What New Products & Services Can My Chiropractic Practice Offer in 2024

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There are many new products and services that your chiropractic practice should know about and be offering in 2024. There is lots of competition within the chiropractic industry. In order to stay competitive and on trend while still seeing a great ROI you must continue to add the latest products and services that consumers want.

These days people are becoming much more health conscious and they are taking their overall health more seriously. With this comes a deeper understanding of the chiropractic industry and the tools and methods that can be used to improve their health non-invasively. You do not want your chiropractic clinic to be left behind with all of the new happenings within the industry currently.

Here is a brief overview of some of the new products and services that your chiropractic clinic should be offering its patients in 2024.

Integrative Health Services with Other Practitioners

To increase their patients and their network, a lot of chiropractors have begun working with other medical practitioners and health professionals. In some cases the services offered by your chiropractic clinic may be better suited than some of those offered by other health professionals and vice versa. Lots of services can be recommended between practitioners. 

Building a network is important during this time as everyone is basically doing the same thing. However, if you work with other professionals to have them recommend your services to others and you do the same for them then you will experience more traffic within your practice. This also helps to bring more awareness to your practice and show that treatments received at chiropractic clinics can be a good source of treatment overtime. 

Ergonomic Products 

Ergonomic products are designed with comfortability in mind while still allowing you to be productive and safe at the same time. These are some great products that you can promote at your practice. Many patients suffer with pain and injuries due to poor posture and positioning when they are working, sleeping, or doing simple tasks. A lot of people have turned to remote working and this can lead to them putting a lot of stress on their bodies that can lead to musculoskeletal issues.

You can offer ergonomic chairs, seat cushions, pillows, stools, footrests, and mats. These will help to facilitate better posture and positioning. Leading to reduced musculoskeletal issues in the long run. The main thing that you want to encourage is improving the spinal health and performance for your patients and these tools can help with exactly that while they continue on with their daily routines. 

Tools for At Home Therapy

A lot of patients receive their chiropractic treatments at the clinics and return home and do nothing to continue with helping their process along. Suggesting and offering tools can be a great option that you can offer your patients. This will help them to continue the treatments that you have done at the clinic making the recovery process much easier and more efficient in the long run. These tools can act as an accessory to everything else that is already being done

You can recommend foam rollers, massage devices, muscle scrapers, and foot strengthening and mobility boards just to name a few. These tools can target many different areas of the body that are specifically targeted during chiropractic treatments. 

CBD Products 

Nowadays many chiropractors are recommending the use of CBD products. These products help to alleviate pain and inflammation that patients may experience. Along with the CBD the products have a lot of other ingredients that are known for tackling specific issues. 

There are many different CBD products that you can offer at your clinic for patients to purchase. Like CBD lotions, pain creams, balms, and oils. These products help to bring about pain relief to the targeted areas and even have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation. 

Telehealth Visits 

A lot of patients are not able to come into the clinic. However, you can capitalize and reach these patients by offering telehealth visits. Patients love convenience so being able to reach them wherever they are will go a long way. You do not want to run the risk of losing viable patients because you are not offering the services that they need.

Most people are offering these services so you do not want your chiropractic clinic to get left behind. Patients will go where they find the most convenience and solutions to their problems. Telehealth visits are one of them, especially for patients that are immobile and are not able to come into the clinic physically. 

Laser Therapy & Cryotherapy 

Laser and Cryotherapy have become increasingly popular with consumers. These types of therapy help with pain management, inflammation reduction, recovery time and repairing tissues. These are non-invasive treatments that can provide the same results if not better in comparison to traditional medications. Through the use of specialized machinery and tools. Patients in most cases experience little to no pain yet still achieve the best results. 

Exercise & Nutritional Coaching

More and more people are focusing on overall health and wellness. A lot more people are incorporating exercise and clean eating into their lifestyles. You can capitalize on this by informing patients on what they can do to improve their nutrition while finding ways to still make it enjoyable. People want to start but sometimes they don’t know how.

You can offer programs that outline different types of meals and snacks that they can prepare for breakfast lunch and dinner. You can also incorporate exercises into patient rehab cases. This will help to improve their mobility and weight while still treating a pre-existing issue. 


There are many different products and services that you can add to your chiropractic clinic. The best thing to do is keep your eyes and ears open within the industry to remain up to date with the trends. You never want to fall behind but more importantly remain ahead of the competition and provide all of the needed services and products for your patients. 

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