How to Gain More Patient Reviews for Your Medical Spa

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Gaining more patient reviews help to facilitate increased brand awareness and help to establish increased trust and credibility within your medical spa. Your medical spa’s brand should ultimately speak for itself but patient backing is the icing on the cake and can set you apart from your competitors. Most people when looking for products or services they refer to the customer reviews or feedback. 

A patient review can be the determining factor of a potential patient deciding to patronize your medical spa or not. As we all know the medical spa industry is extremely competitive as many people are offering the same things at similar price points. It is the duty of your medical spa to seek avenues that can set your medical spa above the rest. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Provide Quality Service
  • Ask Ask Ask!
  • Engage With Past Patients
  • Get Staff Involved

Here a few quick and easy ways to gain more patient reviews for your medical spa: 

Provide Great Medical Spa Service 

Give patients an extra reason to actually want to leave a great review. Provide them with a top class experience that they are so blown away with your medical spa that they willingly leave an amazing review without being asked. Great service also leads to word of mouth reviews as well, as patients typically like to boast on great experiences they may have had at select entities. 

Constantly have training sessions to keep members of your medical spa team up to date with the best patient handling practices. Teach them the ins and outs of proper patient handling and express the importance of ensuring that all patients experience a 1 to 1 experience. 

Ask Patients to Leave Reviews 

After a patient has a great service at the medical spa it would probably be best to ask them immediately after to leave a review. While patients are still on a high from a great experience and things are still fresh within their minds is the best time for them to leave a positive review.

After patient visits you can also send out follow up email or text links where they can participate in a brief survey where they can give feedback on their experience. They can also have the option to leave a review that can be posted onto a testimonial page on the medical spa website. 

Engage with Patients on All Review Platforms 

Patients typically can leave reviews on almost any platform that your medical brand has a presence. Engaging with these patients directly will encourage them to leave such reviews. Wherever patients see that there is an active presence they will be more inclined to leave reviews there. 

Always aim to leave no review unanswered, patients value being seen and heard. It also speaks volume when your medical spa is able to address every review whether it may be negative or positive. It allows you to openly carry out any damage control and show prospective patients that you are concerned with providing the best possible service at all times. 

Create a Program for Staff to be Incentivized for Patient Reviews 

Now even staff members are more inclined to a cost especially when they are incentivized. You can encourage them to gain more patient reviews by offering them a bonus after receiving so many reviews per week or month. This will have them more motivated to go the extra mile to encourage patients to leave positive reviews.

Additionally, you can include stipulations to the program stating that the reviews must be favorable and come from patients that were serviced within the last month. The staff member with the most favorable reviews at the end of the month may even be able to get an even greater incentive. This can lead to healthy competition and increased high quality service within the office as everyone is in quest of receiving a great review after each service. 

Overall, gaining more patient reviews can really benefit your medical spa in the long run. More positive reviews means increased new foot traffic to the medical spa. More traffic eventually leads to increased ROI.

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