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In the search engine marketing / SEO world you will hear a lot about search engine visibility. You’re probably wondering what search engine visibility is and if should you look for ways to increase it? In this article, we’re going to discuss ways to do just that we’re also going to tell you what it is and much more!

What is search engine visibility?

Search engine, visibility also known as SEO visibility is the share of traffic that website receives from its organic ranking keywords. looking for way to improve visibility is critical if you want to rank higher on Google or other search engines.

Here is an example for you: Let’s say you rank for the specific keyword digital marketing agency, or med spa marketing blog and you want to see how you perform for those keywords? Lets also say you rank third place for “digital marketing agency” if you have an 18% CTR for that keyword then your SEO visibility is 18%

Target long-tail keywords

If you really want to increase your search engine visibility and improve website SEO, then you will want to find the most relevant keywords that you can. Targeting long tail keywords is a really good place to start. In keyword research there are many different types of keywords. Long and short tail keywords. Long tail will bring you the most targeted buyers intent traffic with the least amount of search volume.

Whereas short tail keywords will bring you the most amount of organic website traffic with the least amount of buyers intent. If you are a brand new website with little domain authority then your SEO efforts should focus on long tail keywords that match search intent. Long tail keywords are easier to rank for because they contain more words or phrases in a string thus increasing visibility.

Ensure your website is mobile friendly 

Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is extremely important to maintain good search engine, visibility and to maintain organic traffic because search engines like Google, Bing, and others prioritize, mobile friendliness over standard desktop/tablet versions of websites. In fact, Google specifically has something called mobile first indexing. Which means showing your websites mobile device version will take priority over desktop and tablet if you are selected for mobile first indexing.

Improve your title and meta-description tags 

Your websites search engine rankings and visibility could be affected by your title tag and meta-description, this is because the title tag is like a book cover and tells both people and search engines what your website is going to be about. If there was a mismatch between your title tag and the content on the page, then a search engine doesn’t know where to place your website in their index, and people will not want to click on it. 

The meta description is the little box of text under the blue title. Both of these two things work hand-in-hand to improve your websites overall click through rate (CTR) and the number of impressions that your site receives thus increases SEO visibility.

In the world of search engine, optimization, off page SEO few things are as important as building, high quality, backlinks. Backlinks, act as little vote for your website, telling search engines like Google that you have high-quality content people trust and want to link to. The quality of a back link is typically measured upon three different things: Power, relevance, and anchor text.

Combining all of these different factors allows you to gain an understanding of the links you need to build. Since Google doesn’t report on the characteristics of backlinks. In order to get these metrics, you will need to use third-party SEO tools like SEM rush, or Ahrefs and will need to use the help of their backlink checker tool.

Improve dwell time/time on site 

Here’s another good way to improve your search engine invisibility, improving your dwell time/time on site. These ranking factors are important to Google because they want to see that your website is something that people like to use. By improving the amount of time people spend on your website, you were telling search engines that you have valuable content that users need to engage with. If your website has a higher time-on-site then your competitors you will be placed higher within a search engines search results page (SERPs). 

A few keys to improve time on site:

Engaging content, use things like infographics, custom images, statistical tables, or embed YouTube videos or other providers. All of these things will make your website more engaging to users thus improving the sites dwell time.

You may be wondering do people click past the 1st page of Google?

Simply put that answer is almost always no. 95% of people stay on Googles 1st page.

Improving webpages that are ranking on page two of a search engine will greatly enhance your companies visibility. Since, 95 percent uses the first page. You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not being on page one of Google. Improving pages that are ranking on page 2 however, can be a difficult task and is not as easy as it seems. You may have to redesign portions of your website, completely overhaul the content, add the custom images like we talked about above or combination of all of these factors because there is never a one size fits all.

Add LSI keywords to your content 

There has been a lot of talk about LSI keywords and if that sounds complicated, let me break it down for you LSI stands for (latent semantic indexing) these keywords are basically words or phrases that are conceptionally related to a target keyword. Here is an example consider the term. Digital Marketing Agency an LSI keyword variation would be something like digital marketing firm, or digital marketing company.

These things are highly related, but they don’t use the “ agency term”

Note on LSI: LSI keywords are more commonly referred to as semantic keywords by SEO professionals. So you may see the terms used interchangeably.

Adding custom imagery, videos and other things isn’t the only way to improve your websites time on site or your search engine visibility. Internally linking between webpages that display relevant content can also do this! Internal links improve the way a website functions, the time spent on site and even the keyword positions that your website has.

Perform a technical SEO website audit 

Do you want to find all of your websites underlying SEO problems? Then you need to perform technical SEO website audit. The technical audit will help you identify a number of technical issues and tell you things like the number of broken links you have, if you’re missing all text, structured data compression and much much more!

Expand your SERP real estate

Expanding your SERP real estate can be done by using structure, data, or winning other things like Google featured snippets. Taking up more SERP real estate means your website has more of a presence on the organic search results instead of just showing basic things like a page title, and a meta description in theYour website might show specific tables of contents, images, or even videos. Check out this example of what winning a featured snippet looks like:

You can see here that this website search results are placed higher than the organic Google listings featured. Snippets are often known as position zero of the search engine.

Improve your website and increase domain Authority 

Improving your websites domain authority is the last and final way to improve your websites search engine visibility! The domain authority is a great marker of your overall SEO and strategy.

Here are some factors that go into a websites domain authority 

  • Number of incoming external links
  • The content you write on 
  • Relevance of your backlinks
  • How much content you have on X topic
  • Root domain score of other websites and much more.

Did you know the domain authority score is made up for over 40 different factors?

Here are some benefits of improved domain authority!

  • increased SERP position.
  • Attract guest posts and comments.
  • Attract advertisers on a large scale.
  • Attract sponsored posts.
  • increase in the affiliate sales.

Hire Cindtoro – a full-service marketing and SEO agency

If you have tried the above methods and still have not been able to improve your websites search engine visibility then we would recommend looking into hiring an SEO agency. Not only will Cindtoro look everything mentioned in this article we will perform all of these SEO task for you using the most advanced methods helping to save you both time and money. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch with a member of our SEO marketing team today we will increase your traffic, and overall visibility. 

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