Most Popular Medical Spa Services & Products You Should Be Offering

What ate the most popular medical spa products or services I should be offering to my clients?

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In 2024, medical spa offerings will become increasingly more popular. The beauty industry at large is growing tremendously. As of 2023 the medical spa market size was estimated at 18.6 billion and is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 15.13% from 2024 to 2030. 

Growth is expected among both men and women of varying age groups. More and more people are learning about the benefits of the services and products offered by medical spas. People nowadays are becoming more aware and concerned about their overall physical and mental wellbeing. 

The overall medical spa aesthetics have become increasingly more popular with patients because of the non invasive nature of most cosmetic procedures. Patients can experience some of the same benefits from treatments that would typically require long downtimes and outrageous hospital bills for a fraction of the price and time. 

Here are a few of the most popular medical spa services and products that your medical spa should be offering to remain consistent with the beauty industry trends in 2024. 

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are non-invasive skin treatments used to renew aging skin, remove scars and correct wrinkling. This is a great service to offer to your patients that have been using a consistent skin regimen for a while but are seeking more in depth results. There are various levels of chemical peels that you can offer your patients based on their skin care needs and sensitivity. 

Social media marketing would be the perfect channel to use to inform your patients more on chemical peels. You can use reels to showcase a first hand chemical peel procedure being done. You can also post infographics including the benefits/risks of chemical peels, the best candidates for the procedure and the importance of proper aftercare. 

Injectable Treatments 

Injection treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Juvederm have gained even more traction nowadays. More and more persons have begun turning to these methods as a way to prevent having to turn to surgery. Injections like these ones are used to treat unwanted lines and wrinkles and provide more volume to the facial features.

Another set of popular injectable treatments are ozempic and semaglutide. These injectables are used mainly for the purpose of weight loss. Persons are becoming more drawn to the idea of using these treatments to accelerate their weight loss efforts. Display ads would be a great method to advertise about injectable treatments and related promotions. 

Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy has also become a true staple of convenience within the medical spa industry. Most Laser therapy equipment offers dual functionality. Cosmetically laser is used to remove hair, scars, warts, moles, birthmarks and even tattoos. 

Skin Care Products 

Skin Care routines have become increasingly more popular. Everyone has begun focusing much more on their skin care and the appearance of their skin. Your medical spa can leverage this opportunity by offering medical grade skin products with persons with severe skin issues. 

Although skin care has become popular, most patients still are not fully informed of the best products that they should for their specific skin type. Skin care is not a one size fits all but your medical spa can run medical spa ads that speak to the benefits of having skin care professionals creating your regimen. 

Body Sculpting 

Plastic surgery for the past few years has been trending among women looking to achieve the picture perfect body. However, some people are worried about the downtime and possible risks involved with it. Body sculpting changes the game as it can offer some of the same benefits of plastic surgery without the high price points and risks.

You can use your med spa marketing efforts to create an entire campaign or series revolving around body sculpting. Showcase the benefits and feasibility of body sculpting and how it can be much more easily accessed in comparison to the traditional plastic surgery efforts.

IV Rejuvenation 

IV hydration therapy has become such a major trend over the last few years. Typically IV fluids were only administered in absolutely necessary instances. However, now people are using them a little more frequently for other purposes.

Medical spas have become a popular avenue for offering IV rejuvenation to patients. Most are using them a little more recreationally. As a source to cure hangovers, dehydration, vitamin intake, jet lag and provide glowing skin and hair. 

It is important to keep in mind that when offering these services that you must have a proper marketing strategy. Many of your competitors are offering the same services. Make your medical spa stand out by providing a unique personalized experience. Allow your brand to speak boldly and loudly. 

We are certain that it can be challenging to manage all of the operational needs for your medical spa and ensure that the marketing is up to par at the same time. The best way to save time and resources is to hire a digital marketing agency that can handle all of the marketing needs of the medical spa. 

Work With Cindtoro

At Cindtoro we are a full service digital marketing agency that can facilitate all of your medical spa marketing needs. We can help with determining a proper marketing strategy in order to create a detailed medical spa marketing plan. We can start off initially with a few of our services and eventually branch off into more services as demand increases. Speak with a member of our friendly marketing team and allow us to help your medical spa remain on trend in 2024. 

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