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Real Estate SEO

How Real Estate SEO Boosts Your Traffic

Engaging Reviews

When people look for a real estate agent, they look for someone who knows the local market. But that’s not enough: they also want some assurance that you’re trustworthy. That’s where reviews come in, and one great way to boost traffic is by getting more good reviews and proactively addressing bad ones.

What do reviews have to do with SEO? Reviews don’t directly bump you up in the search engine result rankings, true, but what they can do is demonstrate that you have a high level of consumer trust. Google looks for this and rewards you accordingly. They reward you even more when those reviews are on sites like Google My Business instead of just on your own.

Valuable Content

Another thing Google is looking for are sites with authoritative knowledge of their field. One way you demonstrate this knowledge is with regularly updated content that visitors find valuable. Of course, all your basic content–like address, hours, and names–needs to be up-to-date at all times: but good content is more than this. Valuable, authoritative content provides insight and information that keep people on your site for longer.

Now, maybe these visitors will like the information on your blog so much that they hire your real estate agency. That’s great, but that’s not really the main point. The point is higher customer retention rates on your website. Google will note that web users aren’t bouncing quickly away from your site to find what they need elsewhere and will reward you with a ranking boost.

Local Relevance

Buyers and sellers are looking for an agency with skills, experience, and information about a particular location, and search engines know this. Part of your SEO strategy has to be finding a way to demonstrate to search engines that you are hyper-relevant to the location you’re trying to rank for. This means choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases, and these days that’s not as easy as it once was.

Too many keywords are as bad as too few, and it also matters exactly where you put those keywords. The most obvious keywords will already be taken by sites with lots of money to pour into their SEO strategy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. It does mean you need someone on your side with the skill to research the right keywords and help you implement them effectively.

Get the Help You Need

Are you ready to grow and scale-up in a digital world? We have the skills and talent to get your real estate agency’s SEO where it needs to be. Get in touch with our real estate marketing company and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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Walter Moreira
Walter Moreira
Walter Moreira is the president and CEO of Cindtoro a digital marketing firm with 2+ years of professional marketing experience. Cindtoro specializes in working with commercial real estate companies who are looking to increase quality meetings, gain a competitive advantage, and close more real estate deals from online media channels. Walter and his team at Cindtoro do this by using proven and effective marketing strategies. Walter is Cindtoro's head SEO and PPC specialist and a leading SEO consultant for high-profile national companies. Walter spends his free time designing and building handmade pens for people who like unique gifts.