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Medical Spa digital marketing comes in many different forms, some of which are simpler to carry out than others. Some formats fulfill different purposes and encourage different actions from your patients. Giveaways surprisingly happen to be a great form of marketing that facilitates increased engagement with current and potential patients.

Hosting a giveaway in most cases can be straightforward so much so that sometimes people take for granted its simplicity. Prior to hosting a giveaway for your med spa you should sit down with your in house and marketing team and come up with a strategic plan. Determining the what, why, how, and when of the giveaway. At all costs you want to avoid falling into the trap of hosting a giveaway that ultimately fails due to a lack of proper execution. 

Why should you host a giveaway?

The first thing to consider when hosting a giveaway is the purpose behind it all and what are the benefits that it can bring to your medical spa. Although a giveaway is meant to benefit the party on the receiving end there should still be some benefit involved for your medical spa. The overall aim is to continually increase revenue and clientele. A properly executed giveaway can do just that. Here are some ideal benefits and reasons to host a giveaway. 

Gain More Patients: Patients can be required to tag followers or share to their profiles as a part of the giveaway process. This allows the brand to get in front of new or potential clients. Once tagged patients now have an opportunity to interact with and learn more about the medical spa. 

Advertise a New Product or Service: A great way to prepare for the introduction of new products or services. This can be based around providing one of the products or services for free or at a discounted rate.

Most people enjoy high quality free things. Interacting with the giveaway will also help them to learn more about the product or service in the interim. This creates a buzz that will have people interested even if they don’t win. 

Show Appreciation to Patients: Showing that you consider and value your patients by wanting to give them a free service or product speaks volume. It shows that your medical spa brand is one that values your patients for making your business successful. The giveaway can lead to even more new patients as people are even more drawn to companies that are willing to give back and take care of their consumers. 

Steps to Hosting the Giveaway

Now that you have a better understanding of why you should host a giveaway and the benefits that it can have on your medical spa and patients it’s time to understand the proper step by step process of efficiently carrying out the giveaway. In order to see great results from your giveaway we advise you to follow this step by step process to hosting a successful giveaway for your medical spa. 

Create a Plan 

Just as your medical spa has a detailed marketing strategy and plan on how to carry out your marketing efforts, one is needed for your giveaway. A detailed plan is needed with a clear call to action. Outlining the objective of your giveaway, the goal your are seeking to accomplish and how it will be done. 

The plan should be created by your team based on the current market trends within the medical spa industry along with what’s going on at your medical spa at the time. The social media platform to be used should be chosen based on the type of audience you are targeting. The criteria, prizes, entry requirements, promotion efforts and timeline should be included within the plan.

Choose a Prize

Whether you want to give away a product or service is entirely up to you. You can even leverage brand partnerships within this process as well. A new brand may want to have your services/products offered at your medical spa.

This is a great opportunity to offer a service or product for free to gauge interest. It allows you to introduce the offering and see how people respond. Always choose a prize that your audience will find exciting and be inclined to actually carry out the entrance requirements. 

Outline Entry Requirements

Outlining the guidelines are essential to the success of the giveaway. Clear outlines will allow the entire process to run smoothly. Your entry requirements should outline the exact actions that your contestants will take and how many entries they can have. 

For example, your contestants will need to be sure that they are following the medical spa social media account. Then they can be required to tag three of their friends within the comments of the original post. Then they can share the post to their profiles and tag the medical spa. 

Promote Your Giveaway

Promoting your giveaway can come in various forms. Your medical spa can run ads on social media that can promote the giveaway. You can also create a video to post to your platforms and your website prior to the giveaway to increase momentum. 

You can also continually post about your giveaway to remind consumers and to have continuous entries. 

Select a Winner 

Once your giveaway period has come to an end you can have a compiled list of all the entrants over the course of the giveaway. Once those entries have been compiled you can use a tool that will randomly select your winner. It will generate all the names and their number of entries and randomly select someone. 

A random selection helps the selection process to be done fairly. In some instances people go live on their platforms to show the drawing being done randomly. It also helps to draw people to the platform as everyone is eager to know if they were the lucky winner. 

Debrief and Analyze the Giveaway Performance

Once the giveaway is done you want to analyze and examine how it went. Look at the metrics of the amount of people that reposted, followed, or interacted with the website and social media platforms during the giveaway. Perhaps go even more in depth and try to log those persons in a database to determine how many of those persons actually came in after the fact to utilize the medical spa. 

This information will help for future giveaways and determine what alterations may need to be made. Create a detailed data analysis report and convey with your team to discuss the highs and lows of the giveaway to use for future reference. 

Hosting giveaways can be great ways to increase engagement and brand awareness for your medical spa. It is a small yet integral part of your medical spa marketing strategy. When done right your medical spa can expect to see great results overall and your patients will appreciate it in the long run. 

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