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My family has been involved in both the residential and commercial real estate industry for a very long time. For over 40 years my father Steven W Moreira has been involved in the real estate business in one-way shape or form.

I can tell you with unshakeable confidence that numerous real estate firms have not embraced hiring a real estate digital marketing firm yet. But when they do the competition within the real estate industry will be very tough as a result.

In an independent study performed by our marketing firm, we found that of  2 out of 5 companies in Orlando had digital marketing firms the other three that were contacted declined to comment. 

There are great benefits to using a real estate marketing agency. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a digital marketing firm.

 Increase Quality Lead Flow

Without having a way to generate quality leads on a consistent basis your business is going to fail. That is a tough pill to swallow as many real estate professionals still rely on referrals to provide them new business. While it is still a great method to generate new business it should not be the only one. 

There are so many different internet marketing services that can help generate quality leads depending on your time frame a real estate marketing agency like Social Uprising may recommend either real estate SEO or a targeted pay per click campaign using real estate specific keyword terms to bid on. 

The key difference between these two marketing strategies is mainly the length of time it will take to accomplish an objective. SEO for real estate will take 3-6 months time to begin to see the needle move.

While with a real estate PPC campaign our firm can generate leads in as little as 1 month. However, we should warn you that Google AdWords does take three to six months time to optimize meaning the longer we are capable to run a campaign the better it will perform.

Develop a Strong Unique Value Proposition

If you want to see a group of real estate professionals who are notoriously poor in this area it is Realtors. The residential real estate market and frankly even the CRE market is flooded with too many people that are fighting to sell the same product in the exact same way. 

It is no longer good enough to just say that you will list or sell someone’s property. Everyone in the industry is doing just that. Your value proposition needs to be strong and must convey action. A real estate marketing agency can help you stand out from the crowd.

Enhance Efficiently Your Firm

In the digital fast-paced world that we live in today, efficiency is key to stay ahead. Doing everything manually and not utilizing some form of automation will hinder how quickly your real estate firm can grow and scale.

Every real estate firm will have different needs when it comes to their standard operating procedures which is why you need a top real estate digital marketing company that can help create custom systems and processes so that your real estate company can run at maximum efficiency. Freeing up your time to work on more productive action items.

Become a Source of New Ideas

Online marketing experts are often a really creative group of people. By hiring a real estate marketing agency you will have a source of fresh creative ideas that will help you develop new programs to set your firm apart from others. A team of digital marketing experts can help guide you through the best practices when marketing your real estate agency online.

Choose a Top Real Estate Marketing Agency

When hiring a real estate marketing agency it is extremely important to perform vigorous research. Please keep in mind that many of these marketing companies you may look to hire do not specialize in real estate as we do.

A key that sets our digital marketing firm apart from others is our background in real estate itself. We know what works and we know what does not. You can place your trust in us as your real estate marketing service provider.

We hope that you will take the next steps to set your firm ahead of your competition. If you are ready to make an explosive expansion in your local market give us a call at 407-923-0109 or schedule a phone meeting so we can discuss more of your real estate online marketing needs at length. 

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Table of Contents

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Walter Moreira is the president and CEO of Cindtoro a digital marketing firm with 2+ years of professional marketing experience. Cindtoro specializes in working with commercial real estate companies who are looking to increase quality meetings, gain a competitive advantage, and close more real estate deals from online media channels. Walter and his team at Cindtoro do this by using proven and effective marketing strategies. Walter is Cindtoro's head SEO and PPC specialist and a leading SEO consultant for high-profile national companies. Walter spends his free time designing and building handmade pens for people who like unique gifts.