CEO of Cindtoro Walter Moreira

Walter Moreira


Walter Moreira is the founder and CEO of Cindtoro – a digital marketing firm that provides high-quality marketing solutions to companies who are looking to take their company to the next level with custom tailored marketing plans Walter has been in the marketing industry for over four years and counting.

Walter leads the Cindtoro marketing team in Orlando Florida he oversees the daily activities of the company. In addition to his regular work leading Cindtoro Walter is a marketing consultant to companies specializing in search engine optimization and paid Google search advertisements. Walter strongly believes in the daily progression of mind, body, and spirit spending much of his free time exercising, lifting weights, walking, running or riding his bike. Walter also enjoys creating custom handmade pens to match his many colorful outfits. 

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Social Media Ads

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  • Story Ads 
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok Ads

Google And Bing Search Ads

Gmail Ads

Google Adwords

Video Ads

Customized Ads to Consumer Needs

Content Writing

Almost all digital marketing campaigns are based on thorough informative content. We create such content that supports and upholds the basis of your company’s brand to secure the interest of your target market. Whether it may be crafting blog articles, or creating videos and graphics, or even newsletters and emails any possible outlet that helps to increase brand awareness

Online Reputation Management

We want our clients to create and control the narrative of their own brand rather than it tainted by the perception of others. It is important to establish your brand’s credibility and keep a consistent brand identity that current and prospective customers can trust. Our team of marketing specialists can help you to maintain your online reputation and brand image. 

Google My Business Profile Optimization

Your Google My Business Profile is essentially your company’s storefront where people can find out about your business prior to actually even entering your website. It is vital that this is properly optimized as this is in some cases one of the first entry points of a client to your company’s brand. At Cindtoro we will ensure that your profile is appropriately optimized to attain an increased online presence  

Conversion Rate Optimization

We aim to achieve authentic top tier conversion generation using the best tools available. We assess the performance of those tools and continue improving and using those tactics to generate a greater number of users than turn into loyal customers. 

Email marketing

  • Personalized content and information
  • Specials or Sales
  • New product or service offerings 
  • Automated Emails

Social Media Management

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  • Managing social media reputations 
  • Respond to DMs, Comments & Likes 
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