle and save more program while in actuality the med spa is gaining increased sales yet still retaining patients. Patients enjoy being able to buy more and save which will keep them drawn to your medical spa. 

Overall your medical spa will benefit from increased patient numbers by incorporating more exclusive promotions and deals into your business model. There are many options that you are able to choose from in terms of which promotions will work best for your med spa. At Cindtoro, as a full fledged digital marketing agency that specializes in med spa marketing we can help with setting up and facilitating your promotions and have them advertised on various platforms and search engines. 

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