What are the biggest pain points that Chiropractors have with Digital Marketing?

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Most Chiropractors tend to be so busy with their tasks as medical practitioners they are only able to handle so much at a time. It can be time consuming attempting to channel their time toward other important areas of the practice. This can sometimes lead to certain areas of importance being neglected hence negatively impacting the firm in the long run.

This is why it is so important to understand the ability of being able to delegate tasks and outsource as much help as you possibly can. In some instances your practice can experience reduced visibility, low website traffic and fewer patients. Digital marketing happens to be one of those areas that sometimes tend to go neglected in businesses. 

There happens to be quite a number of pain points that chiropractors experience with digital marketing. We took the time to point a few of those out so that you are aware. Perhaps you may be experiencing some of these things at your own practice. We provided this list to showcase some of the top pain points that chiropractors face when it comes to digital marketing. 

Creating Relevant Content 

Creating content is one thing but focusing on creating content that is relevant to your audience and industry is an entirely different thing. It is easy to just put out random pieces of content and think that you are doing something. However, you will begin to notice overtime that it is a complete waste of time and resources and you are not quite seeing the results that you thought you would. 

In order to experience really great results that will bring more patients into your chiropractic practice you must create content that people within your target audience would find useful. This can be a challenge because you have to sit down and think through what these persons find interesting and incorporate those ideas into your strategy. Also consistent relevant content can be challenging to come up with and will feel repetitive.

Restricted marketing budget and time

Budget and time constraints are some of the biggest challenges faced with digital marketing. Both factors are necessary to see results in digital marketing.  If you do not have them we can guarantee that you will experience the negative impacts. It can be taxing especially if you are a smaller practice trying to compete with others that are much bigger and more experienced within the industry. 

Digital marketing for the most part requires that you dedicate a good amount of time into your efforts in order for them to be successful. It takes time to see results but even before that it takes time to brainstorm and create captivating content for all of your marketing channels. Also budget constraints make it difficult to be able to do certain things perhaps like running ads, having professional graphics made or even being able to send out proper email newsletters.

Lack of In-depth understanding of key marketing strategies

Most of the time people tend to feel that marketing is a hill that they can climb on their own. They feel that marketing is easy and that anyone can do it. However, marketing may be “easy” but successful marketing with great in-depth marketing strategies is not. It takes a whole lot of research, studying and knowledge to be able to do marketing efficiently.

Many chiropractors do not have the time to sit down and learn the ins and outs of digital marketing while trying to tend to their patients. Their focus is mostly toward the medical aspects with very little focus toward the business aspect, as most of the time their speciality and interest are only toward the medical side of things. It shows when there is no in-depth thought and understanding when it comes to the marketing efforts and leads to a disconnect among consumers.  

In the marketing industry there are new trends that are coming along everyday for instance the growth of Artificial Intelligence. It can be challenging to keep up with these trends and use them within your marketing and sometimes you can fall victim to falling behind. Creating outdated style content which will most likely not go off well with your users. Outdated styles of marketing may translate to them that you do not value the importance of keeping up to date with trends and the same may then be true when it comes to your chiropractic practices. 

Beyond keeping up to date with trends you must also keep up with your competitors. It is difficult having to keep up with everything that the competition is doing but it is also very crucial. It is easy to get left behind. You have to continuously study what your competitors are doing and always try to be on the same level or even surpass their efforts. 

Consistent Patient Interaction & Retention

With digital marketing in order to be successful you cannot expect to simply post and then leave. You have to capitalize on interacting with your patients as much as possible. Patients value your brand personality being displayed within your marketing efforts. Interacting with them shows that you have personality and that you are listening to them and care about what they are saying about your brand.

Another big pain point that chiropractors face within their digital marketing efforts is patient retention. Your marketing efforts should be so captivating that it keeps people talking about and engaging with your brand. It is useless putting out content that doesn’t bring people back to your doors. The focus should be on keeping your patients coming back consistently and even telling others about your offerings. 

Tracking Marketing Efforts to Determine Effectiveness

Most chiropractors when doing their marketing on their own are never really able to track and see what is happening with their marketing after they have released materials and content. Some just end up spending money and don’t know if the efforts are actually working. They find it difficult to actually read and understand what the metrics are saying so they don’t know if to continue doing what they are doing or make improvements. 

Tracking the metrics helps to tell how effective things are and how finances are being allocated. However, everyone is not versed in the depth marketing tools and methods needed to conduct proper tracking. This plays against them in the long run and prevents them from capitalizing on areas where they can. 

Negative Feedback & Reviews 

Finally negative feedback and reviews on your platforms can be a pain. For instance, your clinic may have had a disgruntled patient that decided to go on your social media platforms and talk about their experience. Instances like this can make or break your chiropractic clinic especially if you are not aware of the art of effectively getting in front of the message. Sometimes emotions kick in and you are unable to provide the best possible response and this reflects poorly as you may not understand the severity of the consequences. 

With digital marketing people are able to say and do what they want towards your brand. It is your responsibility to have the right parameters in place to adequately communicate with those patients to ensure that they at least receive some form of resolve. Your main thing is to maintain a positive online presence among your patients and potential patients. You should always aim to address any feedback and reviews within a timely manner whether negative or positive. 


There are many other pain points that chiropractors experience as it relates to digital marketing. However, these are some of the main ones we have come across during some of our initial consultations with our chiropractic clinic. We understand that your expertise is within the chiropractic industry and it can be a challenge trying to channel your focus to your marketing efforts. This is why we recommend outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency for chiropractors to take the load off and improve overall efficiency. 

Book a consultation with us today and let us help you avoid some of the major pain points associated with digital marketing for chiropractors.

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