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When you are first starting your Orlando business it may be hard to get customers to trust your company. This can be a challenge when it comes to getting new customers. So in this article we are going to talk about an Orlando review marketing strategy. you can use to help improve your businesses brand awareness and online exposure which will ultimately help you find new Orlando customers and increase sales. Of course if you need help marketing your Orlando business in any regard the Cindtoro team is here to help. Without further adieu Lets dive right into it!

What is a Review Marketing Strategy?

A review marketing strategy is a marketing method to gain trust of potential clients who are considering using your business by showing them testimonials / online reviews from other people who have worked with your organization in the past.

Why should you care about your online reviews?

Reviews of past clients are extremely important to the success of your company overall, if you do not have a marketing strategy in place to manage incoming reviews or outgoing responses then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your Orlando business. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need to care not only about the number of reviews but also the places that they come from.

Local Reviews Drive Search Engine Traffic And Improve SEO

You may be wondering why do local reviews matter to my business?

You may also be thinking about ways to increase your website’s local Orlando SEO traffic To both answer your questions. The reason why reviews are so important for your Orlando Business is because they help increase your overall ranking and trust within a search engine. 

Search engines such as Google and others like – Microsoft’s Bing will look at the number of online reviews that you have to determine if your company and website are trustworthy enough to rank it on their search engine results pages also known as the SERPS. 

With each new online review you increase the trust signals a search engine has in your company. Which will lead to increased Google rankings for both your website and your Google my business profile page ( Bing has a profile page too although its is less used )  – Helping to show you to more potential customers.  

Build Trust With Potential Customers

Did you know that 97% of people research the number of online reviews that a company has before they decide to make a purchase or use a service?  Have you ever asked yourself the question: what am I doing to make sure that my online presence represents the company that I would like to have? Your Orlando review marketing strategy will help build the trust with potential customers that you are looking for.

When it comes to trust building in business don’t just think about your Google Business Profile GBP as your main source of online reviews. You should also consider the other sources such as Facebook, relevant directory sites, or other places that your target audience regularly goes to. Combining all of these things will not only help improve the overall trust with potential customers but they will also lead to a lower cost per acquisition CPA of new clients over time.

Increase Engagement

Opportunities to engage with your past clients are also an important key of your review marketing strategy. Online reviews will help you show potential new customers what it’s like to work with your product or service. The opportunity to engage with past clients will allow you to leave a long-lasting impact which could also then lead to increased referrals or other forms of local word of mouth.

Help Control Negative Events

Engaging with online reviews also allows you to deal with negative aspects which will come naturally as owning a business. You could use responses to negative reviews to show that while a past client may not have had a good result with your business, Actively working to help solve a past customer’s problem will show new potential customers that you’re responsive and respectful of the services that they are willing to purchase from your company.

 How to Put Together a Review Marketing Strategy

Generally speaking a review marketing strategy could go like this: a customer comes into your shop or place of business, they are then provided with the service or product. Once they leave a user should be prompted to leave an online review.

These could be to anyone of the review websites that you choose, whether that be Facebook, Google or others. This using be done using automated messages that trigger after somebody makes a payment for your product or service. 

Automatic review messages could also be sent after X number of days or weeks. Since most people may not convert on the first time when leaving a review you could consider sending them a follow-up message which could say something to the effect of:

Sample Review Message

Hey, this is so and so from XYZ company. We really enjoyed working with you. Our team wanted to ask if you could leave [YOUR COMPANY NAME]  an online review at [links to review platforms] It would really help me gain new customers and have the ability to work with people just like you! Thanks so much for your time. 

Best Regards,


Need A Custom Orlando Review Marketing Strategy? – Work With Cindtoro 

If you need help with your Orlando review marketing strategy contact the team at Cindtoro we would love to help you grow your Orlando Business. No matter if you need help with generating new reviews, SEO paid ads, email marketing and so much more, get in touch with us today. 

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