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It should come as no surprise that creating an Orlando marketing plan is one of the most important things if you want your company to thrive among the competition. At Cindtoro, we understand for some people this could be the hardest part of the process. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to create a marketing plan for your Orlando company. Skillfully brought to you by an actual marketing company based in sunny Orlando Florida. The sample marketing plan we create here will be applicable to any business, no matter if it’s in the medical spa field, commercial real estate, law, home services, and much more! 

The importance of a quality marketing plan 

A marketing plan will help you determine your goals, and resources required to achieve a successful result. Asking yourself questions like what you’re trying to accomplish will guide you down the path of the digital marketing strategy, timeline and budget you will need to consider.

The most important factors

As you sit down to create the marketing plan for your Orlando business he may ask yourself what the most important things are that you need to think about. We typically say, there are three, what you were trying to accomplish when you were trying to accomplish it by, how much money is required to get the end result. Let’s go through these three things in detail.

What are you trying to accomplish? 

Understanding what you’re trying to accomplish through your marketing efforts will help you identify places to find potential new customers. Take for example that you just started a new business and you’ve determined that you want to improve your brand awareness and foot traffic to your physical location. The next step is figuring out how. 

Through marketing and advertising, there are many ways to do this. You could do traditional, or digital billboards, search engine, optimization, paid advertising, attend, networking, events, or even pass out mailers and flyers. 

Understanding the goal behind your efforts is key to determining the marketing strategy you need to use for your Orlando company. 

When are you trying to accomplish it by?

After you’ve asked yourself the question what are you trying to accomplish? It’s now time to answer the question about your timeline. 

Knowing your timeline is an important factor in online marketing because it will allow you to determine which marketing strategy you use to promote your company. If you’re a new business, you might need to get leads or sales quickly through your advertising efforts. Let’s take for example you have determined that you want leads or sales quickly. 

Here’s some things that could get people through your door as fast as possible 

Paid social media advertising: 

increases your brand, awareness leads and sales by targeting people who match your specific audience demographic. 

Organic Social Media Posting

Posting on social media sites such as facebook and instagram will not only help you build a following on these platforms but will also allow you to reach new customers who are using a tool we all know and love! Social media platforms can also be a great place to generate new reviews. Recommended Reading: Learn How To Developing a Orlando Facebook Marketing Strategy

Mail and flyers

A beautifully built mailer, or well-designed flyer. Will allow your company to reach your ideal target audience using a cohesive brand message. A really cool thing with flyers is you can send them to as many addresses as you would like. And you can also target based on some household demographics from available data.

Paid advertising such as Google

Through the Google Ads platform there are many different types of advertising formats to reach new customers. Examples of these things could be google display, Google search ads, retargeting, video and much more. One of the reasons why advertising on Google is so effective is because it utilizes keywords these keywords allow you to get in front of your target audience as they are searching for the product or service your Orlando business provides.

Don’t know how to run Google Ads? Want somebody to manage them for you?  We recommend reading:  how to choose a Google, ad words agency

Digital or traditional billboards 

Orlando based digital or traditional billboards, will allow your business a way to increase its overall brand awareness. As more people see your billboard, they will start to recognize your company throughout the Orlando area. This can be very effective for keeping your company top of mind. The cost of billboards can vary based on the number of impressions they receive. (How much traffic that area gets.) And how much competition is in the area relative to other billboards.

Email Marketing 

Email and content marketing can be an excellent way for people to learn more about your Orlando business in a fast and effective way. Making use of your email list could be an untapped goldmine for your company. Think about it this way, those customers gave you one of the most important pieces of identifiable information their email. You now have a direct and easy way to communicate with your current clients at will. A well positioned email marketing campaign paired with proper content strategy will allow you to take on new avenues in business and make use of one of your most important assets. Throw this into your Orlando marketing plan as key strategy to market your business, If you don’t have an email list then invest in creating one.

Final Question To Create Your Orlando Marketing Plan

The final piece you will need to understand to craft your Orlando marketing plan is your budget – knowing your numbers behind how much you can afford to budget for digital marketing will allow your to create an effective and holistic strategy to advertise your business. To create this you need to take into account both all the hard and soft cost that your company must have to operate to run your Orlando business. What types of inventory do you have? Do you have products to ship? How much does shipping cost? What are your margins?

Create A Marketing Plan Or Have Cindtoro Help You With It!

If you need help creating a marketing plan for your Orlando business our friendly marketing team at Cindtoro would be happy to help you with your advertising needs. We can walk you through all of the questions we laid out in this article and much more! If you learned something from this article we encourage you to share it with a fellow business owner who may benefit from our content or needs help creating a marketing plan for their Orlando business!

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