Why Should Commercial Real Estate Companies Use SEO?

At Cindtoro we understand many things about the commercial real estate business and industry as a whole. One of those things being the need to get the eyeballs on your commercial real estate listings page through the use of SEO by increasing website traffic!

We could bore you with all the technical lingo like: using SEO tools, finding long tail keywords, page speed jargon you have probably seen on other content but we are not here to do that. We are here to

discuss why commercial real estate companies should use targeted search engine optimization (SEO) to promote both their firm and real estate listings.

In the world of CRE and tech, there are many things to keep in mind, laws, regulations, commissions, and like we said in our opening paragraph one of those things is getting the proper eyeballs to see your firms commercial real estate listings. It’s no secret that CRE transactions can take a long time and sometimes as long as those deals take, they can fall through and you need to generate or visibility onto your property listings.

Commercial real estate search engine optimization is a key way that you can improve the visibility of your CRE listings.

Before we take a deep dive into the article 

What is SEO?

SEO as you have probably guessed stands for search engine optimization. it is the practice of ranking keywords on a search engine. Keywords that are important to a companies overall product or service with that being said, let’s dive into the aspect of doing this for a commercial property firm.

What is commercial real estate SEO?

Real estate SEO differs from standard SEO that we just talked about. The strategies are tailored specifically to search queries that use a commercial real estate focus with the intention typically being to increase the visibility of real estate listings on an organic search engine, like Google or Bing.

There are numerous benefits to using search engine optimization in the promotion of your both your firm and property listings. Many more than just a few that are listed in this article. 

The Cindtoro marketing team has compiled some of the most important reasons why commercial real estate companies should use SEO:

Relevant website traffic 

A key component of CRE SEO is to increase relevant website traffic from a search engine. Search engines can show a website for all types of keyword queries. These queries may not serve relevant content for your business. The true magic of using commercial real estate SEO is to target areas that your firm has properties in and exclude all others that you do not service potential clients in. 

By geo targeting your real estate websites traffic, we are able to get your agency found for the keywords that are most important to your organization. 

These could be things like.

  • Industrial space for lease
  • Office space for lease
  • Hotel for lease
  • Hotel for sale
  • Commercial real estate for lease
  • Commercial real estate for sale
  • (X- property type + asset class in (X- location)

You get the general idea, basically commercial real estate SEO improves the traffic to your website and is how you get found for searches like this.

Improved time on page 

Improving time spent on your commercial real estate website is a direct Google ranking factor and plays an important role in the overall optimization of your website, keywords and SEO

Basically, what happens here is, as your website is found for more relevant keywords. More people will stay on your website and browse around to look at your available properties.

And as more people stay on your firms website – thus improving your time on-page this tells search engines that you have a high-quality website they should promote within their search engine index and results pages.

Increased real estate leads 

If you’ve been searching for ways to increase the number of real estate leads that your firm receives, and you have not considered SEO as a digital marketing strategy, then you are missing out. If your website cannot be found by the people who were searching for the property types and services that your firm provides then you are losing real estate leads to other local firms that have their search engine optimization dialed in!

As all seasoned professionals know in the world of commercial real estate generating new listings and high-quality leads are the lifeblood your firm and business. 

If you have no leads as a company, simply put you have no business. 

Increases your brand awareness 

Do you want to increase your brand awareness, overall exposure and company visibility so you can be known in your local market like the big name commercial real estate firms: CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL and others? 

Well, while you may not be able to compete with these firms nationally due to how large they are and how many resources they have. You certainly can compete with them on a local level especially if you utilize CRE search engine optimization correctly.

Helps you dominate your target market 

There are lots of ways to dominate your target market in the commercial real estate space using SEO is one of them. 

You will dominate your local real estate market as your firm begins to show up for related search terms that are important to your company. SEO efforts take a long time similar to how it takes a long time to close a profitable real estate deal. 

Through the course of time your firms website will get better in the Google search engine rankings, and as this happens, your dominance in the marketplace will improve. 

Your website will take precedent over others who are not investing in their search engine efforts. Because of your investment into localized SEO you will become harder to beat.

Simply starting the process of optimizing your commercial real estate website sooner rather then later will benefit you in the future because you will have the added benefit of time invested versus a competitor starting 45 days down the road.

Works well with other commercial real estate marketing strategies. 

Using SEO for a commercial real estate company works hand and hand with other marketing methods. 

Improving your websites SEO does not just benefit your organic traffic. It also benefits your overall real estate marketing strategy because of how it complements other marketing campaigns. 

Here is what we mean by that:

Optimizing keywords for a search engine is often not a one dimensional process. There are multiple things that go into producing a successful strategy and result for clients. 

For instance, some of the things that go into producing quality, SEO results are:

  • content marketing
  • social media marketing
  • paid advertising
  • emails 
  • and much more

All of these digital marketing efforts are meant to drive traffic to your real estate website. Improving SEO requires the use of every one of these various different tactics because you need to influence the google ranking factors and search algorithm that makes the process of improving SEO and keywords take place. 

An added benefit? When you layer on some of these other marketing strategies. SEO does not take as long as it normally would. Regardless the process normally takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to start seeing results. So it is definitely a long term strategy play but will work consistently in the long run for your firm.

Hire a professional commercial real estate SEO agency like – Cindtoro

Developing a commercial real estate SEO strategy does not have to be done on your own! Use a real estate focused company like Cindtoro. We will perform all the keyword research, identify target keywords, and the correct target audience that your firm is looking to reach. Helping your company rank higher and increase traffic using a custom tailored approach just for you!

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