What type of Patients does a Chiropractic Practice target?

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You may have heard about or seen chiropractic practices all over but never truly understood what kinds of treatments that they offer and what kind of patients that they see. Chiropractors are doctors that focus on the bones, muscles, and joints treating all sorts of pain points like injuries and strained or overworked muscles. Visiting a chiropractor is slightly different from visiting a traditional medical practitioner as it is not a requirement to be sick in order to seek the attention and services of a chiropractor.

Some patients visit chiropractors on a weekly basis for adjustments if they typically engage in strenuous activities on a regular basis. These visits keep their movements as free and painless as possible. However, it may still be a question of what kinds of patients are typically seen by chiropractors. 


Athletes typically tend to engage in a lot of strenuous activities and movements that get the body going. These activities tend to put a lot of strain on the body and may require some realignment or adjustments. These treatments help to keep them healthy and up to standard by targeting the areas that are most affected by the kind of activity that they may be engaging in. 

In some cases the treatment that athletes receive from chiropractors can be used to enhance their overall performance within their sport. These treatments help to improve their overall functioning because when athletes’ muscles and joints are in good shape they are able to perform much better in comparison to when they are overworked and fully exhausted. Additionally, chiropractic treatments for athletes can help to reduce the extent of an injury or prevent them altogether. 

Workers who do Heavy Lifting 

People who typically conduct a lot of heavy lifting tend to put a lot of strain on their bodies. Sometimes the strain can be overbearing and cannot be easily fixed by simply taking medication from a regular doctor’s visit. The answer in most cases is visit a chiropractor that can actually target and get to the root of the pain points bringing immediate relief. 

Heavy lifting can lead to lots of back and neck pain that contributes to discomfort and eventually inability to complete certain tasks. Chiropractic adjustments and realignments can help to significantly reduce the pain and prevent further injuries. 

Senior Citizens 

As with age elderly people begin to experience reduced mobility and joint pain that can cause them a lot of discomfort and pain in the long run. Some of these pains are best treated with mild realignments from chiropractors. These realignments every so often can help them to feel much better and move around a little easier than they would otherwise. Regular chiropractic treatments can keep their joints, bones and muscles healthy, slowing the rate of deterioration. 

Sports Teams 

In another one of our articles we discussed partnerships with local businesses and teams to target their customers. Working with sporting organizations is great because most of the people a part of the teams require some sort of chiropractic services on a regular basis. A chiropractic clinic can become the sole provider of chiropractic treatment for a team by becoming an official partner. 

These patients require ongoing treatment and enhancements that are solely provided by chiropractors. Chiropractors also help to speed up the recovery process for athletes on the team that may have experienced certain injuries. In addition, chiropractors also help these types of patients to relax after a tough practice or strenuous game.  

Children & Teens 

For children and teens, chiropractic treatment can help with their overall growth process. Due to lack of knowledge or information many people are unaware that it is actually safe and a great benefit for kids and teens to visit the chiropractor from time to time. It is even suggested that babies have chiropractic visits to assist with issues like colic and lack of sleep.

Some kids are born with scoliosis that affects their spine and the ability to maintain a straight posture. Chiropractors overtime can help with the realignment and reduce the effects that can be experienced otherwise. Kids tend to experience digestive issues and infections that too can be fixed or corrected with a chiropractic alignment.  

Pregnant Women 

Typically we view pregnant women as extremely delicate and the chiropractor would probably be the last thing that they would need. However, chiropractors can be a great added benefit to a woman’s pregnancy journey. Regular visits to the chiropractor during pregnancy can help with widening of the hips, making the delivery process much easier. 

The body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy. Chiropractors make that process a little easier by treating the chronic back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain, headaches and sciatica that comes with it. For extra safety and precautions, chiropractors work along with OB/GYNs to ensure that the treatment aligns with the patient’s pregnancy plan. 

Key Takeaway

All in all chiropractic treatment is available for anyone that wants it once they are in an uncompromised state. However, these specific groups that we have listed are some of the main target audience for chiropractors. We know that chiropractors may have a hard time reaching these audiences due to focusing on the treatment demands of the practice. 

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